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November 19, 2004

Ok everyone, I mentioned on the forum that I was remodeling the site, and yes I have been. The prototype is complete, I have to transfer the pages and everything now, but it's coming along well. Recent updates to this site include:

  • New address (www.jmsdesigns.tk);
  • redone tutorials, I have taken out a lot of the images (only on the Photoshop tuts, though) to save space until I get the new site up;
  • I am still looking for new hosts, I have foudna couple that look pretty promising, but I am trying to find one reccomended to me by a friend: 00k! which supposedly gives 1GB of free space and like 2GB of free bandwidth. In fact, I might hav a contest, whoever finds this hosting site for me first will recieve a free signature designed and made by me, an avatar, and their site's promotion on my site (which gets visited by a lot of people as I have 3 tutorials on Pixel2Life.com). SO, enter in the contact page in the second form and enter all the information. If you do not, I will not be able to contact you to give you your prizes.

    Sign up!

    "So I'm sorry, as two hands open doors. Something serene to steal my life away. Climbing on the way up, sizing up the competition, waiting for the right time, to strike a chord and change your life."
    - From Autumn to Ashes


    November 15, 2004

    Hey, guys. It's taken me a while to update, sorry. I have added about 4 more tutorial on the HTML tutorials page, click here to see them. I have put a poll on the Forum (link above), so please vote on it (it's in the Announcements section of the forum). Please, please please shout in the shoutbox (link above) and post on the forum. I need more interactivity on my site for some affiliate acceptions. Thanks. Okay, till next time.

    "Today's the day we'll fade away..."
    - Seether


    November 9, 2004

    Hello, I have added two more HTML tutorials, go here to view them, as well as redone the templates ection to save space, the links to view them are no longer the pages themselves, but images of them. So, if you have any questions, then please contact me. **REMEMBER** to Register (free) on my forum (link above) and post on it, post on the Shoutbox (link above) too!! Thanks.

    November 3, 2004

    Hey guys, I've updated the links page so that now it...umm...has some links on it. I have affiliated with some sites and am waiting for replies from others. But check them all out, more to come soon!

    November 1, 2004

    Hey all, I'e updated the site with 2 tutorials for Windows, so now it exists as a section. Plus, as you can see, I have added a forum to the site. I will customize it when I have time, but right now I need to go to work.

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    In a dump hot as hell
    When I asked for a kiss
    You kindly dismissed
    So i lead my poor heart to the slaughter
    Tell me dear what did you fear
    I'd do you no wrong though no stranger to sin
    So death valley queen go marry your king
    Or an old maid you'll end up for certain

    - Flogging Molly


    October 26, 2004

    !!  DOUBLE UPDATE  !!

    Today I just got internet access back on my computer, so I've updated the Contact page, it now has ways of getting in touch with me, one form for linking to me and one form for comments. In addition, I also have the other tutorials and things on the previous news entry. I have also added 2 more templates to the site. Yea, lots of work, time to go do some more other stuff...until next time...

    October 23, 2004

    OK, well I've added 3 more tutorials to the Photoshop section: One on creating Banners / Sigs with Photoshop & Anim8or, one on patterns, and one on the extrude filter. I have also added part one of the banner/sig tutorial to the anim8or tutorial page. I have discovered another new techy looking effect that is incredibly easy to make in Photoshop, but I will do the tutorial later. Until then, good luck, and happy Learning To Fly...

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    October 19, 2004

    Well, I've been gone for the past weekend in a place called Bahia Solano on the Pacific coast of Colombia, I have yet to finish 2 Photoshop tutorials - one on etruding and one on creating signatures with 3D renders, but I have added three more website layouts / templates to the extra section, here (scroll to the bottom of the page.) Go and check them out, they are pretty cool! Until next time...


    October 9, 2004

    So, I've updated the HTML tutorials page with 2 more tutorials, one on images and one on colors, fonts, text, and backgrounds and stuff. I have also noticed...please try to keep the Shoutbox clean, you have all been doing fine, and I actually wish more people would leave me a message in it, plus if you do swear in it, the word will be automatically starred out (f****, s***, etc.), so just know that. Anyway, thank you all for talking to me through it, and tell your friends to leave a message in it just for everyone to read. Thank you. Check out the tutorials here too!


    October 3, 2004

    Ok, guys, I have updated the site again and have added another photoshop tutorial. This one I mostly made up on the spot, but it's a cool little effect anyway. So go ahead and check it out on the tutorials page.


    October 3, 2004

    Alright, well I haven't done a ton to the site this weekend, I was gone yesterday but today I worked on it quite a bit. If you got to the contact page, you will find a redesigned section, though it's nothing really worth knowing unless you want to know how to get in touch with me. And If you go to the downloads page, you will find a completely new webpage template free for download. Pretty coll, huh? Ok, bye.


    October 1, 2004

    Hey all you guys, I added the Shoutbox link and the Forum links below today, and I have added the HTML tutorials page with two tutorials for HTML. There are more to come but I have to go to bed right now seeing as it's very late. Ok, enjoy the new stuff, I may have time to do things this weekend but maybe not, alright...over and out...


    September 1, 2004

    This is my first full HTML website. I hope to create many more, or at least a few as my skills progress. I like working with just HTML but sometimes it is good to use an editor like Dreamweaver or Frontpage so that you can make what you want, but then you can also see what the code looks like.

    :: Navigation ::
    Of the above links below the banner, Index is the Home page, the page you are viewing now; Help is the tutorials section; the Extra link is for downloads, plug-ins, etc.; Find is for contact info, link-me info, ordering info (i may have products up on the site later on); and finally the resources link is basically the links page. As you can see, all of the links are rollovers, this is done using HTML and CSS which are programming languages. My resource for this code is here

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