"Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness."
- Allen Ginsberg


Step 1 Make sure your background and foreground colors are these:
Foreground: Black (#000000)
Background: Red (#FF0000)

Step 2 Create a new image with these settings:
Width: 500
Height: 500
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
Mode: RGB Color
Contents: White

Step 3 Go to Filter > Render > Clouds and you should have something like this:

Step 4 Now go to Filter > Stylize > Extrude:
Now, there are a couple of things you can do for this one. You can use pyramids which will look like this:

...or blocks which will look like this:

In the settings window below, you see all of the settings possible to use with this filter, and here is what they do:

  • Blocks - you've seen it
  • Pyramids - you've seen it
  • Size - How big you want the surface of your pyramids / blocks
  • Depth - How tall/big you want your pyramids/blocks to be
  • Solid Front Faces - makes it so you can't see your original clouds image, so it's less blending and usually less attractive in my opinion but by all means, experiment.
  • Mask Incomplete Blocks - This will get rid of all of the blocks in your image that are not full blocks (it only works with the blocks, not pyramids), but it looks pretty cool, depending on what you want your image to look like.

Step 6 Now duplicate your clouds layer, and select your Background layer. Go to Filter > Stylize > Extrude and use these settings:
Size: 30 Pixels
Depth: 30; Random

Step 7 Now select your Background Copy layer and go to Filter > Stylize > Extrude and use these settings:
Size: 30 Pixels
Depth: 30; Random

Step 8 Set your Background Copy layer's blending mode to either: Lighten (in the layers pallette):

Linear Dodge:

or Soft Light:

Step 10 Here's my final image (you can add some text and lines with the pencil tool like I did or not, but whatever you want:

Remember: Some of the filters look different every time you use them, so you will not get the exact same result with this tutorial that I did. Feel free to change the settings for this tutorial, and send me your work!

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