John W. Taber

This is my porfolio for the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems with the World Campus of Pennsylvania State University, which I started in October 2000 and completed in December 2001.

Contact me at [email protected].

Geography 5121: Nature of Geographic Information
Fall 2000

Project 1: Coordinates and Projections

Project 2: Mapping the Census

Project 3: Acquiring Geographic Data

Geography 5222: Elements of GIS
Spring 2001

Activity 1: Decision Support within a GIS

Activity 2: Manipulating and Summarizing Attribute Data

Activity 3: Analyzing Spatial Data in a GIS

Activity 4: Address Geocoding

Activity 5: Layouts (Existing Template)

Activity 6: Layouts (My Template)

Activity 7: Introduction to Raster GIS Analysis

Final Project: Identifying Priority Conservation Areas in Centre County, Pennsylvania

Geography 5223: Elements of GIS, Part II
Summer 2001

Lesson 3: GeoReferencing Raster Images

Lesson 4: Design/Build GIS (Part 1)

Lesson 6: Design/Build GIS (Part 3)

Final Project: Pennsylvania Archeological Sites Database

Geography 5224E: GIS in Practice: Environmental Applications
Fall 2001

Lesson 2: Sludge Disposal Siting - Drastic Map

Lesson 3: Sludge Disposal Siting - Depth to Groundwater

Lesson 4: Sludge Disposal Siting -- Potential Sites

Lesson 5: Watershed Characterization

Lesson 6: Pollution Potential Index

Final Project - K Factor and CN values for watershed

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