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A Few Notes : the content of this page is entirely my opinion and based on my interpretation of what i have seen on the television series "Star Trek : Voyager" and what i have read, heard and experienced on the World Wide Web...feel free to disagree ("I dread the day everyone on this ship agrees with me" - Kathryn Janeway, "Random Thoughts") and SEND feedback. Now, a key :

Finally, What I Say is a dedication to the couples *I* like best :)



What They Say

What You Say



"Chakotay and Kellin"



Chakotay fell in love with her twice, but in the end he forgot her Not very popular with the J/C crowd, Kellin's usually only used as a device to get another couple together

"If Only Tears Could Bring You Back"


"Chakotay and Paris"


Chakotay and Paris are not the best of friends; they have been at odds from the beginning and there remains a tension between them

Let's just say the fans have defined the tension in a different way from the series' creators...

"Brother My Brother"


"Chakotay and Seska"

"I did it for you."


Chakotay's villianous lady love turns out to be a Cardassian spy who promptly gets in bed with Voyager's new enemies the Kazon Does anyone like her (other than ME)?

"Who Will Take My Dreams Away?"


"Chakotay and Seven of Nine"

  Chakotay didn't much like Seven when she first arrived, but he's warmed to her as she's become an integral part of the crew...and she seems to have developed a crush on him... A strange pair, intriguing to some but disturbing to most...

"Do Your Thing"


"Chakotay and Torres"

  B'Elanna was infatuated with Chakotay previous to the series and it carried over thru the first season, but if he noticed he never acknowledged it and she has since moved on Not a very popular match-up (as J/C and P/T are extremely popular) but there are those (see What I Say)

"Promise of You"


"Carey and Wildman"

Have they ever been in a scene together? An episode? Two minor characters; Samantha Wildman and Joe Carey I honestly don't know how it started, but they have a following and it's kinda sweet

"Don't Say You Love Me"


"The Doctor and Seven"

  The Doctor has been helping Seven regain her humanity and he is perhaps her closest friend; the two share a rapport as the nearly human members of the crew Seven and the Doctor are both popular characters and there is a drive to get the two "misfits" together

"You are My Sunshine"

"Someone to Watch Over Me"



"Janeway and Chakotay"

"Three years ago...I didn't even know your name. Today...I can't imagine a day without you."

-Janeway, "Scorpion, Part I"

An attraction and flirtation has been acknowledged by both actors and writers, however The Powers That Be are vehemently against it Literally hundreds of thousands of words have been written regarding this one, and many are quite moving


"Heart and Shoulder"


"Beside You"


"Janeway and Kashyek"

  Janeway found momentary happiness in the arms of a nefarious inspector for one episode... ...and a very few found him charming - most, though, regard him as Janeway's Major Mistake

On It!!strong>


"Janeway and Kim"

"Mr. Kim....at ease before you sprain something."

-Janeway, "Caretaker, Part I"

Janeway's youngest officer has only been at odds with her over love - but certainly not between the two of them! Another not-too-vocal minority has their sights set on a match between Harry and his Captain

"Sally's Song"


"Janeway and Mark"

"Is this another one of those 'Love me, Love my dog' requests?"

-Mark, "Caretaker, Part 1"

Janeway's Boy Back Home, she's moved on and so has he A lover that far away doesn't make very good story fodder, esp when there are so many choices right on her ship

"London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)"


"Janeway and Michael"

"I have a boyfriend who malfunctions."

-Janeway, "Spirit Folk"

The already infamous Holo-Lover (he's made two appearances thus far) was added to keep Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) happy and possibly explore the nuances of a holodeck relationship (gee that's never been done before) He hasn't invaded the stories yet, but he's pretty unpopular on message boards and mailing lists

"From My Dreams"


"Janeway and Paris"

>"Then I guess I'm yours."

-Paris to Janeway, "Caretaker"

Two dynamic characters with rather explosive interaction make for many rumors... Gotta be careful 'cause this my favorite (see What I Say), but i'm not the only one, it's pretty popular to speculate about these two

"Ruby Red"

"Komm Susser Todd (Come Sweet Death)"

"One of God's Better People"

"If I Am"


"Janeway and Q"

"Did anyone ever tell you you're angry when you're

-Q, "Death Wish"

Q's appeared in TNG and DS9, but his relationship with Janeway adds a whole new layer to his human interaction (she does convince him to stick with his own, though) Fun while it lasted but not so much afterwards

"The Riddle"


"Janeway and Seven"

"One voice...can be louder than a thousand voices."

-Janeway, "The Gift"

"No, no, no. You are imagining things. This is not in the plan." Two very loud sides...

"I Will Never Be the Same"

"I'll Be Here for You"


"Janeway and Torres"

"She saw something in me that I didn't see. She saw a worthwhile person where I saw a lost and hostile misfit. And because she had faith in me, I began to have faith in myself."

-B'Elanna, "Coda"

They get along well most of the time, two tough girls running the show More popular before the advent of Seven, J/C, J/7 and P/T are more widely active



"Janeway and Tuvok"

"You are one of my most valued officers...and you are
my friend. It is vital that you understand me here. I need you...We have forged this relationship for years and I
depend on it."

