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 I'd like to thank everyone who has been so kind in spending their time here on my website and appreciating my work. Also many special thanks for the awards, they are very much appreciated and shall be treasured in my heart and on this page.  If you wish to visit the gorgeous websites of these wonderful people, please click on the awards to link to them. They have put allot of time and effort on their sites too and deserve the recognition. Do not take anything from this page or any other page without permission.

Once again THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for honouring me with these awards! 

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Spring Rain
January 28, 2001

Warm thank you for Aleta Tenney - Award 1

"O'SiYo, I have visited your website, forgot to sign the guestbook. Sorry about that. I will try to get back and sign it. I found your poetry lovely. I have enclosed the award you requested. You deserve it for all your hard work, and Creator wants you to have it also. Peace, Spring Rain"

A Dove's Nest.
January 29, 2001

Special thanks to Cynthia for this - Award  2

"Your site is lovely, and easy to read and navigate. Your poetry is deeply touching, almost too much so...Had to get my Puffs out. You've done a beautiful job on your site, and it was a pleasure to visit. I'm honored to present The Nest's Enchanting Site Award to you. Thank you for the invitation."

Chandra's Web Pages
January 29, 2001

Thanks Faye for this exquisite award! - Award 3

"Hi Helki; I visited your web site today and I think you have done a fantastic job! Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with my award. Faye-Linda McGovern"

Yah Yah's Website
January 30, 2001

I'm so proud, thanks Yah Yah - Award 4

  "Dear Helki, It was a pleasure visiting your website. Superbly laid out and easy to navigate, not to mention quick loading. Kudos to you, you did a MAGNIFICENT job. I can really appreciate that amount of time you took to create this wonderful site. Thanks, and good luck to you in the future! YahYah"

Enchanted Land of Cyberspace
January 30, 2001

A heartfelt thank you for these two awards Eve - Award 5 Award 6

"Hello Helki, I went to your site, I was quite impressed at your structure, and beauty. I couldn't decide which award to send you, so I am giving you two that I felt it deserved. Your poetry was very good :) I do hope that you will continue to keep writing :) Thanks ^M^S^"

Princess M.S
January 30, 2001

Big heartfelt thank you to Princess M.S for these two extraordinary awards. - Award 7 Award 8

"Hello  Helki, Thank you so much for applying for my award, I've enjoyed my time at your beautiful site so much! It is with great honor and pride that I would like to present to you Princess' Beauty Award & Silver Award. Congratulations on a job well done. Hugs Princess M.S"

Shari's Corner
January 30, 2001

Many warm thanks to you Shari for not one but also two awards- Award 9 Award 10

"Helki, I am very pleased to send you my Women Of The Web and Elegance Awards. Your
pages are wonderful! You have done a great job on  your site. Hugs Shari"

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