Good morning --> Quel amrun

Good evening --> Quel undome

A star shall shine at the hour of our meeting --> Elen sila lumenn omentilmo

Greetings --> Vendui

I am your servant --> Amin naa tualle

It has been too long --> Naw saian luume

My heart sings to see thee --> Cormamin lindua ele lle

Pleasure meeting you --> Saesa omentien lle

Well met --> Mae govannen

Ever is thy sight a joy --> Oio naa elealla alasse

You are a mighty warrior --> Lle naa beleghotar

You are beautiful --> Lle naa vanima

You are a skillful bowman --> Lle naa curucuar

You look good --> Lle maa quel

Your beauty shines bright --> Vanimle sila tiri

Your heart is that of a lion --> Cormlle naa tanya tel'raa

Cowardly dog --> Nadorhuan

Go kiss an orc --> Auta miqula orqu

I hate you --> Amin delotha lle

You disgust me --> Amin feuya ten lle

Your head is empty --> Dolle naa lost

Are you finished? --> Lle tela?

Are you ready? --> Lle desiel?

Are you joking? --> Lle lakwenien?

Care for some food? --> Malia ten vasa?

Care for some wine? --> Malia ten fion?

Care for some ale? --> Malia ten sereg?

Do you understand? --> Lle rangwa?

Do I know you? --> Amin sinta lle?

Do you feel well? --> Lle tyava quel?

Do you need a drink of water? --> Lle anta yulna en alu?

Do you need help? --> Lle anta amin tu?

Do you promise? --> Lle vesta?

Do you want to dance? --> Lle merna salk?

Do you speak elvish? --> Lle quena i'lambe tel Eldalie?

How? --> Sut?

Shall we go hunting? --> Lle merna aut farien?

What's your name? --> Mani naa essa en lle?

What are you doing? --> Mani naa lee umien?

What did you say? --> Mani ume lle quena?

What happened? --> Mani marte?

What have you been doing? --> Mani nae lee umien?

What is it? --> Mani naa ta?

When do we leave? --> Lire lye auta?

Where are you going? --> Manke naa lee autien?

Where are we going? --> Manke naa lye autien?

Where is the meeting? --> Manke naa i'omentien?

Which one? --> Mani er?

Who? --> Ya?

Why are you here? --> Mankoi naa lee sinome?

What do you want to know? --> Mankoi lle irma sint?

By the sea and stars! --> Ed i'ear ar elenea!

Help! --> Tua!

Look! --> En!

Run for it! --> Rima ten'ta!

Camp here --> Estolada sinome

Come, sit near the fire --> Tula, hama neva i'naur

Don't kill him --> N'ndengina ho

Follow me --> Khila amin

Give it to me --> Ona ta a'amin

Hide! --> Nurta!

Hurry --> Asca

You go first --> Lle auta yeste

I am yours to command --> Amin naa lle nai

Good luck --> Quel marth

Have a seat --> Hama sinome

I'm going to bed --> Amin autien rath

I'm sorry --> Amin hiraetha

I agree --> Amin weera

I don't understand these humans --> Amin n'rangqa edanea

I am thirsty --> Amin fauka

I love you --> Amin mela lle

If you wish --> Manka lle merna

My bow shall sing with your sword --> Cuamin linduva yassen megrille

Welcome, my friend --> Creoso, mellonamin

Farewell --> Namaarie

May your ways be green and golden --> Aa menealle nauva calen ar malta

Fair winds --> Vanya sulie

Until next we meet --> Tenna ento lye omenta