Enraptured: Journeys
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Sadness by unknown

"The night had an uncanny afterglow,
As I sat in the sleeping fields,
Dwelling  upon my misery,
All nightmares were too real."


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Tragedy & Despair


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 Tragedy & Despair

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Dying Rose Emptiness & Despair Imprisoned Indian Sad Song Lies The Mind of the Weary
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      Untitled Your Cold Heart 
Royo Art

Bridge of Promises

I walked across the bridge of promises,
Searching for my hopes and glories to be found,
Rather mind fields of inadequate dreams were perceived
Through the bridges fiery waters and airy trees.

I stood across the bridge of promises,
Wondering where these agreements could be seen,
Still no answer came from either twist or turn;
Were these images feinted or demeaned?

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Blue Rose

Melted gold dripping from the sky,
A tear drop is shed,
And in the light all is seen
Where once was life is now misery.

A firefly floats mysteriously by,
His illumines do shine bright,
Like my heart did long ago
When my bright red rose did grow.

But, this now turquoise flower
Has seen the good and bad days,
It has breathed new vitality in me,
I see more meaning to this
Pain and suffering,
And it revealed its beauty to me.

Going on a wild moon chase
Through some distance land and space.
I can do what I want now,
You won't keep me down,
No more of heartaches
And no more sighs,
For my love is with this Blue Rose

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Can you not tell what you've done to me?
Can you not see it in my eyes
That there is no more life?
Why did you go and do this?
Break my heart into fragile pieces,
And never turned to look
At all the mess you made,
Never looked to say, "I'm sorry,"
What did I do to deserve such a thing?
Did I not give you everything?
Did I not love you more than anyone before?
Was all I did and all I said
Nothing more?
For all my heart I gave to you,
But you took it for granted,
Made your mistake,
Never shall I take you back,
If you come return to my door.

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Centuries of bitter words,
Seep deep beneath my soul,
Feeding off my hopes and dreams,
Breathing off my fallen life,
Nesting in my imperfections,
Never seeming to rest,
Until they crush my tainted spirit.

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Look of hurt were upon your eyes,
But you were to full of pride to realise,
All the anger building up inside,
Which you tried to bury in disguise,
And when I tried to reach your heart,
You strayed away and we grew apart,
My soul still bleeds for your despair,
My mind still grows weary in night's air,
As those eyes portray so much suffering,
I cannot see your pain this way.

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Antipathy is all I have to look forward
To in my nonchalant life,
From the withering haunting trees,
To the numbing brawling in my mind;
From lifeless dreams of uncrossed seas,
To the altercation of the creation.

They say I'm nothing but pointless,
What am I supposed to do?
When all I hear is corrupt talk,
Making me feel like I'm not able to breathe
In their spaces of the earth,
Demented we all are,
Their Corruption will penetrate your surface,
Pollute your minds,
And spoil your purity of heart.

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Dying Rose.

One lone rose,
Eerily bowed its head
Over the water's edge,
Gazing at itself in the reflection,
Wondering if it should remain or wither.

It's stained pale red petals,
Was once a beautiful ruby.
Now the colour seemed to dribble
From the petal down the stem,
And into the washing stream.

The beauty it had held,
Was diminished, as it dully
Soaked the unwelcome rain,
That fell on the flower
One last time.

Wondering if it will
Ever be loved again,
Hoping there would be
No more grief, as the lone rose,
Eerily bowed its head.

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Emptiness and Despair

On the lonely silent ocean,
I floated into the midnight sun,
Drifting further away without notion,
Thinking of all the things I have never done,
Looking back on emptiness and despair,
Realising my life is so bare.

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I'm imprisoned in this refuge,
No where to go,
Locked up in a sheltered room,
No friends to know.
The days pass by one by one,
And all I remember is the passing breeze,
The bright luminous sun
That burned in the sky, and the green trees.

I'm imprisoned in this refuge,
Watching the clocks hand
Slowly turn towards noon,
Like the movement of the sand,
Wondering what the outside world
Is holding in the evenings air,
As I lay in bed all curled,
Listening to the silence blare.

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Indian Sad Song

Nothing we do really matters,
Nothing we say really means anything,
The wolves will howl; like the wind on a rainy day,
Our hearts will cry like the thunder pounding from the sky.

So lonely,
Nothing to lose nothing to gain,
Sitting wishing upon the rain.

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You sedated me with those eyes,
Seduced me with your lies,
Tempted me with all your goodness
And made me in the end regress;
How I loved you I don't know,
But I never got to show,
All the things I wanted us to be,
So maybe I was blind and didn't see.

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The Mind of the Weary.

The present's blind,
Tomorrow will be left behind,
The future will never see
What the past was made to be,
And hear I am,
Living in this game we play.

Let the rain wash away
All the sadness of yesterdays,
Let the wind swallow
All the pain that does follow,
Break away from all worries,
Set your mind free.

