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Quake II was pioneering in that it was totally interactive. But the best thing about it was the frick'n fragging! }:)= The music was inspirational, the graphics were mouth wateringly finger lick'n good and the game play left nothing to be desired. Never did Quake 2 ever attain less than 95% in any computer magazine ANY! It sold like hot cakes in fact it sold so well that the company respopnsible for marketing it were court unawares and for a brief period they were sold out. Again ID made the source code for Quake II available and the DIY of map making was yet agian taken to a new level. But the single most influential fact that made Quake II live in P.C. gamers hearts forever was the death match capabilities. They were revoloutionary and awe inspiring. I have no doubt that online gameing would not be in the healthy state it is today if it was not for QII. In QuakeII you had 360 degree vision, u could jump varing heights, crouch to avoid on comming attacks and bounce grenades from wall to wall to hit a enemy target. And as always there was plenty of "gibbs" to go around }:)=


We have cleared the interplanetary gateway between Earth and Stroggos. In exactly three hours operation Alien Overlord will commence.
As I speak to you, your pods are being fueled and all systems brought online. Activate your field computers. The following intel brief will provide you with your military objectives, terrain information, arsenal and equipment details, and enemy analysis.

Never before has there been a greater challenge to life, liberty, and civilization. This is a crusade in which we will accept nothing less than victory. No matter how long it may take us to overcome the Strogg’s barbaric assault, the people of Earth in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. Today we will make very certain that this form of barbaric treachery shall never endanger us again. With confidence in you, and with the unbending determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph -- so help us God.

So go forth and kick ass, soldiers!

Guide to QuakeII

Military Supplies


To access the cheats simply pull down the console by pressing the tilde ( ~ ) key, and type the following commands:

IDGOD = This will make you invincible and never runs out. To bring back your mortality type it again and you will again be amoung the living.

GIVEALL = This will give you access to all of the weapons in your arsenal. It will also give you all the keys to access all areas.


Military Supplies
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This information will help you survive out there on Stroggos. There are some mean son's of guns waiting to kick your marine ass! So watch it and listen carrfully...

light guard Light Guard

Description = These dudes are the weakest of the 'processed humans'. Easily taken down with a single shot from you shot gun they wont bother you. However they do tend to hang around in gangs, and often are supported by some other big gun so be careful.

Shotgun Guard ShotGun Guard

Description = These are the bread and butter guys of the Imperium. Armed with a automatic scatter gun prosthetic, they pack a punch. But fear not they go down easy.

machingun guardMachineGun Guard

Description = Slightly bigger, meaner, harder and uglier than the previous enemy. They have a sharp eye and tend, again, to move in packs. Again dont worry about these guys one shot from your super shotgun will take these guys down, no problem.


Description = These muscle bound freaks have one goal. To inflict as much damage upon your ass in as little time as possible. They are armed with a chaingun, and will take a swipe at you if you get close enough, they are also very effective at ducking your fire. If you listen you can hear them mumble from a distance. My advice, if you have a super shotgun get it out and run up to them and shove it in their face and fire. This is usually enough to decapitate them quickly and effectivly. Watch out when they go down they tend to release a spasmatic burst of fire witch can catch you if you hang around to watch them rot.


Description = These guys are scary. They are quick. They go down easy but watch out because they get back up just as quick. They are armed with a powerful hammer on one arm and a spike on the other. Two shots of the Super Shotgun is enough usually to take these guys out. Watch out though because remember when they go down...they get back up so watch them for a sec just to make sure.


Description = These are the fighting elite for the Strogg. They are amred with a powerful machine gun and a automatic grenade launcher. They are leathal. They do have one weakness though, just before they fire their machinegun has to open up allowing him to fire upon you. Take adavantage of this and hit him first.

IronmaidenIron Maiden

Description = Comparable to the Gunner she is armed with a Rocket launcher, and a lethal right hook. Take her out Quick. One thing, before when she has seen you she will let out a scream and then the rockets will fly, so take adavantage of the warning and move.


Description = Lassie on prozac! Its armed with a probe, once attached to you it will suck your life energy. These lovely dogs hang around in dark holes/recesses and hidden panels. If you listen and hear a scratching sound that sounds like that girl from you collage you can be sure its around. Give it a couple of slaps with the Super shotgun to put it down for good.

