Quake was in its own way as important and ground breaking as Doom was and as awaited for. I remember hearing my friends talking about the ground breaking capablitites of the engine used in Quake and then spreading the goodword myself about how you could look up and down, jump and even more than that you could look down through a grated floor space for example. This was truly the first 3D first person shoot'em up. Although unlike Quake II I dont play Quake anymore, shame. But never the less it deserves respect just for paving the way for QuakeII.Quake was much more gothic than Quake II or III. It had for example an axe as the basic weapon (as apposed to a fist/chainsaw/blaster) covered in blood. There were less "techy" weapons used overall eg lighting gun, nail gun etc. There were zombies, giants and spiders. I myself am glad that Quake II was a more mech type of game with hi-tech weapons, but on reflection I guess ID had to experiment.

Here is a copy of Quake Version 1.06 I have split into seven parts each one big enough to fit onto a floppy (1.44mb) disk so you can keep a back up copy on disk. There is multiplay capability on it. Installation:
  1. Copy the/all .zip files to a \temp directory.
  2. Unzip the files.
  3. Run the file 'install.bat' from the \temp directory and follow the directions from there.

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