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Synthehol and Alcoholic Beverages

I personally don't serve alcohol at Star Trek parties, due to liability purposes, as well as I want everyone (including the youngest Trekkers) to be able to enjoy the efforts I have gone through to make the event a memorable one.

If you are inclined to serve alcohol modify the contents as necessary, and for GOODNESS sake, make sure that there is a designated driver. I'd hate to think that anything I was involved with would result in personal injury/loss of life.

The reason why I list these beverages as synthehol is that although many of these drinks do not contain alcohol, they require a little more work, cause' you don't get these from a replicator, they often only come in bottles (which can be hard to come by).


Empty bottles of Bloodwine

Klingon Bloodwine ('Iw HIq): This potent drink is one of my favorites, as it is with most Klingons. Worf managed to program a passable version of this onboard the Enterprise D. Best served warm, Worf likes his VERY young and VERY sweet. It also plays a major roll in the celebration and endurance test that proceeds the induction of new members of the Order of the Bat'leth (drink all night, brag, fight, and still remain on your feet for the presentation). It is well known that there is no finer vintage than that of 2309. ("Gambit, Part II" [TNG], "The Way of the Warrior" [DS9], "Change of Heart" [DS9], "Apocalypse Rising" [DS9], "What You Leave Behind" [DS9])

It is not uncommon for friends to share a bottle (occasionally a barrel) or two (or even six) while talking about matters of honor, glory, the empire, love, or even to celebrate a Great Victory!. ("The Way of the Warrior" [DS9], "Once More Unto the Breach" [DS9], "Afterimage" [DS9], "Soldiers of the Empire" [DS9], "What You Leave Behind" [DS9])

In its first appearance, it was being served from an open topped container, that had to be supported by a metal frame (probably found at an import store), into a glass made from a floating candlestick holder (I found mine at Pier One Imports). It was quite dark red in appearance. Koral didn't bother to taste it, as he used it to demonstrate his displeasure at being detained. (He poured it on the floor). ("Gambit, Part II [TNG])

In the episode "The House Of Quark" [DS9] we see the first bottle that was used for bloodwine. It was clear and looked like a bunch of grapes (it can be found at import stores). This bottle can be seen frequently in Quark's Bar with various different colored beverages inside. Rom had this bottle in his hand when a *VERY* drunk Kozak demanded more Bloodwine.

A drunken Huraga

The second bottle used for bloodwine was not named in "The Way Of The Warrior" [DS9], when it first appeared, but with a drunken Worf and Klingon Warrior (Huraga) singing Klingon drinking songs in the episode, what else could it be?. We found out for sure in "Resurrection" [DS9] when Worf offered Bareil some after it was proved that Bareil was a better thief than Worf had thought...

The second bottle was made from a Jose Cuervo Premium Margarita Mix bottle (33.8 FL OZ / 1 LITER). The mix is a non-alcoholic beverage designed for making Margaritas and Shirley Temples, it comes in at least three flavors, and is probably available at your local liquor store (if not at your local grocery store). At least in the area I live in, the bottle costs about $3.75 US. The labels were removed, and replaced with what appeared to be sheet styrene (available at hobby shops) that was cut into specific shapes and glued to the bottle. The whole bottle was painted a lead looking color (probably depends on your TV's color). No stopper, or cap was seen, but the neck of the bottle was modified to change its appearance.

Non-Alcoholic Versions

For the versions seen in "Gambit, Part II", and in "The Way of The Warrior" the bloodwine looked to be a dark red color. This could possibly be the original Strawberry Margarita Mix that was used to make the bottle or maybe a Cranberry Juice cocktail (one of the more red varieties).

For the version that was seen in "The House of Quark" I would use strawberry flavored Kool-Aid to replicate its appearance.

Bloodwine, Alcoholic Versions

Sangria, which is means blood in Spanish is also a wine, and it is a close match for color. But I also have a mixed drink version.


