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DoomThis page is dedicated to The Depths Of Doom. For those who are not in the know, Deimos was Phobos's twin moon...that is until it disapeared when the demons attacked! I am planning to create a page for Doom and Doom II wad files, taken from the "Master Doom" collection, and also some of my own.

First of all let me try to explain what this is doing here in a site dedicated to the Quake Trilogy. Doom seemed to me to be such an integeral part of the Quake series that I had to put it in here and they are such a amazing collection of games in general that I thought u the user would appriciate it being here so I will just have some general stuff bout Doom here as the story etc is explained in the 'The Chronicals' and 'Other Greats'. I apoligise to those of you viewing this page through Netscape for the boxs around the weapons, some things look better in Netscape others don't.

If you have never played Doom and fancy a game to see what all the fuss was about then here is the file for you to download Doom. Doom II will soon be here also but there are many sites out there that already have the game so if u want it that badly go get it!

I think that one of the areas that ID games in general especially Doom trilogy works so well is because the general atmosphere created by the game is very well done. With the music always playing an integeral part in the Doom/Quake trilogies. If you would like a sample of the Doom music here is the ziped music from Doom I+II;
Download music (in the form of midi files) from:


Or you can listen to it right here...

Guide to The Ultimate Doom I+II

"Hey did you hear that noise?..."



To access these cheats, simpily type them in while playing the game! All of these cheats can be used as many times as you feel like cheating.

IDDT= Use this while looking at he map screen. Type IDDT once tp see all areas of the map, type IDDT again to see the location of all objects and enemies. Typing IDDT a third time will revert the map to its glourious original state.

IDDQD= Using this cheat will render you completely impervious to any damage from other enemies, toxic waste and even crushing platforms. Type the cheat a second time to turn it off. You are the messiah!

IDKFA= This is an decent cheat. Not only are you bestowed with all the weapons and full ammo, you're also equipped with all the keys and have 200% armour.

IDCLEV= Want to warp to any level in an instant? All right then! Type IDCLEV, followed by the number and a mission within that episode. For example, if you wanted to warp to The Refinery (episode 2, mission3), you would type IDCLEV 23.

IDSPISPOPD= Bored with restricting yourself to walking between each room? You poor thing. If you type this cheat while playing, you can walk through walls, in fact you can walk through anything! Type the cheat a second time to turn it off.

IDBEHOLD= Type this access cheat to get the following items. Simply type IDBEHOLD, followed by any one of the following letters:
R= Radiation suit, available for 60 seconds.
I= Invisible for 60 seconds.
V= Invisible for 30 seconds.
A= Reveal the entire map. Areas not yet visited appear grey.
L= Turn the lights up! Strap on those goggles for 120 seconds.
S= Instant berserker rage mode.

IDCHOPPERS= Rampage through Doom with an instant chainsaw cheat.

IDMYPOS= Prints your postion co-ordinates at the top of the screen.


I will shortly put some zip files for the guides for the levels in Doom


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As anybody who has ever played these type of games (FPS) will know, there are three main areas to a succefull gamer:

  1. GUNS!
  2. GUNS!!
  3. GUNS!!!
If you cant use 'em ya finished... So here is THE difinative guide to all your favorite bedside weapons. YOU will LOVE these weapons! SHOWER with these weapons! SLEEP with these weapons!...well...thats a personal thing *ahem*, get the message?

Pump Action Shot Gun

Description = You better make friends with this old buddy, cos you will be seeing alota it. It's like your favorite armchair, sit with it once and you will be friends for life. It's reliabale, its effective, and best of all it really sounds like your there letting the Spawn of Hell eat lead! Theres no better for the close up one-on-one conflicts.

Chain Gun

Description = "Some like it hot" some don't, same with the chain gun. Great for swathing into masses of Imps. But it always suffers from two weakness's 1)It depletes your ammo quicker than a redneck can chop down a tree. 2) Its weak. However there is one redeming quality I have sounds Grrreat.

Rocket Launcher

Description = Makes for an excellent path clearer. One single Rocket is usually enough to finish of any snivilling demon scum! However beware, if you attempt to use this balistic beauty in close quarters, you will be the one doing the snivilling.

