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John GORDON "Camlet John".
There are a number of theories about the origins of "Camlet John," indeed he is, in terms of his parental origin, as 'inextricable' as any of his Girnoc counterparts. For any reader interested in a challenge, please follow to
"Papa Camlet" which will outline this further. But please just do not expect it to be easy!

The suspicion is strong that "Camlet John" was born at The Camlet. Given that he married in 1782, one can reasonably assume that he was born before 1764.

What is for sure, John died at The Camlet before 1831, by which time his son Alexander, known it seems as "Sandy," was the tenant laird.

Although only his wife, Euphemia, and son William's names are inscribed upon the family tombstone in the ancient burial ground of Glenmuick Churchyard, one can assume, quite reasonably, that this is indeed the resting place of 'Camlet John'

On the
17th of February 1782 'Camlet John' married Euphemia MacANDREW, the daughter (it is assumed) of Loinveg. Several McAndrew families were rooted in Loinveg 'fairm-toun' in the mid eighteenth century, and this writer is inclined to believe that the likeliest parents of Euphemia are John McANDREW and Isobel ROY. Though it is acknowledged other possibilities exist.

'Camlet John's' first wife, Euphemia, died at Camlet on Tuesday the 10th of November 1801. We shall never be sure if Euphemia just made it to her fortieth birthday or not? In sorrow, 'Camlet John' and his three sons; Joseph, Peter and John, raised a stone (described above) to her memory.

'Camlet John' and Euphemia MacAndrew had the following children:

1. Joseph (1782-1858)
2. Elspet (1785-1866)
3. John (1787-1851)
4. Margaret (1790-)
5. Peter (1793-aft1841)
6. Jean or Jane (1795-1871)
7. Elizabeth (Died as Infant). Born on 7 Nov 1797 in Camlet.
8. William(c1798-1809)- these dates are uncertain, and are based on the tombstone inscription in Glenmuick Churchyard.
9. Mary (Died as Infant). Born in 1800 at The Camlet.

In 1806, five years after the sad loss of Euphemia, 'Camlet John' married for a second time. His wife on this occasion and in typical fashion of the Girnoconians, was also a Gordon!
Margaret GORDON was the daughter of James GORDON & Janet SMITH/GOW, she was born on the 1st of June 1768, and died at The Camlet on the 21st of March 1860. She was by then, and astounding for the era in which she lived, aged 91!

'Camlet John' and his second wife Margaret Gordon had the following children:

1. Alexander (1806-1889)
2. Elizabeth - a twin, (1809-1886)
3. James - a twin, (1809-1882)

This writer has compiled an 'account' of what the life of 'Camlet John' and his family must have been like. It is called the
'Elbow of the Girnoc.'
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