8 oz Firewater
6 oz Everclear (the full strength stuff)
6 oz triple sec
6 oz white tequila
3 drops green food coloring
6 drops red food coloring


You may have to adjust the food coloring to get a good red coloring

Recipe interpreted by the Starfleet Marine Corps

The newer versions of the Klingon drinking vessels (Hivje') (the ones being used in "Soldiers Of The Empire" and "Apocalypse Rising" [DS9]) are 1 quart aluminum measuring cups, available at restaurant supply stores for about $10 US. If you know what the older Klingon drinking vessels are Email me, and I will share your wisdom.



baghol: A warm drink, that Curzon Dax shared with Kang while at the Korvat colony a hundred years before Kang, Koloth, Kor, and Jadzia Dax managed to fulfill their blood oath and kill the albino. ("Blood Oath" [DS9])

The cups were small, without handles, and appeared to be made from a dark pottery. I'd try using a hot spiced cider for the drink.


Chech'tluth: A Potent Klingon alcoholic beverage that just about knocked an experienced tera'ngan drinker on his can with one gulp. It is distinctive for the smokey vapors that boil over the edge of the Hivje', and can be obtained from Federation replicators. ("Up The Long Ladder" [TNG])

Here is another possible hazard to consume, the vapors in the episode were probably created by using dry ice, which despite being exteremly cold, can burn, I HIGHLY recommend that you talk to your supplier about safe handling of dry ice.



1 Shot Bourbon
1 Shot Bourbon, Seagrams Seven
3 Shots Gin
4 Shots Soda
1 Shot Soda Peppermint Schnapps
1 Shot Soda Walker Red Label
1 Pinch Cinnamon, Powder


My suggestions for making this beverage steam involve using a fresh (read "brand new") food safe sponge or a tea strainer (minus handle) to trap the dry ice at the bottom of the cup. If using a sponge, cut it larger than the bottom of the cup, along with small holes to allow the vapors to escape without allowing the ice to accidentaly be consumed. The sponge would be pressed in over the top of the cup after the dry ice has been placed inside. Then the liqueurs would be added.

Add all of Ingredients in order. Drink... Carefully.


Warnog: A Klingon Ale. The clone of Emperor Kahless was exposed because he could not determine the difference between real warnog, and that from a replicator. Later General Martok enjoyed some aboard the Rotarin. ("Rightful Heir" [TNG], "Sons and Daughters" [DS9])

NOTE: Warnog is an extremely bitter beer. It coincides most closely to the tera'ngan style of beer known as an ESB or Extra Special Bitter. It is unpalatable to many tera'nganpu, but if you enjoy harsh beverages, this one is worthy.

For a detailed explanation of the brewing process rather than just this recipe, contact Brewmeister Maltz sutai-T'Ir 'Uh and he will be happy to explain the entire brewing process.



6 lbs. Malt Extract Light
1 lbs 50L Crystal Malt
1oz Galena Hops
1oz E Kent Goldings Hops
1oz Saaz Hops
1pkg Wyeast Labs London Ale Yeast (Wyeast is run by Klingons in disguise)


Take grain, and place in hop sock. Add 5 gallons water to pot. Steep grain until water is near boiling. Add in malt extract and stir constantly to prevent scorching. When water reaches a rolling boil, add Galena hops. After 30 min of boiling add E. Kent Goldings Hops, wait 15 min to add the Saaz hops and Irish moss. After an aditional 15 min (1 hour total boiling time), remove beer from stove and cool. It is recommended that a wort chiller be used for this, but a freezer will work as well. NOTE: It is exremely important to cool the beer quickly.

Once the beer is cool, tranfer to a fermenter and add the yeast. You should have strong fermentation in 12-24 hours.

Recipe from Commander Maltz vestai-T'Ir 'Uh, Imperial Brewmeister, Fleet Brewmeister of Shadow Fleet, and Captain of the IKV Shadowfire.