Plasma Rifle

Description = This little baby will do you proud, with nothing but top grade results. Watch out though she'll make ya bankrupt in no time at all. Keep recharging her with those energy packs laying around the place.


Description = Your either using this for two reasons 1) Your getting really pissed off and watching as this sharp toothed baby releves your pain, by inflicting it upon others. Or 2) You've just run outa your last bullets (shoulda saved one for yourself) and this is all your left with. Either way the chainsaw sounds as good as it looks, and there is no better feeling than slicing into an Imp or Demon - you could almost feel sorry for them...almost.

BFG 9000

Description = Now the fun beggins. The BFG (Big Fucking Gun) is the ultimate piece of hardware. It takes its time to charge up its beautifull electro-charge, oh boy but when it releases you don't wanna be in the way. It will annihilate any passing Imp or any of it's uggly relatives. Many a time I have been sent running shouting "Their all over me man! IT's game over man!" and then with a calming effect, only comparably to the Jolly drug, I've run into a BFG and slowly turned around and said "Pray what was that you said uggly son of an anal licker? Nothing?...No you may not be EXCUSSED!".

Fear not there will soon be a ammo section.


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Soon yes soon you will know these bad ass mother feckers better than your own love pole. Because if you don't then you will be the main course, the auderve if you like. So sit tight and listen hard because you gotta learn alot marine!

Former Human

Description = Weak and stupid, the Former Human will run around taking cheap shots at you if you stand about for too long. One round of pistol shots or a shotgun blast at point blank will send these gimboids back to hell.

F.Human Sergeant

Descripition = Slightly tougher than the Former Humans, these ex-marines pack a shotgun which they'll leave for the taking once you've vapourised them. It's possible to take up to 45% damage from these guys if they get close enough!

F.Human Commando

Descripition = This meat head is armed to the teeth with unlimited rounds from his chaingun, but he's only available to the Doom II crew (arrr...dont be sad). He's got some range and needs to be put to rest quickly. Oh yeah, drop him and he'll drop the chaingun!


Description = Ipms are everywhere. Play Doom or Doom II and you cant help meeting one. They have two attack patterns, either using fire-balls from a distance or slashing with their claws once they're up close and personal. Stick the shotgun in their face and whammo, they're toast with your favorite strawbery jam!


Description = This two legged, stampeding snorting and extremely unhappy ball of pink meat, is a Demon. Luckily it has no long range attack, so its only means of slowing your advance is to charge with full-throttle, then stand and gnash its razor sharp teeth in your face. Stop it before it stops you!


Description = With breath that would put Dave Lister to shame, these nasties float above ground attacking with lightning balls. Keep your head down and take them out with the likes of the plasma rifle. Watch it if they get too close - they bite! Give 'em a taste of the chainsaw, and watch 'em collapse into the heap of goo that they are.

Lost Soul

Description = Flaming skulls stalking the neighbourhood are poor Lost Souls. They watch for afew seconds then shoot towards you in a screaming attack. With sharpened teeth ready to take a clump outa your hide, you need to bring these babies down to earth with a shotgun barrage.

Pain Elemental

Description = Another new recruit to the Doom II fold is this young scamp. ACtually it's as mean as your sister at Christmas, not only does it resemble the Cacodemon, but it can spit out Lost Souls. Attack the Elemental itself to stop the flow of Lost Souls.


Description = Yuk! It is your sister at Christmas! Another Doom II character, this monstrosity will fire six rounds from those powerful rocket launcher/arms before re-loading. If you get hit, you'll watch him re-load from the floor! He's slow, so run behind him and attack with rockets.

Barron of Hell

Description = Appearing in both games theis guy is almost mythological in his guise. He can move with speed, so dont waste time fiddiling with weapons, simply pull out your heavies artillery and take him out. One BFG9000 blast at close range does the trick. If all else fails run! One word of warning if u do run they follow ...these are to my knowledge the only dudes that do in Doom

Hell Knight

Description = New to Doom II, the Knights are directly related to the Barrons of Hell and move in the same circles. They can't take quite as much damage as the Barrons, but they'll still give you a run for your money.


