Ira Israel

Wordsmith, Screenwriter, Author

 writings 1992 - present

Ira Israel



Comedy Screenplays

Nonetheless, Hitherto, Thereafter

Am I Dead Yet?


Live Virgin
starring Mena Suvari and Bob Hoskins

Throwing Darts at Venus and Mars

Suspicion of Disbelief
Samuel Goldwyn Award Winner 1999


Action/Thriller Screenplays

Black Diamond

Sleeping Giant  


starring C. Thomas Howell and Danny Trejo


Mystical Narrative Screenplays

Deep Inside... George Hanson

One Man's Heaven

Dream into Action


French Book to English Screenplay Adaptations

Murder Most Fine

French to English Screenplay Adaptations

The Professional (Leon) by Luc Besson

A Couch in New York by Chantal Akerman 


Benny and the Queen of Paris

Sleeping Giant

Mother's Day

The Average Meal Documentary

The House of Sins




Insiders Pilot

Culture Clash News Program Proposal


Academic Papers

Yoga in the Upanishads

The Myth of Romantic Love

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Kabbalah

Remote Viewing


Book Proposals

The Americanization of Yoga


Website Links

Award-winning short film "Hungreed"

IMDB credits

"Transcendence 2" full interview

New York Times review of "Live Virgin"

"How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You're An Adult"

Articles and Reviews


Huffington Post Mindfulness Articles 

Mindful Dating I

Mindful Dating II

Mindful Dating III

Mindful Dating IV

Mindful Loving

Mindful Happiness

Mindful Sex

Mindful Therapy

Mindful Divorce

Mindful Busyness

Mindful Communications

Mindful Genius

Mindful Employment

Mindful Money

Mindful Politics

Mindful Journalism

Mindful Consumerism

Mindful Speech

Mindful Friends

Mindful Teaching

Mindful Medicine

Mindful Communications

Mindful Spirituality

Mindful Eating

Mindful Friends


Miscellaneous Articles

My Life as a Dog

Screenwriting Essentials Syllabus

Yoga Philosophy and Psychology

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