Bitters: Thirsty after battling in the holosuite's recreation of the WWII skies over Britain, Dr. Bashir ordered this sharp-tasting beer for Chief O'Brien. ("Homefront" [DS9])


Brestanti Ale: A red ale, and a choice of Kor, Dahar Master of the Empire, while engaged in the Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt on a holosuite. Later Koloth stated that he would not go into battle with one who's honor was washed away by Brestanti Ale. ("Blood Oath" [DS9])


An Interesting Drink

Necti: (pronounced like "necktie") A Birani beverage that, to a Klingon, burns going down. It sears the stomach as well as the brain, making it an interesting drink. Fatal to weaker species (Bajoran, Ferengi, Human), some Klingons have been known to die from drinking it too quickly. It is said to be made from reactant fluid distilled in the blood of Necti warriors. It smells like fresh ground turned from a grave. Useful when in a bar that doesn't allow disrupters. ("KLINGON" [DS9 Novel], Star Trek: KLINGON CD)

The drink was poured from a dark blue bottle into a dark blue glass, and was dark blue in color.


Ora: A beverage with little kick and a nasty taste, not much worth the effort, but Gowron ordered it for one of his guards. ("KLINGON" [DS9 Novel], Star Trek: KLINGON CD)


Pelat: A sweet beverage made from fermented Talaran berries. Gowron ordered a drink of this for one of his guards. ("KLINGON" [DS9 Novel], Star Trek: KLINGON CD)


It is... It is... Green.

Green: I had the Honor of meeting Scotty (Jimmy Doohan), on May 23, 1998 at a SiFi Convention in Eugene Oregon. While he and the other featured guests (George Takei, Nichelle Nichols) were answering questions, I managed to ask him "What is Green?". He responded that, "Green was made from horrible tasting water and food coloring" (his words) ("By Any Other Name" [TOS], "Relics" [TNG])


Aldeberan Whisky: When looking for something with real alcohol in it aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D (where it is called "Green"), this really hits the spot. Take care, however, if Ferengi waiters have any access to your private stock, as they have been known to "acquire" bottles. ("Relics" [TNG], "Profit Motive" [DS9])

In "Relics" they used a Jose Cuervo 1800 Gold (tequila) bottle with the label peeled off. (these can *possibly* obtained from your local bar). It had a red tassel, and gold lettering (which can be hard to see ( I saw it in a magazine)). The stopper appeared to be approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick, and made from a dark brown wood (possibly walnut). Note: the cork came off in the neck of the bottle on the show (freeze frame, you can see it while Scotty is on the holodeck). The best solution I have found to prevent this is to shave a typical cork to the inner diameter of the Cuervo cork (its hollow to allow a glass shot measure to top it off) , and hot glue them to the top of the stopper.

In "Profit Motive" the bottle was about the 14 - 14 3/4 inches tall (I guess here, it appeared to me to be the same size as the snail juice bottle from "Body Parts") and round. The label is clearly seen, and looked just like the one seen in "The Star Trek Encyclopedia". I didn't get a good long look at the bottle for further details (and there were lots of details), so I'll update this soon.

For the contents I use Lime Kool-Aid, for an alcoholic version, I'd try a kiwi liquor which I saw in England.


Maraltian Seev-Ale: Nerys was given one of these after interrogating Aamin Marritza by Odo. Quark keeps it in his private stock. Christopher Pike considered ordering this green ale, but decided on Saurian brandy while visiting the Captain's Table. ("Duet" [DS9], "Where Sea Meets Sky" [pre-TOS novel])


Romulan Ale
Romulan Ale (romulus HIq): Is a potent beverage from the Romulan Empire. It has been mentioned often, but it wasn't until ST II: The Wrath of Khan that it was seen in the bottle and identified as Romulan Ale. In "ST VI: The Undiscovered Country" it was seen again during the Diplomatic dinner served aboard the Enterprise A.

According to the Audio Cassette "POWER KLINGON" for best results in impressing a Klingon on the Homeworld, you would ask (in Klingon) for a large glass, and would instruct the waiter "Do NOT bring Ice!"

Here are the two things we do know about the drink:

a) It is potent
b) It is light blue

I feel that there are two separate bottles that can be used as Romulan Ale, the difference between the bottles could be attributed to different vintages, or brands of the ale.

In ST II, the bottle is a clear cylinder that is unbroken by designs or emblems then has a series of tapering rings at the top. (this bottle is clearly seen in ST II, "Manhunt" [TNG], and in the new Star Trek Encyclopedia). I personally feel that this bottle is actually hollow i.e. a bottle within a bottle with the fluid between the bottles, and the drawing in the encyclopedia seems to bear this out.