BarracudaBarracuda Shark

Description = The only creature that is indigenous to Stroggos. Armed with razor sharp teeth and a spiked tail. They usually hunt in packs(or schools?) but go down easy. Watch out that you dont get to carried away fraging them because your still under water.


Description = An almost completely robotic brute, controlled by a brain that floats around inside it’s metal body in a red preserving fluid. This creature moves about by hovering on four jets that sit under its body and is equipped with three weapons: a shocking prod, a flesh-ripping claw, and a laser blaster. Use energy armor if you’ve got any. This guy has a high stamener and will keep comming at ya. Give him a taste of the super shotgun to make him stay back.


Description = A strange opponent. More scary than lethal. When it attacks tenticles come flayling out of its chest. I personally found this little dude no problem, partly due to its s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s, just stay out of its range and your safe. Takes awhile to go down though. One warning, beware of being attacked in confined spaces by these little gimps, thats when the trouble can start.


Description = These guys are a pain in the ass! You waste time and ammo taking these evil criters down, then come back later and "what the hell!", their all back and this time their really pissed off! If you see these guys take 'em down hard. they themselves dont posses that much of a threat, however they do like to roam around a level on their own repairing the damage done by yours truly. They are armed with a hyper blaster, of sorts. One tip if you take down a big guy i.e. Tank, Gladiator, then spend the time turning them into pulp because thats the only way you can be sure that they wont be brought back to life. Use your blaster to save ammo.


Description = You can identify these mechanical bats by their screech when they have targeted you. They are armed with blasters on each wing. These metal winged mosters comprise of a controlling brain and a cyborg body that allows it to levitate. Deal with these gitoids by only luring them in close (while taking cover) and smacking them with the Super Shotgun, it takes afew seconds for them to fire so you should have time to get off a couple of shots. One more thing they always fly in groups of three to five so watch out if you think you have got them all, listen for the screech.


Description = Relies on a huge jet packed attached to its back, with laser blasters mounted into his shoulders. With its durable shell, swift maneuverability, and insatiable appetite for destruction, the Icarus is an aerial nightmare. Watch out for these nasty guys. They pop up outa no where (like a bat outa hell!) and make a hell of a noise to-boot.


Description = This son of a bitch is the final evolution of the adapted humanoids and is one mean hombre! Once you hear those dreaded words "Intruder" You have less than a second to move or your toast. This guy is armed with a railgun and a clamp for those occasions when you get all close and personal. He is lethal. If I have enough health and a supershot gun I find the best way to deal with this scum is to run up to him, not giving him time to "lock on" and fire the deadly weapon of his, and give him hell with the shotgun, because lets face it which one would you prefer to meet mister Railgun or mister clamp? I know which one I would prefer to dance with.


Description = This Mutant is scary. If what sounds like a heard of Elephants heading your way grap your best close range weapon and get ready to change your pants! One commonly used tactic against this once docile creature is to umm how do I put it....RUN. Another is to get some distance between the wee beasty and your self so you can gather your wits and choose how to fight this freak. I personaly like to use the Chaingun against this nightmare because of the rapid fire. If he gets close you'll be dead before you can say 'Uncle mutant' so keep running (the old rear guard action). Oh one more thing these beasts usually come in pairs....


Description = This heavily armed dude is the fourth hardest thing your gonna come up against in the whole game. They have three weapons they use at random: an arm-mounted machine gun, an arm-mounted laser blaster, and a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. They are all equally deadly. The meanmachine can endure massive amounts of damage. My advise is pick your most powerful weapon and hit+run until he goes down. I've fought these smegheads with just my blaster and belive me it litrally took 20 minutes to take 'em down. Watch out for the victory dance if you go down, its a tad intimidating.

Tank CommanderTank Commander

Description = Now its getting serious, if your facing these guys your in the Inner Chambers. Tank Commanders are a special class, designed to secure the Inner City from infiltrators. And belive me they do their job well! Consider planning your means of attack beforehand, rather than running into their view with your weapons blasting. These badassed guys are the third hardest Strogg your gonna meet.

[No Visual Data] Makron

Description = Unknown (Be afraid, be very afraid)


Military Supplies
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Here are a fine collection of weapons which, when in the right hands, can all become a deadly arsenal.


