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This site is going to try to encaptulate the excitment and energy given off from three of the most influential, most awaited for, games ever produced. Its also gives an insite into the past of "The Depths Of Doom" the precurser to the Quake Trilogy. There will be some high quality links also for you to view from the Portal. I am thinking of setting up a kind of literary page dedicated to Quake/Doom stories. But this is depending upon many things and therefore may not appear, anytime soon. I am going to try to get some interviews with a the guys at ID about their past projects and their upcomming stuff. Note this site is currently online with Geocities and for some reason all the pictures dont always appear just refresh and they should re-apear!

News Update

Date achieved= 01/07/02:
Well its been a busy two years, got married, changed degree and now i've started a new job placement for a year as Network Analysist Assistant. I'm on quite a large learning curv at the moment so its rather stressful. But im getting used to it now. With regards to my online life well since i started my placement ive had little time to be online due to the fact when i get home im exhausted! But as i said im getting into the routine now so my Online life is reinserting itself. I'm currently the Co-leader of TOR ( ) which has its ups and downs as most things which are worth doing are. We have recently recovered from a rocky period in which some old and some not so old players were asked to leave the clan due to various reasons, but sufice to say there was no love lost in the end which was sad as i had known a few of the players (Reaper, Ee-ore & Herc) for along while, but all things come to a end. Now we have some new players from all over Europe (Nederlands, Belgium, Sweeden and of course UK) which gave us a boost but we still play with the same core usually.

Games developments hmmm, well the main one as far as im concerned is UnrealTournament2003 which will be out by August hopefully. The other main one is Doom3 which is being produced by id Software. They have created a whole new engine for this game which is supposedly revolutionary. However i've seen a video of it running and it wasnt that impressive to be honest, very dark and dingy. I have played a demo of UT2K3 and that was very impressive even if the UT team does seem to have gone down the "Quake3" route makin the game very chunky and generally less "sharp" which UT was always credited for. One other title im looking forward to massivly is DeusEx2:The Invisible War. I think this game will be ground breaking in its own way largly due to the fact that it will be a completly non-liniar game, if this is acheived it will be the first game to do so. Also they are making some very nice changes to the Ureal2 engine namely they have created their own shadows engine which looks amazing. Also the AI will be very powerful, the AI has been co developed with the lead AI developer from the Theif3 team so produce a very strong and realistic AI. The Ion Storm team seem to have managed to keep the sharpness i mentioned earlyer which is missing in UnrealTournament2003, which i for one am glad to see!!. I am looking forward to this game offline wise the most as i think it will be mind blowingly good!.


Date achieved= 01/08/00: Just got the first part of my interviews with the guys and gals at ID, the first part is with Paul Jaquays: Just general stuff about the projects he has worked on within ID.
Interview with John Cormack creator of Wolfenstien Doom QuakeII etc...


After Quake

Another area this site will touch upon is Warhammer 40K. This is a fantasy battle game which has a rich and varied history. Depending upon this sites success that area will be developed later, a work in progress if you like.

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