Although we have seen Romulan Ale served in the bottle in ST II, I suspect that there is a second bottle that can be passed off as Romulan Ale. We have seen it in Captain Picard's quarters once or twice. (the color matched). The bottle also was seen far more clearly in the TOS episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" when Captain Kirk and Spock were entertaining the Chief Officer of the Commission on Political Traitors (whew, what a title), Bele. The contents were also light blue.

The second Bottle appears to be the fifth of liquor size of Galliano liqueur. Which is a long tapering bottle with a round bottom, there was no noticeable stopper, or markings. Galliano is also found in a smaller bottle, which could be used for a personal serving size. I received both sizes from bars, but I had to wait for almost a year to get them (empty) (Galliano is not often served straight).

Romulan Ale, Non-Alcoholic versions:

It could be made from basically any clear liquid and blue food coloring. Water works, but would be boring. Carrie Sager recommends Hansen's Natural Sodas.

I have used a blue Kool-Aid, mixed with a clear soft drink or carbonated water (flat), or just simply a clear soft drink (flat) with some blue food coloring added

Here is another variation for a Non-Alcoholic version. This and the similar alcoholic version were submitted by B Luchs.

3/8 pint of Sunkist Sparkling lemonade
1/2 tsp. of lemon flavoring
1/2 tsp. of banana flavoring
1/4 tsp. of orange flavoring
Drop of blue coloring


Romulan Ale, Alcoholic Versions

This version was submitted by Curtis.


In a tall glass with ice add
1/2 oz. Rum
1/2 oz. Gin
1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Blue Curaco
Fill with Sprite


Now, it will be bubbly from the Sprite (And in the shows/movies it looks flat) but water weakens the flavor. Also, it might not be blue enough to be a true Romulan Ale color, you can add a drop or two of blue food coloring...but so far, I've had no complaints about the drink yet... :)


This version was submitted by B Luchs.


3/8 pint of white rum
1/2 tsp. of lemon flavoring
1/2 tsp. of banana flavoring
1/4 tsp. of orange flavoring
Drop of blue coloring


Mix with a spoon until the blue has completely diluted the concoction. Drink and Enjoy!


Here is another recipe for Romulan Ale

This version was submitted by Scott Hicks.

Typically served in a large tumbler on Ice. It would probably be very different without the ice and pre-chilled. (as in the Ice helps water the drink down)(which is exactly why Klingons don't have ice in their Ale).The drink was originally dubbed "Skylab Tumbler" by Houston Astronauts.


1 shot Bacardi White
1 shot Stolichnaya Vodka
1 shot Apricot Brandy (we used Peach Schnapps)
1 shot Blue Curacao
1 shot Orange Juice
1 shot Pineapple Juice
1 shot Collins Mix (which might give it a slight fizz)
w/cracked (or crushed) ice and mix in a mixer.(for your tera'nganpu out there)


If you do this with more Orange and less Pineapple or substitute something for the Pineapple and it tastes better let Scott know. He is considering using Guava Nectar, Papaya, or Mango Juice. According to him, Pineapple tends to strengthen the effect of liquors such as Vodka.



Thanks again to B Luchs, Carrie, Curtis, and Scott for their time and input. {=)

NOTE TO GALLEY...Romulan Ale is NOT to be served at diplomatic functions.


Bubbles: Soon after being punished by the other changelings for his involvement in the death of another changeling, Odo found the little bubbles in this drink fascinating. ("Apocalypse Rising" [DS9])

If I don't miss my guess, the bottle is a Sake (Japanese rice wine) bottle with the art department's usual flourish for labels. I met Rene Auberjonois during a recent convention, and asked him what he was really drinking, he remembers it as being ginger ale... btw, Rene also played "Dego Red" Father McCalhey in the movie version of M*A*S*H. I asked him if "Hot Lips" Holihan (Sally Kellerman) was a natural blond. His amused answer was that he was playing a priest, and didn't look. {=)


Champagne: Has made at least two appearances , once in "Star Trek: Generations" and the other in the episode "Parallels" [TNG]

For the Generations version use Dom Perignon vintage 2265.

