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Angelic Eyes by Joyce ©

"A little angel watches over me,
Her harp she plays so merrily,
Eyes of innocence I can see,
As she giggles blithely" 

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Fantasy, Angels &Dreams

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Amongst Hummingbirds

Angel Archangel Uriel Dream Scene Dreamland Love Lost
Luna Medicine Man Messenger of Truth Mist Moonlight Dreaming Palace of Dreams
The Angels   Tribute to Persephone   Two Dance Wolves

La Donna Angel by unknown ©

Amongst Hummingbirds

Falling stars are what we see tonight,
Up above the sky, leaving a trail of light,
Moon drop; dripping honey,
Into the darkest night,
Does it not seem just right?
Dance amongst hummingbirds, a magic evening,
Let us fly to the moon and back on wings of colours,
I am so happy here, what spell have they cast on me?

Oceans move with utter delight,
So rapidly crashing on the shores,
You and I can keep this place alive,
Like the brightest fires of our hearts and minds.

Let us dance till dawn, let us float on,
Riding rivers of joy,

Amongst the hummingbirds we shall cherish,
Every morning, every freshly laid dew.

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The beauty outside shone continuously around,
The sun was setting in the distance,
The birds flew up and down,
The sky was reflecting
Its iridescent colours.

I looked up into the sky
And saw you there, my angel,
Sitting on a cloud of cotton
Wings of silver shining bright.

You slowly fell from the heaven,
To where I lay on the verdant earth,
Down underneath the oak tree
And you took my hand.

The eyes of sapphire were so bright,
Your hair of pearl floated around,
And your cape of pure white
Waved tunefully passed us both.

Your whispers filled my ears,
And you lifted me up with you,
Back on that cloud, so velvety.

My heart melted
With your innocent smile,
My angel.

Your arms wrapped me in comfort,
And I felt so calm, and safe,
Up there being with you.

My wonderful angel,
Sent from heaven above,
Do not ever go,
For I love you;
Angel of mine.

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Archangel Uriel

With wings of colourful delight,
Shimmering like new-found light,
Spreading across the emptiness,
Like the long, velvety raven tress,
That accented perfect bronzed skin,
His hazel eyes and soft sweet grin
Made complete this enchanting archangel.

Great swordsman-ship and bravery he did know,
As well as kindness and affection that he did show;
In his open hand he held a flame,
The flame of love that always would remain,
And upon my heart he filled my spiritual being
With understanding, bliss and well being,
Aristocratic archangel mine.

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Dream Scene.

It seems I've walked in someone else's dreams,
Nothing here appears to be what it seems,
The rain trickled like glimmering thread,
And the sky in the heavens were bloodstained red,
The ruby stain dribbled down to the smoggy land,
Into the indigo rivers, where I walked across water like sand.
Everything moved by me so eerie and slow,
My shadow on the wall seemed to have a golden glow,
The mountains in the distance moaned with delight
As the cheery little breeze blew passed with might,
The powerful horses working on the fields,
Had wings like dragons and sported sturdy shields,
The trees that grew were all twisted in odd shapes,
Their beautiful colours were hard to escape,
Here I explored and walked all around,
Without making any noticeable sound,
Through someone else's dreams,
Where nothing here is like what it seems.

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In a euphoric dreamland,
I danced upon delicate flower tips,
And slept in cosy rosebuds;
I played amongst golden stars,
Breathed with turquoise dolphins,
And rode the oceans sleepy waves;
I touched the moon once more,
Slowly drifting back to earth,
Where butterflies sang delightful tunes,
And waterfalls whispered unspoken words;
In a euphoric fantasy,
I could hug the enchanting wind,
And taste the various flavours of rain;
I could paint beautifully on the sky,
Using the colours from sunsets and sunrises,
And nurture a cherub flying high;
How wonderful it would be,
In a dreamland of simplicity.

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Love Lost

Drifting alone on a boat of pale white,
Hands touch the blue water gently,
It is so cold without you here to hold close.
The beams of light reflect your face,

As I cross over to another place.

Tears build up in sorrow,
And run down my dim pink cheeks,
Crying these silver drops of pain
For my love lost.

Golden fairies fly around,
Prancing so drearily
Placing flowers in my silken hair,
I look up to the star filled sky,
A shooting star goes by,
And I see your lips, your eyes.

