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Warp Core Breach: Was being made by Quark for Dr. Bashir, but wasn't finished ("His Way" [DS9])


Parthas ALA Yuta: Made by Yuta for Cmdr. Riker ("The Vengeance Factor" [TNG])

# 8

Tzartak apertif : Specialty beverage made by Guinan.

# 7

Jumja: AKA Glop-on-a-stick, made from the sweet sap of the Bajoran jumja tree. Made into a confection that resembles a purple mushroom. It doesn't appear to be a frozen dessert, nor is it hard like a lollipop.

# 6

Sem'hal stew

# 5

I'danian Spice Pudding: A high caloric dessert

# 4

Yamok sauce: Cardassian condiment

# 3

K'truyg: A tart Klingon dish ("Debtors' Planet" [TNG Novel #30])

# 2

Samarian Sunset: A drink that Lt. Commander Data was skilled at making.

# 1

Klingon Skull Stew: A Klingon delicacy.

Skull Stew
Klingon Skull Stew...Just like Mom's {=)

I WANT YOUR RECIPES*. If you have any recipes for ANY Star Trek dish, please share. More recipes later, I promise.

* Due to copyright concerns, I cannot use, or accept recipes from the new Star Trek Cookbook. If you are interested in purchasing a copy I recommend that you visit Simon & Schuster's website for more information. Remember this site is done as a hobby only, and contains *UNOFFICIAL* recipes, I make no money from this venture, nor do I wish to do so... period.


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listed recipes

#10 Warp Core Breach
# 9 Parthas ala Yuta
# 8 Tzartak apertif
# 7 Jumja: Aka Glop-on-a-stick
# 6 Sem'hal stew
# 5 I'danian Spice Pudding
# 4 Yamok sauce
# 3 K'truyg
# 2 Samarian Sunset
# 1 Klingon Skull Stew

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