"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
- Walt Whitman

Banner / Sig

Step 1 Now create a new document in Photoshop with these attributes:
Width: 600
Height: 125
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
Mode: RGB Color
Contents: White

Step 2 Now open up your render you made in Anim8or, or use this one. Now go Ctrl+A to select all, and go to Select > Feather, and use these settings:
Feather Radius: 50 pixels
Step 3 Now go Ctrl+C to copy your selection and on your new (blank canvas) image go Ctrl+V to paste it.
Step 4 Now create a new layer by clicking here on your layers pallette. And select your Gradient tool, maybe hidden underneath your Paint bucket tool: . Now use these settings on the top tool options bar:

Now drag your gradient across your image holding down Shift to get a straight line. You should end up with something like the following:

Step 5 Looks pretty nice, huh? Now, we're going to use our Text tool: and type in some text, whatever you want it to be. Mine now looks like this:

Step 6 now take your pencil tool: (maybe underneath your paintbrush tool) and draw some techy lines around your text. Mine looks like so (I overdid it but I'm good at that):

Step 7 Now, make a new layer, and go Ctrl+A to select everything, and go Edit > Fill and use these settings:
Use: Pattern
Custom Pattern: White Grid
Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%

In your pattern menu select a white grid kind of pattern - if you don't have it you can make it with this tutorial here.

Step 8 Select your Eraser Tool (shown in the image below) and click on the brushes tab at the top-leftish of your screen. Use these settings:

Now erase to your hearts' content on the grid layer, until you get something like I have below (dont erase over the text, we will fix that in a second):

Step 9 Now, on your grid layer, change its layer opacity (in the layers pallette) to 50%.
Now you're pretty much done. I added a couple more things...like I made another layer, pasted the star image again and resized it to very small and then placed it in the middle of the larger star image on our sig. Then I made a nice little lens flare effect right on top in the middle of the smaller star in its own layer. Then I merged all layers except the text layer - one layer with everything on it except my text, then the text layer on top - and used these colorizing settings (Ctrl+U) CHECK COLORIZE FIRST!:
Hue: 187
Saturation: 23
Lightness: 0

Here is my final image:

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