Description = Get close to this little friend because in those tight situations when ya justed used your last bullet this little guy will save the day. It aint to powerful but hey, what do ya expect for free?! Its usful for taking down those pesky guards, setting off buttons, blowing up barrels and turning those big scary dudes to pulp when they are already down. needs no ammo...thats 'bout it.


Description = This simple shotgun is useful for dispensing with long range targets (as long as u aint in no hurry) it can be lethal up close but it has a slow fire rate. Usful for taking down Guards and Flyers.

Super Shotgun Super Shotgun

Description = This gun is like your favorite armchair once you sit in its reasureing embrass you will never wont to leave...ahhhh...hmm...ahem. Choose your target carfully it has any even slower firing rate than its little brother. Its very effective at taking down those meat head Enforcers, get up close and boom, no head!


Description = Very quick but not that powerful. Still its nice to run around (in the early levels at least) kicking some weak willed guards ass. The kick back is considerable (due to the guns light weight) so aim carfully, short bursts are useful here.

Chain GunChain Gun

Description = This is a serious piece of hardware. It will destroy ANY (almost) enemy in seconds. BUT beware it will also destroy your ammo. There are to rates of fire with this baby standard for about 4 seconds then it kicks up a gear and doubles it speed. Be warned it takes a looooooong time to spin up and down.

Hand GrenadeHand Grenade

Description = These little babies can be useful, especially if you have scoped out the enemies positions. Twist to activate, the longer you hold the further the throw. But you only have 3 seconds before the thing will explode in your hand. It doesnt make that much noise when thrown so it is safe to us it with out fear of being spyed by the enemy.

Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher

Description = This is useful A: If you need to clear out an area B: If you are being chased and you need to use a rear guard action.

Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher

Description = Capable of delivering high impact power (resonably) quickly. Dont expect to always hit your target with this due to the slowness of the projectile. Has quite a large blast radius.

Hyper Hyper Blaster

Description = A hyper blaster is an energy chain gun with no spin up delay. Its high rate of fire is incredibly effective at destroying the enemy and depleting your energy cells. In effect it sounds good and looks better but it aint that effect due to rapid depletion of your ammo. There is usually enough to take down the big guys though.

Railgun" Railgun

Description = The Rail Gun fires depleted uranium slugs at super high velocities. Take note of the distinctive blue corkscrew trail of smoke caused by the projectile, or better yet, see how many scumbag Stroggs it goes through before it hits concrete. This is a serious peice of hardware, if used properly! If not it can be slow to fire and ineffective. Watch out for the rate of fire as it leaves alot to be desired. It is most useful in long range combat situations.


Description = Theres not much to say about this baby, even more effective than its predisesor this Big Fricking Gun kicks total ass. Again takes awhile to build up its charge but hey its worth it! Two ways to use this 1)Fire it at as mean targets as you can at once and laugh all the way home 2) Wait and be sensible, use it on the big mothers and watch 'em fall in pain. I go for the second but the first is more fun! One more thing (aimed at Deathmatch freaks) the BFG has to modes of inflicting damage 1: The big green core that is fired, if you can see this you are dead (unless you are wearing armour) plain and simple, it inflicts 360 damage. 2: The light beams that eminate from the core while it is moving will also hurt u alot unless you hide behind something. So in short if you see one comming at ya....hmm how do I put it....RUN!

Military Supplies

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Description = Use these little babies to fuel your Super/Shotgun, they are abundent throughout the game(except when you really need them:).

Description = They power your machinegun and your chaingun, so they are reletvily valuble. If low on these try to stay of the chaingun.

Description = They make a loud noise i.e. "bang!".

Description = Use them sparsly more valuble later on in the game.

Description = Now this stuff is gold it powers you energyamour/hyperblaster/BFG. All off these items are valuble so use them carefully!

Flak Jacket
Description = This is the basic armour that will give a minimal protection against suckers.

Combat Suit
Description = This is the stuff will quite a good amount of protection be happy if u have this on.

Body Armour
Description = Be well protected be happy buy "BODY ARMOUR".

Energy Armour
Description = This will protect u against energy projectiles e.g. Hyperblaster. Be warned it drains your cells while being used, and so therefore it can fun out if u dont replenish your energy cells.

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