Enraptured: Journeys
through Poetry

Princess Ophelia
"Kindness shines through
In all the small things that you do,
With every new and dazzling day
Come a new sun to brighten the way
You are blessed with beauty and soul
That is why you are loved by all."

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My Parents What are  Father's for What makes a Mother?

Messenger of Love Globe

Dream Over

The peoples' wishes
Flourish as they fantasise over;
Wanting the very best
They aspire for everyone, dreams,
Dreams that grant their every desire,
And they fantasise over and over again,
From the bottom of their hearts,
Peace and happiness.

The peoples' wishes
Flourish as they dream over;
I am one of those dreamers,
Dreamer am I,
May everyone be happy and merry,
To time without end
For we shall all together
Dream over and over again,
Until one of our wishes
Will be just right.

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Your head held high,
Taking mighty strides,
As you proudly strutted,
Down across the busy street.

You wore your very best,
A black topcoat and black hat,
Singing and almost dancing along,
While you made your way up the steps.

The door you rushed open,
Approaching the room,
Soon to find your new little one,
Crying out from her arms.

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Hide and Seek.

Starting up from one to ten,
As you scurry behind an old oak tree;
There I am slowly counting, one two three,
While your little giggles fill the air.

Eight, nine, ten,
You think, "She'll never find me,"
But I see you in your princess gown,
Hiding at the back of that old oak tree.

Not to put your hopes down,
I run across the garden everywhere;
Peeping from the corner of my eyes,
I see you laughing hard, one hand covering mouth
The other poised on your Sunday dress,
Your tiny locks shine bright in the suns glare.

Finally I give up,
Waiting to see what you'd do,
There you come jumping out,
Wrapping fingers of porcelain around my waist,
Saying "I really hid good from you today."

I glimpsed into her coffee eyes,
Such innocence and beauty she portrayed,
In a moment I saw myself in her
Such a tender age,
She, so happily,
Skipped back inside the house,
Merrily singing away.

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Japanese Girl

Face of fragile porcelain,
Lips painted deep red,
Hair neatly pulled back in a braid,
A long fine komodo dress.

Hands move to tell a tale,
Little dancing one
Sings silent songs,
For those born and lost,
For those old and young.

Eyes of darkest kohl,
Petite eyes; get lost in it all,
An instrument is tuned,
As her little feet
Carry her on till noon,
As she dances on and on,
In her Japanese garden.

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Upon an antique rocking chair,
You would sit and rock,
Sweetened lullabies would play
From your soothing voice.
Your black long hair
Scented of wild floral blooms,
Cradled over your shoulders,
And down across your back.

You wrapped me in a soft blanket,
Touched my fragile face,
Held me close to your bosom,
As you watched me tenderly.
When my little eyes did close,
You placed me by your bed,
So that I could rest
To dream of angels at my step.

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My Cat Gucci

She lies beneath the shade
Of the sheltering, cool trees,
And when the sun does fade,
She sits and waits at our doorway.

Every purr and meow we cater to,
Anticipating more of our gentle strokes,
Rolling on the floor, rubbing against you
Big eyes gazing around at the familiar sights.

A posh cat she is to me,
Though no Persian delight
Or no Angora she may be,
She is the princess of all cats in our eyes.

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My Parents.

You are everything to me,
For it was you who watched me grow,
And take those first rocky little steps,
It was your voice I fell asleep to
Each and every starry night;
Your hand that softly clenched mine,
To let me know all was all right.

When I had fallen down, 
It was you who picked me up,
When I was sad and cried many tears,
You turned my sorrows around,
For it was you who was by my side,
Even when I would forever complain,
You would sit to listen.

As I grew older by the years,
You gave me the best of guidance
That one could hear,
Though sometimes not to obey,
You always seemed to understand,
For you knew what I was going through
On some of those crazy days.

As I slowly bloomed into a women,
It was you I could turn to,
Advise on friends, on love, on life,
It was nice to get good advise,
And even now in your eyes,
I can see I am still your tiny child,
That once laid in those arms
And found comfort and warmth.

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What are Fathers for?

Fathers are there to keep you in safe hands,
Fathers are there to help make your dreams come true,
Fathers are there to watch you succeed and fail,
Fathers are there for you when no one else can.
Fathers are there to cheer you up,
Fathers are there when you make the wrong choice,
Fathers will never criticise or demand,
Father will love, no matter your plan.
Fathers keep a watchful eye,
Fathers are there to comfort your sighs,
Fathers listen but never complain,
Fathers make your life less then plain.

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What Makes a Mother

Mothers are there for you when you cry,
Mothers are on their watchful eye.

Mothers give a useful thought,
Mothers constantly are doing allot.

Mothers know your ups and downs,
Mothers change faces from frowns.

Mothers never complain about anything,
Mothers like to sit with you and sing.

Mothers stick by your side,
Mothers boost up your fragile pride.

Mothers lend a helping hand,
Mothers take walks with you upon a distant land.
But most of all Mothers give you so much love.

All of this and more,
Are what makes a mother special,
Spread your wings and love more everyday.

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