You left me so soon,
It is starting to feel like a dream,  
On this moon-kissed lake,
Floating further and further away.

Swans bow their head,
As they seem to know my loss,
My love is gone from me,
Never to come back,
Never to return by dawn!

The moon shines down,
My tears run dry,
I place my head to the side.
What a wicked love,
I have suffered fools,
Floating on a bubble high,
Closing in on the night.

Resting my hands on the damp satin pillow,
Head in arm,
Gazing at my own reflection,
Not seeing anything
As my feet hit the earth, it is like a shallow dream,
And soon the stars will not shine,
And all will be quiet.

Time passes,
I am welcomed
By a bright blinding light
My dress of flowing pearl
Waves in the wind,
My orange curled hair
Flutters about.

I see you in the distance,
I no more feel cold; I feel your warmth,
Sitting on a cloud, your wings engulf us.
I savoured each hold, each breath you made;
For one instant, we were together again.

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I am the woman of the night,
Daughter of the mighty Titans,
Showing my immortal head from skies
Burden with unimaginable beauty,
Bathing my skin in the pool of the oceans,
My hair is honeyed with mellow light,
Wearing the stars like a wedding dress.

Tonight I shall be with the one I love,
For it was he who I laid eyes on and was drawn to,
My sweet Endymion, oh handsome mortal one,
You shall never lose your youthful fairness,
My love is too strong to lose you one unjust day,
So tonight you shall forever dream my dear.

I will be your guide forever,
My full orbit will safeguard you,
As I wax the blackened night with myself,
So that you never will be left alone in your eternal slumber,
I am Luna, goddess of the moon,
Queen of the starlit heavens,
Truelove of the King of Elis.

I am the woman of the night,
I turn night to noon with my look,
Enveloping the land with my glow,
Showing all the true beauty that does arise,
I play on the winds back, like I did before,
Every now and then watching him like a hawk,
But soon Eos, my sister, shall come
So now I leave back to the harnessed sky.

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Medicine Man

Fire burning on the ground,
Costumes serenade a new sound,
Visions glowing in the sky,
Come around, gather for the night.

Flutes will blow,
And drums will beat,
Rattles will pound,
Life to our feet.

Songs to be sung
Will stray away the evil ones,
Dances show of a better land,
Wolves, bears and buffalo sing our song,
Nature all around.

Darkness fills the familiar terrain,
A young woman lay on the earth
Weak, filled with fear;
The medicines of the strange tall dark man,
Wipe across her face.

Rhythms carry on more intense,
Not stopping, unrehearsed,
A syrup is drunk,
A prayer is called upon,
Painting face, painting body,
Magic dust in the air,
A hand across the body,
One on the brow, wiping away the sweat.

A powder dropped
On the centre of the clothed bared chest,
Moans turn silent,
Pain turns to shivers,
Wake turns to sleep,
Dream sweet one dream.

Chants still carried on,
Fire burning high,
Dancing into the black star filled sky,
Ashes float to the young,
Relief is what she feels,
Medicine man, mysterious one
Vanishes into a mist;
Appearing; A white wolf
Running off to the moon.

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Messenger of Truth

He came wandering slowly to me,
Treading lightly from across the sea,
He spoke of life and liberty,
He told the tales of love and loss,
Joy and grief.

I sat upon the dampened sand,
Listening to his every words that day,
He spoke of the Promised Land,
He told of lifeís right and wrong way,
Moral and immoral.

When my lesson was learnt,
He once again wandered slowly,
Slowly to the turquoise sea,
That had beckoned him to me,
Messenger of truth.

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The mist has taken over,
An Indian sheds the light,
Over the valley there's an eagle,
Gliding into the dark night.

The mist is stretching across
Fields of lavender,
A shooting star appears
Before us.

We came here on a boat of wood,
Following the mysterious shadow,
Atop the icy-blue crystal water.

Flutes were heard in the background,
Wolves danced eerily,
Trees shook,
Stories told of new worlds,
Fire shaped dreams,
Chants not screams.

Mist creeping from waterfalls,
Mist appearing on the ground,
Butterflies form around it,
Castles bear it,
A mystical being?
Mist in the shadows,
Casting a spell.

