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Olympic Roads A photographic chronicle of road transport arrangements for the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Links Various links to other great road-related sites on the World Wide Web.
Route Numbering An explanation of what those numbers you see on road signs really mean - also, a guide to the new British-style route numbering system in many states of Australia.
National Highway A history and a brief guide to Australia's National Highway, a system of Federally-maintained roads which connect all major cities and span all states and territories.
June 21 roadtrip Pictures from a short 150km roadtrip through southern Sydney and the Southern Highlands.
August Roadtrip (NSW, ACT, VIC) A travelogue (complete with pictures) of a three-day 1900km roadtrip through New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.
Misc Pics Miscellaneous pictures of roads and signage that I've taken here and there over the many years that I've been interested in all things roadly.
Sydney's Freeways Your guide to Sydney's system of freeways and motorways, including histories and guides to exits along the freeways. The M2, M4, M5, F3 and F6 are covered, with more planned.
Sydney's Metroads A detailed explanation of Sydney's extensive system of Metroad route numbering system, signifying the 9 major routes into, out of and around Sydney. A map is included.
The Roads Of Wollongong A map, a brief history and many pictures around my current hometown, Wollongong, New South Wales.

Hello there, and welcome to my page devoted to the wonder and the glory that is Australia's highway system. However, a couple of disclaimers first:

So, what is this site about then?

It's the result of hundreds of photographs, dozens of hours spent researching in libraries, weekends spent in second hand bookshops searching through dusty cardboard boxes of old maps, many phone calls to government departments and a lifelong fascination with transportation and general geography.

Roads, you may ask? Heck, how can you be fascinated with roads? It's not easy to explain. To me, they are much more than just a surface upon which one drives - they're also an intrinsic part of Australian popular culture. They're deeply entrenched in the human experience of everybody in the western world, and Australia is no exception. How many Australians remember their childhood holidays on the crowded and twisty Princes Highway, or marvelling at the speed of the Holden Kingswood dashing along the South-Eastern Freeway with Dad at the wheel, all those big green signs and bright white stripes nothing but a blur?

Roads are not only part of our geography and culture, but our history. By looking at old road maps, we can trace the development of this continent. The growth of Australia's prosperity can be seen in the rate of spread of paved bitumen, further and further away from the five largest cities, right until the late 1980's when it was finally possible to drive all the way around Australia in a big circle on paved surfaces. We can see how cities, towns and regions gained prominence throughout the decades.

I hope that all visitors enjoy this website. I endeavour to make this site more than just a dry monologue listing roads and distances, nearly identical photographs and bland histories - I want this page to reflect the human experience of highway travel in Australia, peppered with my own praise, humour and the occasional critcisms. So, enjoy!

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