In "Parallels" two glasses were replicated for Worf and Troi.


Chateau Lafite Rothschild: Tom Paris wanted some of this fine red wine (vintage 2296), along with crown roast of lamb, while he and Harry Kim were incarcerated in an Akritiran prison satellite. ("The Chute" [VGR])

Despite the vintage, this is a very real VERY EXPENSIVE wine from Bordeaux. It comes out around $350.00 - $400.00 (US dollars) a bottle. The Star Trek Encyclopedia mentions that 1959 is Bob Justman's favorite.


Chateau Picard: After visiting his brother's family in Labarre France, Captain Picard was given a bottle of 2347. A few years later, his brother (Robert) and his nephew (René) were killed in a fire at the family estate. Presumably that did not/will not (damn temporal paradoxes) destroy the family winery as Ambassador Picard (ret.) returned to the winery following his career in Starfleet. ("Family" [TNG], "Generations" [TNG Movie], "All Good Things" [TNG])

This is yet another appearance of the number "47" for those of you who watch for this kind of thing.



Guinness: A stout beer brewed in Ireland, found in pubs everywhere, including those found located in Fair Haven, Holodeck One, USS Voyager, Delta Quadrant. ("Fair Haven" [VGR])

Seemed to me that quite a few pints were being pulled at the pub throughout the episode.


Kalifoul: A blue Romulan alcoholic drink, served by Capt. Sisko for Romulan Senator Vrenak during a secret meeting. Real kalifoul has a strong aroma that should open the sinuses, but the replicated beverage seemed to grow on the senator. ("In The Pale Moonlight" [DS9])

This drink bares a strong resemblance to Glacier Freeze Gatorade Frost, (I had several similar colored drinks on hand , and Glacier Freeze bore the best resemblance). I presume that the drink was replicated because of the senator's comments, but there was a bottle on the table.



Kanar: A Cardassian drink that requires getting used to. It can be replicated onboard Federation starships, as well as found in well stocked bars, but it can go bad, and can cause food poisoning. Kanar has been known to be consumed in some quantity by certain members of the Cardassian government. ("The Wounded" [TNG], "Profit And Loss" [DS9], "Til Death Do Us Part" [DS9])

The bottle was originally a Chianti wine bottle (Chianti is a type of Italian dry wine which is typically found in reed wrapped bottles). Now it is possible to find a *VERY* similar copy at import stores, i.e. Pier One, Hobby Lobby, etc. Some are clear, like the ones I located, others are covered with a thin plastic color coat. This color coat, can be identified by carefully scraping the bottom of the bottle, and if color flakes off, you have a clear bottle underneath. Do not use flames to try to burn this coat off, I discovered on another bottle that these cheap, decorative glass bottles won't hold up. You can just try chemical strippers or gently scrape the color off. (This can kill an evening folks)

This Cardassian favorite, was seen at least six times with two different bottles, two different colors on DS9, and four different stoppers prior to the seventh season. In the seventh season, it was regularly seen in Damar's hands prior to his breaking ranks with the Dominion.

The bottle was originally a Chianti wine bottle (Chianti is a type of Italian dry wine which is typically found in reed wrapped bottles). Now it is sometimes possible to find a *VERY* similar copy at import stores. Some are clear, like the ones I located, others are covered with a thin plastic color coat. This color coat, can be identified by carefully scraping the bottom of the bottle, and if color flakes off, you have a clear bottle underneath. Do not use flames to try to burn this coat off, I discovered on another bottle that these cheap, decorative glass bottles won't hold up. You can just try chemical strippers or gently scrape the color off. (This can kill an evening folks)

The Chianti bottles come in 1 foot (old Banfi, and other brands of Chianti bottles), 3 foot (San Carlos, and possibly others), and 6 foot lengths ( who knows which brands, often came with instructions on converting into lamps). Use the 1 foot bottle. The labels are best seen in the book "The Art of Star Trek", and can be photocopied, but for the best appearance it would be best to scan the labels and clean it up using your computers paint program, before printing it and attaching it to the bottle. I found the stopper at Pier One Imports (about $4.00 US), it was actually a pour spout (like the ones found in bars) that was painted a metallic color. I found that I had to spray paint the top of the stopper with a base coat of black (to get an even color), then spray paint it with the final color. I wasn't able to match the color seen in the book, so don't bother to try German Metallic Silver. If you can't find the stopper at Pier One or at a similar import store, you will need to make it.