Description = If you hear a sound that should belong to Robocop, you can bet there's an Arachnotron in the area. This is another new Doom II character. They'll get busy with green plasma blasts as soon as you've been sighted.


Description = Rocket - launching skeletons will keep Doom II fans rigid with fear. He fires slow guided missiles that always find their target (which is if you did already know your face!) if you try to out run them. If you're too close, he'll also give you a couple of left hooks to the helmet!


Descrioption = Probably the most evil and troublesome bad-guy is the Arch-vile. Not only does he posses the power to run around levels in Doom II and raise the dead, he has an attack not unlike the BFG9000!Time to kack your pants?Hmmm...


Description = Ooh Lordy! It's the dreaded Cyberdemon. This guy is HUGE and with a rocket launcher for an arm, you know it's gonna be a tough fight. Lure him into a cross fire situation with other beasties in the area, then attack once he's weakened. That is if you havent already been turned into a quivering pile of putrid mush.

Spider Mastermind

Description = Towering over you the Mastermind grins mercilessly as it fills you full of lead from its built-in chaingun. He's only found in Doom II (thankfully) and has trouble targeting with speed. Run and shoot to waste him.


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This is the roll call Marines, and your itinerary for today is how you'll survive out there. You've got the maps (ahem well...),you've got the cheats, you know the you've got to learn how to fight like a true hero!


This tactic will keep you alive for that little bit longer and it's especially effective when your looking for a life saving medkit and you find there's a hoard of slobbering Imps between you and the good stuff.
When brains were given out, these guys thought someone said drains. Use their completely clueless antics to your advantage. They'll attack anything that moves - even their own kind, so open a door and step into the room. Wait for a second for them to become aware of your presence then tip your butt out of that door again.
Wait for afew seconds and get your favorite weapon at the ready. Now open the door a second time to find that most of the bad guys have had their hearts ripped out by their cousins, leaving you to take out the last few. Easy pickings!.

Two Step

You may have noticed the Former Soldiers and Imps move in a zig-zag motion whenever they're at a distance. This must be some sort of basic instinct because it's quite effective at avoiding your carefully aimed shots. Now is the time to use strafe move. Side-step left or fight instead of turning; you'll easily lock on and take down the target.

SHHHH....I can Hear something!

It may sound strange, but this is where the Doom games get really real. Listen to the grunts and twerps of the enemies. Sound close? Then you can bet your going to get a face full of inter-dimensional fire ball mayhem if you turn the next corner. However, if they sound distant they could be anywhere within the level. With this in mind stop for a second just before you reach for that exit switch and if you hear any evil sounds...(what mum?..yeah in a minute..), you'll know you've missed the odd Imp. Your about to give out on 100% kills! Use the map cheat to find the room where it could be lurking.
It you've been to Egypt, you may find the grunts from the Imps familiar. That's because your weird!No really its because that sound effect has been sampled from Camels!

If all else!

M of you, at some point will run away from a situation screaming "they're all over me's game over man, game over!" Then just as you look down and notice an embarrassing damp patch on your best Khaki's, you've got a Cacodemon on you and its dressed for dinner! This, people, is called running.
However, in the world of Doom, running has a distinct alternative benefit. You'll need to practive the art of pressing the 'run button' from a fixed point so that you can lurch onto a platform or ledge which is otherwise out of reach. Without this basic skill, you won't last five minutes out there, so get busy!

Beam me up Scotty

As theres no bus service in Hell, you'll have to make do with the old fashioned teleport. These are found in strategic postions and are easily identified by Demonic markings in red. Some teleports are directly linked between each other while others will drop you in an area with no recieving teleport you can run back to.

I know a secret

Soomtimes these are difficult to discover, so look for slightly different wall textures. Most doors are found by pressing the space bar, some can be opened by shooting them with the handgun or shotguns.

Final Message

I thought you should know... these barrels can be usefull, shoot one from a distance (and I mean distance) and it will make a serious mess of any Imp, Lost Soul or Demon that's in range.

"I told ya to do ya shoe lace up man..."

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