The colours are tainted,
The oceans are deserts,
The tunes we hear are mute,
The world is playing a trick on us,
So many questions,
Never enough answers,
And here we are,
Living in this game we play.

A minefield of vanities,
Perceptions of all right never wrong.
Mindless diversions,
Overworked decisions,
This is the mind,
The mind of the weary.

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Save Me

Oh saviour, from above,
Please take me to a watery grave,
Beneath the dancing sea,
So I can end all misery,
For the world is such a cruel place,
To stay, life and breathe.

Oh saviour, the almighty one,
Help me; place me onto your heavenly gate,
In the sky, lined with angels,
So I don't face another day of hurt and anguish,
Another bitter remark from loved ones,
Help me into the kingdom come.

Oh saviour, powerful soul,
Save me from myself;
What have I become?
I'm sinking into the darkness,
And cannot see what I have done,
I'm drowning in my blood,
The blood that I cannot take in me.

The world as we know it,
Is not as it seems, it has beauty,
But not peace and harmony,
The sounds of laughter,
Are simply mockeries of a life
A life I used to live,
So saviour, save me.

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Silent Tears

Silent tears are falling
Down my face,
Because our love is gone,
And I can't get over it now
It's just too soon.
But I wanted to let you know
I'll still be wanting you.

Silent tears are rolling
Into the river
One by one.
Silent tears will echo
In the forest in the woods.
I wanted to be
The only fantasy come true,
But it ended like a horror tale instead.

Why did the sky open
To let you into the light above?
When you should be down here with me
Holding my hand.

Silent tears are not going
To make these flowers grow.
I can't bare this pain,
I can't seem to regain my thoughts,
All is now lost,
For my silent tears
Will burn a hole through this heart,
Until we meet someday in heavens fields.

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Sorry, Wrong Number

It was painful when you left,
However it was for the best,
You carried with you too much hurt,
Never thinking to fairly satisfy
Each others fading love.

The bed seems so cold now,
An icy-escapade in which I sleep,
Thoughts still do linger in my mind,
The happier days that I long to again find,
Eyes succumb to a watery grave.

The timekeeper shows two o'clock,
This silent morning I cannot rest,
Dreaming sweet nothings
To which I cannot conclude,
There are so many things I need to say.

In the moonlit room I reached,
Lifting the white receiver off the phone,
Dialling those digits to your home,
The ringing continued until finally,
"Hello...Hello, who is this?"

Suddenly I was tongueless,
Pausing numbly again for some seconds,
"Sorry, wrong number"
Hanging up the phone quickly,
It was the only thing I could bare to speak,
Resting my head back down,
On my lonely dampened pillow.

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If for love I never cry again,
It would be such luck,
For every heart that has been won,
Another will have broken,
Not to think that mine,
Will not be as well
Would be anther tale,
But for now
I hope and I pray,
Tears won't see another day.

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The Images in the Mirror

The images in the mirror
Show all my pain;
A past that was too confusing,
A future that is to hurtful,
A tomorrow that will never
Have much meaning.

The glass exposes
A face of someone I loved,
Appearing in a shady dimness,
And sinking into my own reflection.
My heart throbs,
And my breaths become short.

As my head bowed down
I remembered
All we had shared
The good days and the bad
And all my pain
Is left inside

Eyes closing, tears falling;
My hand slid across
The cold looking glass
Trying to gather thoughts
All the recollections
That came upon the reflector
Faded away.

I stood there,
Trying to forget
But could not seem to,
The images in the mirror were too deep.
From the dancing on the boardwalk
To the walks along the beach
And the laughter's bestowed.

I only can look for brighter days
That may never come.

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Held in society's name,
An everlasting shame,
Blazing infernos shelter under covers,
Whilst the thick inky smog hovers
Into the cracks of night,
Taking over like freshly formed blight,
Its scent of smoke fills the air,
Emitting its toxins without care.

Held in society's name,
Nothing much to regain,
Smouldering waters wash away
Twilight's destructive dismay,
A disquiet timbres the coming of light,
All around was such a startling sight,
Picking up the pieces of confusion,
Finding ones self in the disillusion.

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A smile I never knew,
A whisper that didn't come through,
A cry that never reached me,
A hurt you could not see.

A tear that continued on and on,
A laughter that was quickly gone,
A lie that never turned to truth,
A moment's merriment suddenly vanished.

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Your Cold Heart

You never stopped to notice, all the
Odious things you've done, yet I tried to
Understand it, but you did not know,
Rather your cold heart did show.

Could you ever feel or give affection?
Or is it too much for you to do?
Little by little you will fall,
Demeaned in your own shallow hall.

Have you ever wanted to be held?
Everything you had wanted has been withheld,
A cynical life you live,
You endure it and accept it more and more,
Torture in your cold heart will swell.

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