Rockport is a small realm consisting a few closely packed islands and a surrounding undersea population located in the middle of the Dread Sea. Rockport exists primarily as a support and trade port, supporting the Planetary Council and the Sky Federation launch facility. Rockport is ruled by a council of leading citizens. This Council provides for much of Rockport's public services as wealthy citizens gain favour by paying for public services such as health, education and sewerage. By far the largest contributions are made by the former ruler Lord Rock. Rockport has no military force but several of her wealthy citizens keep forces of private bodyguards. The two most notable private forces are those of Lord Rock and the powerful X-Patrol. Lord Rock's force, consisting of former Hounds, Rockport Special Forces, and Rock Legion soliders, is responsible for the security of the Rockport Vault - owned by Lord Rock. This para-military group is led by the mysterious businessman Iggy, one of the heroes of the 2nd Battle of Rockport. X-Patrol has never been officially related to Rockport, and has always maintained a status of "concerned citizens". Information on X-Patrol can be found below.

Rockport contains four buildings of international interest: the Truce Palace, former meeting place of the Free Realms Assembly, and now temporary host to the Planetary Council; the Great Library of Rockport, a repository of publically and freely available information from all over the world of Mystery and beyond (including a storehouse of medical information); the Captains Council of Rockport containing the Rockport Registry of Vessels (an internationally popular source of Flags of Convenience) and a magical Chart Room able to increase the speed and safety of any vessel that uses it ; and finally the Rockport Vault a secure bank with attached financial facilities that serves as a storehouse for international customers who desire security and privacy for securing their wealth.

Rockport is a melting pot of trade and political activity with every day seeing the mixing of traders, diplomats, rogues, runaways, heroes and villans of the Free Realms, the Sky Federation, and of many independent nations. Rockport's population is a mixture of many cultural influences and ideas. Rockport's citizen population is largely non-human, all of whom are at least Wealthy due to the economic prosperity of Rockport. This group includes some 400 krackens and their families, moved to Rockport as a part of the settlement of the Octopi Nation & Kracken War. Rockport's non-citizen population consists of 25,000 human & demi-human workers from the Forest Kingdoms and Eastern Empire who chose to come to Rockport due to the wealth of the settlement. The geopolitics of the World of Mystery are played out every day in this tropical island-city.

The 2nd Battle of Rockport

2nd Battle of Rockport was fought in 1102YAC. Facing war with the Sky Federation, a splinter group of terrorist druids from Greenport attacked Rockport with the aid of the alien race the Doom. A magical explosive device was smuggled into Rockport and activated. The population of Rockport and the surrounding Dread Sea were converted to Doom. The druids and their Doom allies were stopped by Lord Rock, his staff, and by the noble efforts of the surviving crew of the SFV Aries. Thanks to disaster preparations made in Rockport and the swift desctruction of the Doom there WERE survivors, but Rockport now lies in ruins with only around 5000 citizens surviving. Both the Truce Palace and the Vault survived undamaged.

Alician Dying Curse

When the Alician Confederacy splintered in 1101YAC, the first state to fight for independence faced great difficulty opposing the might of the oppressive Alician regime. They were aided in their struggle by a group of concerned citizens from Rockport - heroes all. Thanks to the support of these Rockport citizens the rebellion succeeded and eventually the Alician states became free. But the regime that ruled Alicia before this rebellion did not die easily or quietly, and a Dying Curse was laid on Rockport for the support her citizens gave the rebels. The result of this Dying Curse is that any attempt to Teleport or Dimension Door in the area of Rockport will be blocked and possibly send the being who made the attempt into a realm of nightmares and horrors. It has been prophecied that one day in the future the curse will manifest itself and threaten Rockport with destruction. The concerned citizens of Rockport are lining up for that day so they can end the curse on their home by destroying whatever form the curse may take.

The information contained below is frm a tiem when Rockport thrived as a city with a population approahcing 100,000 and a great deal of international popularity. Then the Doom came. Even with the aid of the City Weaver Lord Rock Rockport will take years to recover from the damage inflicted by that war. Rockport has been severely damaged, but she will live on so long as her citizens care for her and help her to heal.

Races & Classes of Rockport. This is a list of what races and classes make up the population of Rockport as of 3month 1102 YAC. The races and classes are broken down by percentage and ready to roll-up!.

Geography of Rockport. Brief description of the geography of Rochesse with two pictures of island sites and a synopsis of how to travel to Rockport.

Map of Rockport City. An overhead view of the city circa 11month 1101YAC. Map of Rockport Realm as of 3month 1103 YAC.

Trade in Rockport. A brief description of Rockport's trade, including customs regulations and a link to the Rockport shipping registry. QUARANTINE ANNOUNCEMENT: As of the end of 3month 1102 the quarantine restrictions on incoming traffic into Rockport have been lifted. Lord Rock has gained the support of his friend and ally the Dinosaur King necessary for allowing the safe relaxation of Rockport's harsh quarantine laws. A new quarantine station has been built onto the Customs House at Big Island Harbour. The Sky Federation quarantine standard has now been adopted by Rockport's Customs Officers and the practice of Diplomatic Immunity has been re-instated where applicable.

Rockport News. Important news items relating to Rockport.

Government of Rockport. A brief description of how Rockport is governed, including information for new potential citizens.

CODEX LEGIS SAXOPORTEM (Rockport Legal Code). The laws of Rockport and how they are administered.

History of Rockport.

Persons of Interest.Rockport is more than buildings and a great location. Here is a list of some of the people that make up this island-realm - Lord Rock, the nobles, the government staff, and the shop-keepers..

Rockport Military. Summary of the Rockport White Paper, in which details are given about the structure of the Rockport military.

X-PATROL: Rockport's own unofficial unrepentant super-team!

The Free Realms. Information on the Free Realms.


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