The contents in the episode "The Maquis, Part II" [DS9] were quite thick, almost syrupy, and dark, black or purple, I suspected Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. The stopper was shaped much like a honeycomb (the old fashioned domed varieties), made from a tan or flesh colored rubbery material with bumps. I suspect some adult product was used.

The contents from the episode "Destiny" [DS9] appear to be a dark purple/black liquid. Grape juice, prune juice, Kool-Aid or some similarly colored drink can be used. The stopper is the same one seen in "The Art of Star Trek".

In the August 1999 issue of "STAR TREK: The Magazine" Paramount property master Joe Longo gave an interview, and stated that the actual kanar recipe was giving Casey Biggs (Damar) sugar overdoses. The old actual recipe was made from karo syrup (corn syrup) which "looks like car oil, and when you pour it it comes out real thick". When it was realized that this massive dose of sugar was causing Casey problems, the recipe was switched to a sugar-free pancake syrup that was thickened. Longo states "the gag was to have the drink so thick it's almost goo, but he's [Biggs] still drinking it". I suspect that Thick-It (a product used for swallowing disorders and found in pharmacies) was the thickening agent.

Kanar Anyone?

The contents from the episode "The Way Of The Warrior" [DS9] appears to be a coffee colored drink with lots of creamer.

It made an appearance in the episode "Ties Of Blood And Water" [DS9]. In this episode Kira nurses Tekeny Ghemor, her dying Cardassian "father" from "Second Skin" [DS9]. Unfortunately I don't have this episode, so I don't know the color of the contents, I hope to get it later, in the re-runs. I'm not sure about this, but I think that the stopper in this case is the same as the one used on the bottle of Vulcan Port.

According to Carrie Sager, Cardassian Kanar was also seen in "The Wire" [DS9] (one of her all time favorite episodes), and it was seen to be a light blue, so a recipe for Romulan Ale would work for it, too. I cannot confirm or deny this, for Carrie identified another hole in my taped collection.

In the early part of the fifth season, Quark was seen with a new bottle, of shape and description I have yet to identify...Pending more information


Cardassian Kanar, Alcoholic Version


1 oz. Black Sun Vodka (to get the black color)
1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Tequila
1 oz. Grand Marnier
1 oz. Baccardi Rum
5 oz. Coke
Lemon Juice
Black food coloring (optional)
Pectin, for thickening the drink


Mix ingredients together, carefully experimenting with the pectin to get the right consistency

This recipe is similar to Long Island Iced Tea, but it apparently tastes completely different

Recipe created by Alexander from the University of Stuttgart (Germany)

BTW: For you B5 fans: in the quarters of G'Kar. There is the 3 foot version of the same bottle. Not related to Star Trek, but deserves a mention

I now have a supplier of the 3 foot bottle. Email me, for more details.


Mouton-Rothschild: Tom Paris decided to carry the rose and this bottle of wine (vintage 2342 if the replicator had the pattern) to the last minute anniversary of his and B'Elanna's first date. ("Warhead" [VGR])

Chateau Mouton-Rothschild is not a cheap wine... I found one site advertising a bottle for $2500.00 US.


Saurian Brandy

Saurian Brandy (Sorya' HIq): Seen frequently in Quark's bar, also in several TOS episodes, "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" is one example. One of Saurian Brandy's best moments in Trek, came in "ST VI: The Undiscovered Country", when a drunken Klingon border guard questions an unidentified ship crossing the border. Another came more recently in an episode of DS9.

