"Every project you learn something new."
Clint Eastwood - Inside the Actor's Studio Interview


This is a small collection of tutorials having to do with photoshop, HTML, Windows, writing, and Anim8or.

A small collection of walkthroughs and tips on short story writing from my English class. I write a lot, and I love to read, send me your stories when you are finished!

A collection of things I've learned form others as well as from just fiddlin' with Photoshop. I love graphics and I love being inspired and inspiring through graphics, please send me your results when you complete my tutorials!

A small collection of tutorials I have written for the freeware animation and modelling program called Anim8or. Go here to get it.

A few tutorials that I have been able to create from my previous knowledge and added skill due to my HTML / webpage design class I am taking this year.

Here are a few tutorials for those who are not too familiar with Windows, or even some for those who just want to know a little more.

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