Quake III was designed with deathmatching soley in mind, unlike all of the previous games released by ID Quake3 had no single player mode (well really it did but you fought against the computer to frag all or CTF)with mission objectives. This was just made for deathmatching and multiplaying generally. I suppose it could be seen as a cop out because all of their previous games had Deathmatch/multiplayer capabilites but also had a single player game also . I suppose it depends on how you look at it. On one hand they created a great gaming engine, but the actual game in my view lacked substance. Anyhow this should be made up by the next game which will use a Q3 engine (or very similar) and be a single player game, more in the mold of the Doom/Quake trilogies. I think ID in a way had to produce this game because of all the Online demand. Now it has been released online gaming has been taken to new heights which ,with no doubt in my mind, we would not be in the healthy state it is in if it were not for ID.

Seeing as there isnt much on this page I thought I would stick a temporary chat room here until I sort out a proper one, but this one will sufice for the time being.., happy chatting!..

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