The bottle is a Dickel-Tennessee souvenir whisky bottle. In the TOS episodes the leather wrap for the bottle is Red, as is the stopper. In DS9 the leather is black, as well as the stopper. The stopper is attached to the leather handle of the bottle via a thin strip of leather and an eye-bolt. The DS9 version of the bottle has gold markings on the leather, bottle and stopper. Both bottles can be seen in the book "The Art of Star Trek".

The contents: an amber colored fluid, possibly tea or better still flat Vanilla Creame Soda


Single Malt Whiskey

Single Malt Whiskey (Aged 200 Years): Something Boothby was saving for a special occasion, and interrogating Chakotay was special enough. ("In the Flesh" [VGR])

Although the word "whiskey" was not mentioned, it is the only likely choice for a 200-year-old single malt anything on Earth at this time. The beverage was amber in color, served in a clear, tall, stretched pyramid shaped bottle. The stopper was also clear, and seen in the foreground as Boothby was pouring his drink.


Tequila: A liquor made from a tera'ngan plant's sap. Before Zefram Cochrane would admit that he was the man Troi was looking for, he made her drink three shots.


Tranya: An intersteller drink of the First Federation, served by Commander Balok to Capt. Kirk, Bones, and Lt. Baily. Served cold, Curzon, Jadzia, Cmdr. Sisko, and Odo all have a liking for it as well. ("The Corbomite Maneuver" [TOS], "Facets" [DS9])

Balok (Clint Howard) recently gave an interview to Star Trek Communicator, and remembers hating the stuff, as it was actually pink grapefruit juice.


Wee Bairns Scotch Whisky: Used to prompt singing "Chariots of Fire" (badly) and drowning woes, this appears to be Chief O'Brien, and Julian Bashir's whisky of choice ("Explorers" [DS9]). Another bottle was given to Chief O'Brien on his birthday in the episode "The Assignment" [DS9], and seen again in the episode "In The Cards" [DS9].

Wee Bairns
These bottles are clearly seen in "The Art of Star Trek" as well as a portion of their labels. The bottles share the same label, but nether are really good for making a photocopy of, and it would be best to scan the image, and modify to meet your needs. Note that the label in the book is sideways on newer (and taller) bottle that matches the Chief's birthday gift. The contents could be actual Scotch, or more likely some tea.


Vulcan Port: This drink and bottle was seen in the episode "The Maquis, Part I" [DS9], Quark offered some to the female Vulcan arms dealer, Sakonna. Apparently Quark doesn't get many requests for this beverage, as he had to blow the dust off of the top. Bort apparently doesn't quite agree with Ferengi tastes, if Quark's expression was read correctly.

The bottle (without any changes) made another appearance (and with another name) in "Body Parts" [DS9], when Dr. Bashir gave a case of the stuff to Quark after he had been ruined by the FCA officer Brunt. I don't have this episode in my library yet, If you know what it is, Let me know.

Vulcan Port
The bottle, label and stopper are clearly seen in "The Art of Star Trek", it is a clear triangular based bottle with an elaborate stopper (I'm still trying to make one). I have found the bottle in many import stores (Pier One, etc.). The label in the book is quite suitable for color photocopying, but it will have to be blown up to represent it well. If anybody can scan the image of the label (in the highest quality DPI they have) and send it to me, I would be Honored to receive it.

The stopper appears to be made from 1/4 inch thick plexiglass disks. The edges have been rounded, then the disks were stacked, and capped with a gold colored beading mount ( the kind used to place a crystal into for necklaces), The actual cork appears to be black test-tube stoppers (the neoprene kind). These would be available from finer toy stores that sell chemistry sets. Make sure that the stoppers are new, or you may risk POISIONING yourself (not a pleasant thought).

The contents are a transparent dark green fluid (almost forest green), and there is no fizz to it. I suspect water with food coloring. I would use a clear soda (flat) and add food coloring.

Warning the triangular edges of the bottle are quite thin, I managed to break one in the slightest accident. Take care, to protect your investment.


Klingon Martini: A slightly pinkish drink favored by some species 8472 human infultrators in the Starfleet Academy simulation. Made from Gin, Vermouth, and a dash of Bloodwine. ("In the Flesh" [VGR])

Served in the traditional martini glass, without an olive. Here we learned that Chakotay doesn't touch bloodwine.