-Janeway, "Prime Factors"

Old friends who certainly love eachother, but he's Vulcan and Bonded (course, lately there've been these great moments) Shows up now and again, but is hard to make a case for due to Tuvok's Mate

"The Song of the Wind and the Rain"

"Not Only Human"


"Kim and Kes"


The youngest and most wide-eyed of the crew, they do not interact very much as Harry spent most of the time Kes was onboard missing Libby and Kes spent most of that time with Neelix.

An adorable idea not (yet) widely utilized

On It


"Kim and Libby"

  Harry's love back home kept him from love for a while, but he's moved on to other lost causes All but forgotten, Libby makes a rare appearance in Harry's memories

"Our Harry"


"Kes and Neelix"

"The important thing is to cherish whatever time we havetogether - whether it's a day, or a decade."


Entered the story Voyager's only canon couple, then broke up and a season later Kes left, poor Neelix hasn't had a date since - wel, except the Klingon-Chick :) Not a very engaging couple - even the show broke them up

"She's the One"


"Kes and Paris"

"It's typical of Kes that she would befriend someone like
you...someone who really needs a friend."

-Neelix, "Parturition"

Paris had quite a crush on Kes, but she was loyal to Neelix, then wanted to be alone (and he'd moved on); in an alternate timeline, the two were married with child and grandchild (son of their daughter and Harry Kim) Again, P/T and even J/P and C/P are more popular

"I'll Be"


"Kim and Seven"

  Harry has quite the hankering for our Seven but she has decided to avoid romantic relationships Seven's anti-romance stand doesn't fare very well in fan circles :)

"Did You Ever Love Somebody?"

"Lose Your Way"


"Kim and Torres"

"I'm every bit as tough as you are, B'Elanna Torres."

-Harry, "Prototype"

The two are friendly, but banter more like siblings than potential lovers When you want to break up Tom and B'Elanna, Harry is your answer!



"Paris and Kim"


Harry was the first to befriend Tom when he joined Voyager; the two remain close friends

Some would argue *very* close friends.


"Paris and Seven"


Tom was one of the first to reach our to the former Borg, he often uses humor to try to reach her...and he's one of the few who can.

They've quietly gained quite a following...so much I sometimes think TPTB are listening!



"Paris and Torres"

"I love you. Say somrthing."

"You picked a great time to tell me..."

-B'Elanna and Tom, "Day of Honor"

They danced around eachother for years and are finally Voyager's Official Couple - and they can be insanely cute about it!

Update : They're Married!!!

Though J/C tries, P/T always wins out as the most popular and most explored relationship - and now that it's official there's nothing to stop them!

"Feels Like Home"

"(You Love)Like Nobody Loves Me"



"Tuvok and Seven"

  They understand eachother. It is an efficient relationship. I think the fanfic authors avoid Tuvok...i'm not sure why...but there are a few and this is an intriguing couple!




What They Say

What You Say



*What I Say*

I. P/T : "Tom and B'Elanna : The One the Powers That Be Got Right (and then Screwed Up)"

So sweet, so magical, so right !! These are two wounded souls who had forgotten what it's like to be truly respected, cared for, loved. And then they found eachother. And of course hated eachother!! Well, 'hate' is a strong word, but they fought it. Which always makes for the best, the strongest, relationships. These are two people who deserve eachother, they've been through it and they're still going...now, finally, they can go through it together. That said....

II. J/P : "Tom and Kathryn : Lost and Found"

My favorite of the various in-ship matches, I've been a fan since the very first episode. Sparks flew like firecrackers between these two and despite their wandering attentions, the firecrackers are still there. They're both Flirts, they're both dynamic, powerful personalities and they've both been thru a lot. They recognize eachother's strengths and weaknesses because they're the same and it creates a tension not found in any other relationship. It's like an intricate dance, don't look, don't touch, but never stop dancing...

III. C/T : "B'Elanna and Chakotay : In Another's Arms"

In truth, I love B'Elanna and I even love her relationship with Tom (I'm a romantic, how can I not?)...I just like the dynamic between him and Janeway better (another strong word dilemna, but you know)...and I just feel bad for Chakotay 'cause his heart is set on someone he just can't have. I think they could heal eachother's broken hearts, should it ever come to that. They already have a closeness that's to be envied, it could very easily be something more.

IV. J/7 : "Kathryn and Annika : The Controversy"

I think that of everyone on the ship, Janeway probably is the best one for Seven. However, I do not believe Seven is the best one for Janeway. Our Captain is not what I would call stable, and whoever ends up as Seven's true love is in for a lot. I think Janeway needs someone who needs her but also needs to takes care of her. Seven doesn't have that need or desire. So, while I think they'd make a great couple and I personally think the chemistry is there, all accounts to the contrary, it's not what I'd choose.

V. J/C : "Kathryn and Chakotay : Unrequited Love is the Best Kind"

I am a romantic and the fan-fiction is very convincing, as are the *moments* that occur every so often...they get me ev'ry time (it's worse that Picard and Crusher!)....but....I think I just don't love Chakotay the way I do Kathryn and Tom and Seven and B'Elanna. In fact the only thing I do love about him is his fierce love for his Captain...if she returned his affection he'd lose that. A happy ending maybe, but an ending....I'm sorry, my Kathryn (who may not be the one we visit every week...but she's the one I made the web-page for) deserves better...


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