Medicine man looking to the heaven,
Collecting the dewdrop that
Fell to his hand,
A prayer for ones born and lost,
Mist standing by

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Moonlight Dreaming

Moonlight Dreaming;
Your face is in the sky;
The oceans welcoming,
With the beams of light,
Brought upon it
The shadowy cascades
And rock formations
Floating on and on, oh so high.

Dawn is approaching,
But not yet filtering
Out the night,
And by the waters edge
I'm Moonlight Dreaming;
A little boy up in the moon
Showing his innocence
In the soft beams
That kiss the earth.

The little boy, an Indian,
Reveals his name
In tiny whispers,
That are taken with the wind.
He thinks I'm playing a game,
But instead I'm
Moonlight Dreaming
Of an unknown place.

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Palace of Dreams

Unspoiled land;
Fiery purple haze;
Tiny grains of sand;
Eternity like a never-ending maze.

A mermaid splashes near;
An angel gives a kiss;
Here there is no fear;
Just pure bliss.

A rose blue not red;
Water crimson not azure;
A black light is shed;
Everything is so pure.

Wings of gold;
A Spell is cast;
Love will unfold
Again at last.

Mystery and Beauty,
We will forever hold,
Like the Garden of Eden,
Or a city of riches.

This is what
The enchantressís palace holds,
A city of ballads,
A castle of imagination,
Welcome to My Palace of dreams.

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The Angels

While I slept
They were watching;
Surrounding me everywhere,
They guarded me
Throughout the days and nights.

Prolonged hair waving about,
In a silvery shine,
Porcelain skin so pallid and divine,
Eyes of emerald and turquoise
Lips of pale crimson.

They floated through the sky,
Set above with a watchful eye.
A smile to bewitch all;
When they talked,
They spoke very softly,
And the wind carried their
Words away into the atmosphere.

The angels in the sky,
How wonderful they are.

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Tribute to Persephone

Elusive, shadowy one,
Daughter of the Olympian gods
Zeus and Demeter,
So young and helpless
When Pluto came and seized you,
Holding you; beautiful maiden,
Captive in the untamed underworld.

A mother's love and devotion
Could only set you free,
For it was she who persuaded
Those powerful Gods for your release,
Oh sweet Persephone,
Those four months you had to remain,
As Pluto tricked you into eating the food of the dead.

Queen of the underworld and goddess of fertility,
When no more your face was seen on earth,
The flowers brightly hued withered away,
And the grain that served all, died,
But alas when you returned,
Walking the lands so dreamy,
Life blossomed anew once again.

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Two Dance Wolves

In the distance
Hear a call,
In the evening
Stars will fall.

Hold on now,
Close your sweet eyes,
Drift away to my paradise.

Let's dance amongst shadows,
Unfold our feathered wings;
Letís ride upon a silver dragon,
Letís see what this fantasy will bring.

Rainbow straight ahead,
The day's taking on a new theme
Here we'll live forever after;
Two dance wolves,
Enchantment running over.

The sun drops its beams of gold light
Upon roses, gathered around bushes of thorns,
Sky filled with swirls of colours
Like a painting much too real.
Hear mermaids sing a delightful tune,
Can you see the unicorn?
Theyíre flying to the moon.

Can you feel the pounding rhythm of rain?
Can you smell the flowers aroma?
Look ahead; see the two dance wolves;
Here we'll hold and keep no pain.

Close your eyes and just drift away,
Away to a better place,
Just drift away.

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Nature, Places &  Things

In this section:

Africa Beautiful Day Beautiful Morn By the Sea Day & Night Desert Enchanted Orchards
Forest Grass Ocean Lily-cups & Roses Looking Moonbeams & Stars Nature Night Flower
Seaside in Fall Silent Bay Sundown Sunsets The Moon The Storm Wolf


Once you are there,
Your imagination runs wild,
Like the beasts on the ground and in the sky;
Every imaginable form of life,
And every colour, are the skies.

Once the beats have started,
Thereís no turning back,
Its captivated you;
No way of knowing what to do
When you hear the music fill the night air.

The beauty is all around
Everywhere it can be found
In a place called Africa.

Take a trip into the unknown,
See the trees stand tall,
And flowers that have re-grown
Out in that deserted land,
Where the untamed roamed
Before our time.

It can all be found in a place
Called Africa,
Let your visions soar there
And become a part of it;
Where beauty stands all around.