Black Hole: After a stimulating bout of wrestling you might want to enjoy this Ferengi drink. Dax was introduced to it over a hundred years ago. ("Playing God" [DS9])

The drink was served in a square tumbler, did not have ice, was quite dark, and not carbonated.

Black Hole


3/4 oz Kahlua
1 1/2 oz. Vodka
Dash Lemon Juice
Twist of Lemon Peel


Combine coffee liqueur, vodka, and lemon juice in a square shaped tumbler. Add a twist of lemon peel, stir, and serve. May need ice.


Frengi Starduster: Served with an extra straw, this pink drink was ordered by Quark to test the replicators on the command level (his was offline). ("Babel" [DS9])

The drink looked like quava juice to me. It was served in what looked like a margaritia glass that had been crossed with an old Coca Cola glass.


Finagle's Folly: A libation famous "from here to Orion". Concocted by Dr. McCoy. Recipe was sent by S.L. HICKMAN, who also believes in giving credit where credit is due. The following is a recipe out of "The STAR TREK Bartender's Guide" by Art Canfiel CIRCA 1979 [pre-TNG]

Finagle's Folly

1oz Scotch (Dewars White Label)
1oz Vodka (Stoly.. Is there anything else?)
1oz Bourbon (Jim Beam...Snicker)
1oz Gin (Beefeater)
1 tsp. Bartender's Syrup
dash Orange Bitters
dash Angostura Bitters

Shake with cracked ice, pour into tall glass. (Enjoy in sips with a FRIEND)

All items in ( ) are recommendations


Grog: Hompaq informed me that several stoneware tankards were ordered by the tera'ngan fisherman, Nowan. It is a hot drink made with rum, a sweetener such as sugar or honey and boiling water. Grog is often garnished with a slice of lemon and a few whole cloves. ("Where Sea Meets Sky" [pre-TOS novel])

I think a tankard would hold about 2-1/2 cups or more, so doubling the alcohol, sugar, and water may be required.



1 shot rum
1 teaspoon sugar
slice of lemon
whole cloves
boiling water


Stir all ingredients, adding enough boiling water to fill mug or glass.


Martini w/Olives: Recently thawed, and revived, L. Q. Sonny Clemonds ordered this (with two olives for vitamins) instead of food. ("The Neutral Zone" [TNG])

Martini w/Olives


1 1/2 Oz. Gin
3/4 Oz. Vermouth, Dry
2 Green Olives w/pimento


Serve in a Cocktail Glass. Use a long red plastic toothpick to hold the olives together in the drink.


Mint Julip: While on Omicron Ceti III, Captain Kirk was looking for Dr. McCoy, Spock said that he went off to create a mint julip. (FYI It's a drink). McCoy apparently managed to make one, but didn't get to enjoy for long. ("This Side Of Paradise" [TOS])

Mint Julip


For the Julip Mix:
1 Cup of water
1 Cup of sugar
1 Cup of loosely packed mint leaves

For the Julip itself:
2 Oz/Shots of the julip mix
2 Oz/Shots of bourbon
1 Cup cracked ice
1 Sprig of fresh mint for garnish


Mix the water and sugar together, bring to a rolling boil, and remove from the heat. Add the mint leaves, stir, and let steep for 2 hours. Strain, and save the mint syrup.

To make a julip, put a cup of crushed ice in a glass, add 2 ounces or shots of the julip mixture and of bourbon, stir.

Garnish with a sprig of mint.



Moscow Mule: Tired of Dax's former hosts desires for various beverages ("Bloodwine still makes me gag") Ezri Dax finally settled on this drink... that is once Quark got done with his "Worf doesn't deserve you" speech. ("Once More Unto the Breach" [DS9])

Moscow Mule


1 Shot Vodka
1/2 Shot Lime Juice
Fill With Ginger Beer


I have other bottles that have been seen in the show (or could quite possibly be used in the future), but I cannot find their names, and am not sure of the contents or the contents color, give me time. Also I am thinking of posting pictures of the bottles showing the details you should look for. Translated, this section will be updated again...someday.


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