There are many other great games around at the moment but this page it dedicated mainly to the Doom's, and of course Wolfenstien 3D the founder. If u are not familar with the evolution of these games (first person shoot'em ups) I will give a brief history:
  • In 1992 Wolfenstien 3D came out. Produced by ID Software it was revolutionary in its style and agressivness. Briefly the story was that u were a prisoner of war (P.O.W.) in a Nazi castle and u had to elimate all resistance (in the form of the Third Reich). It was a very cool game but I have only limited experience of it (there is a secret level in Doom II in which u play Wolfenstien 3D) but I know it to be the founding game! There are plans in the ID camp to create an advanced version of Wolfenstien using the QuakeIII engine!

  • "And then there was Doom!" (get it?}:) In 1993 Doom came out. It was the first game to be brought out in the series of the futuristic Devil. Such classic enemies such as the Barron of Hell and many others where brought to life. This was the first game to incorpirate the death match mode. There was a wide range of weapons available never before seen in any such game. These included the ever present fist, chainsaw, handgun, pump action shotgun(single barrel) (my personal fav), chain gun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle and last but by no means least the BFG 9000 (Big Fucking Gun). These weapons were all you had to take on the might of Hell.

  • DoomII was equally as important as Q2 was in retrospect to Q1. In that it surpassed its prediseor in every way. Graphicly similar yet also supiror somehow. The choice of weapons had also increased by one with the introduction of the double barrel shot gun (or combat shotgun..). There were lots of new friends to help u along on your way to name but a few there was the Former Human Commando, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Hell knight, Arachnotron, Revenant, Arch-Vile, Spider Mastermind and last but not least the devil himself CYBERDEMON! All these dudes are there to make your life as painfull and short as possible! But you must prevail...the lifes of billions rest in your hands....(oh dear....:). The music was as always as tasty as ever with suitbly dark and forboding tunes to frag along to. But Doom II was more than just a shoot'em up, there was alota thinking to be done if you wanted to complete the game (without cheating that is) with suitibly perplexing puzzles to navigate. However this game was in the end possible the best game to ever grace our screens. Doom II was released in 1994

  • Blood + BloodII The Chosen - Two very enjoyable games. In Blood you play a guy called Caleb who's girlfriend and best freinds were all killed by this evil god dude, basically you are out to get revenge. I discovered Blood on a demo disc at school and found it one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, (maybe this had summat to do with the fact that I was bored outa my skull...I dunno?) But it was suitibly different from DooomII to warrant a place on this list. However it was as I found to my great distress banned in the U.K. Quite why I am not sure (maybe if they had put a cute little bunny in it as in Doom II it would have been okay?), however I was able to order a copy from the states. BloodII was if not as succseful as its younger brother at least as interesting. It was I found quite ahead of its time using jazzy graphics (supported by a new engine) and sounds to keep the player intwined within it.

  • Duke Nuke'em 3D was a decent conversion of the 2D platformer to the 3D stage. It was in its self very original and, for a breif period, was very succseful. Rumours of a 3D game using a advanced engine are afoot! More recent news: there is a Duke Nuke 'em Forever using a Q3 engine or Unreal Tournament engine should be cool..

  • Unreal Tournament Was the main rival to QIIIArena, which is an amiable task. It does in fact beat Q3 in most areas more levels, more skins, better muzac etc. There are afew issues which arise while playing the game such as its demanding nature, but this is redemed by the fact that u dont need a dedicated graphics card to run it. The physics of the game are lacking in comparison to Q3, for example if u get shot with an rocket while moving forward u carry on moving forward even though you have been shot. Strange non? However in my opion the music in UT is much better than the music in Q3, but lets face it that would not be that hard. I have played this game extensivly online and it always is much more user friendly than Q2 or 3.Decent Game!

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