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Beautiful Day.

What a beautiful day it is;
A joyful sunny day,
With the birds chirping high,
And the bunnies nuzzling in sweet delight,
While the new born deer's learn to walk,
As I frolic through a land of marigolds,
Singing this happy tune.

What a beautiful day it is;
A winsome day,
Filled with big light fluffy clouds,
And a rainbow stretched miles away,
Butterflies and dragonflies collect in the sky,
While bumblebees buzz,
Amongst flowers and trees.

What a beautiful day it is;
Come stroll with me,
Along the silent still blue lake,
To the forest where chipmunks roam,
Oh let us make a headband of violets
And dance upon the meadow land
Nothing could be more beautiful on a day like this.

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Beautiful Morn

'Twas yet another radiant morning,
The doves could be heard softly cooing
In the open trees,
Occasionally you could see
A majestic parrot fly
From branch to branch.

The fresh scent of nature
Lingered around,
And pine tree aromas mixed with it,
The sun was slowly rising
Above the treetops,
And the moon still could be seen
In the pale blue sky.

It was so refreshing and cool,
From the early morn's dew
Freshening up the earth,
Everything was calm and comforting,
A state of total relaxation!

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By the Sea

It is another dazzling day,
And the sun is glistening
In the beaming sky,
As the wind blows by
The trees they dance,
And the oceans collide.

I walk along the shore
Looking out to sea
The sun slowly setting
What a marvellous sight
As the sky once a lovely cyan
Turned radiant with every colour
Under the rainbow.

I sat on the cool saffron sand,
The cool breeze pressed
Against my face,
And all was so calm
Out in the ocean,
Where the dolphins and creatures,
Roam freely.

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Day and Night

The eye of heaven sends forth its light,
Wandering clouds are set brightly in the sky;
On the glowing land birds take flight,
As people gathered on warm flaxen sand do lie
Listening to the oceans wind tell one of its tales;
Kaleidoscopic flowers are now in perfect wake,
And the rivers flow through their known trails.

The globe of mysterious illumination
Wearily shows its face,
Setting forth a new creation;
Twinkling stars across the sky do race,
While people walk hand in hand,
Across the moonlit boardwalk
All is almost soundless across the land.

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The moons ray lights up a path
Like a raging fire;
Rain washes away the aftermath
And yields all desire;
Desert breezes wave through the twilight
Whilst iniquity lurks beneath a bold sight;
Cereus fragrances spread in the air
It's flowers bloom in night's care;
All is alive yet so dim,
Listen to the deserts cry,
Like a mystical whim,
Where mystery does lie.

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Enchanted Orchards

Beyond the snow hugged mountains,
Past the dwelling unearthly dens,
Stands enchanted orchards,
Filled with bountiful fruits and birds,
Redolent flowers that accent the grounds,
Waterfalls filtering unwanted sounds.

Beyond the waking hour,
Past the tall aged tower,
Are enchanted plantations,
Holding intensely coloured sensations,
In every twist and turn of light,
The beauty that does ignite.

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Perched beneath a large pine tree,
Looking at all the spectacular sights to see,
The river that gently pushes through,
The birds floating in the sky,
The scent of the forest all around lingers by.

Deer and squirrel;
Fish and toad;
All formed around large rocks,
Gazing at each others reflections
In the passing water below,
Or looking up to the world above.

Sitting there
In total solitude,
Everything was perfect lucidity,
The breeze felt just right,
The crisp daybreak opened ones eyes,
The feel of dew collecting on soft, warm hands
Was invigorating.

The forest is the only place one should come
To seek refuge from.

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I like to sit and watch
The ships sail out to sea,
Upon the grass-ocean,
Where rainbow-colours,
Exist beneath.

How beauteous
The ocean is,
A land of diversity,
Almost unimaginable,
Both above and underneath.

Oh how I love to watch
The ships sail in from sea,
From the grass-ocean,
Where tranquillity
Lies beneath.

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Lily-Cups and Roses

At the break of dawn,
Lily-cups and roses,
All bunched together as one,
Raising their heads upwards
To the brightened sun.
When the dusk follows in,
They shall casually bow down,
Their petals soon clothe them,
For the beams of light have gone.
So there are the lily-cups
And dazzling roses,
All bunched together as one,
Sleeping till early morn,
Doth once again come.

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We sat on an ancient foundation,
Now only lain with large and small boulders,
Destroyed from days of war;
Sitting there looking at the calm sea,
And across at the antique houses,
Which stood upon a wall of liberty.

As the soft cloud filled sky,
Drifted to the northern end of life,
Touching the suns beams,
Resting in the middle of it all.

The bright day turning gloomy,
As the heavens broke open,
Kissing our bodies with its liquid essence,
We kept seated on the rubble, together,
Looking at the beauty this aged town held
From across the watery edge where we were.

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Moonbeams & Stars

Moonbeams performed a serenade,
Across the ghostly still lake,
It played amongst the ripples
That the awakened wind made,
A hundred dancers softly
Streamed across the glassy water.

Stars slept beneath cloudy scenes,
And some relished the night
With sparkles and dreams,
Silvery drops from heaven
Came parading down,
Washing away any newborn sound.

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It must be nice to talk and walk
With the animals.
What questions would I ask a wolf, lion or bear?
What stories would they in return share?
Oh the tales they could tell.

What would it be like to glide in the air,
As the majestic eagle does?
Wings of magic, eyes portraying wisdom.
How many journeys has it travelled?

And what would we ask an old, tall, standing tree?
What things could it speak?
Maybe of his brothers and sisters
Cut down by greedy man
Or the destroyed and taken land?

We all have a gift inside,
A gift to be one with nature.
Listen very carefully
Hear the plants and animals calling
Let our Mother teach us ways
In which we can survive this world together.

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Night Flower

It grew in the gloom,
A beautiful night flower,
Just one, alone,
With blue and silver and red,
It glowed in the moon's fire
Like a diamond spark
In the midnight hour.

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Seaside in Fall

The leaves fell
Softly to the ground,
The wind carried them away
To the seaside,
And let them gently rest
Atop the glazed surface.

Leaves of brown, red and green,
Floated into the sunken sunset,
All along to the end of the earth
They will travel,
What a marvellous sight to see;
The seaside's in fall.

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Silent Bay

Amidst a weary land,
Lies a silent, gentle bay,
Gracefully greeting in
The new bound day.

The everlasting verdant grasslands,
Separate the wintry mountains
Snowy artistic scenes,
From the calming oceans,
And their warm welcoming sands.

In the lurking twilight,
Appear a million tiny lights
In that silent bay,
Where seals do come out to play.

The lighthouse melodies,
Are ever haunting sounds
That echo off the harbour,
And into the nearby towns;
Yet the bay remains eerily silent.

A cackle of some seagulls,
Briefly breaks the tranquillity;
While glistening hulls
Glow from the moon up above.

When morning awakes,
From it's deep sleep,
The boats go out to sea,
And the villagers walk along
The silent-gentle bay.

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The wind played like a flute,
On a musical whim,
The twilight was setting in,
As the stars played hide-and-seek
Upon the painted scenic sky,
And the moon that appeared shy
Showed her delicate lustrous face.

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The sky was a revealing royal red,
The unlit clouds wandered in all arrays of colour,
Whilst the yellow globe that once stood high,
Sunk beneath to the awaiting
Smooth sapphire surface,
Where it seemed to probe
The vast spaces of the landscape.

In the distance the beauteous scenes,
Of the waters that crashed
Into the immense rock formations,
And the howling of the wind,
That all came at once
Creating a timeless masterpiece
Of emotion and force.

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The Moon

Where o' where has he gone?
Maybe these dim shadows will know,
But they will not tell me
As they seemed to want to go.

Why o' why has he vanished?
Maybe the wind will say,
But she's keeping his secret
Hidden far, far away.

Please tell me morning,
If you will,
Why the man
That was once there,
Has suddenly disappeared.

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The Storm

The ocean plays a wicked game,
The winds sing frighteningly,
The silver liquid tumbles to the ground,
And the standing trees dance about,
All is woken from the sounds,
As the storm approaches closer,
Every second bolts hang down,
Like icicles from the sky,
Rapid thunderclaps moved the earth beneath,
The storm breathes.

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Across a distant land,
He walks amongst the shadows,
He is my guide
Through the long and dying night.
The moon is full,
Luminously reflecting on the lakes edge,
As I sit and marvel
The eyes I saw that did perceive.
A great powerful wolf
That stood beside me.

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