"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes."
- Walt Whitman

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Step 1 First, make sure you are in ALL view or front view, or some view as long as long as you have front view on your screen.

Step 2 Now, add a sphere by clicking here . Your resulting screen should look something like the following:

Step 3 Now double-click on your sphere, and set its attributes to these:

Your resluting screen should look something like this:

Step 4 Now, select your sphere, and go Build>Convert to Mesh:

Step 5 Now for the cool part, go to Build> Subdivide Faces:

Enter this value...:

Your screen should now look like this.
Step 6 Select your top view "window", and go to File> Render Preview like so:

Leave the values at their defaults, which should be these:

Your image should look something like this:

Now, on the lefthand menu, click on Save: . Now you should get a dialogue box, click on the 3 little dots (1.), then go to the file where you want to save the file (2.), now name your file star (3.), and the file type as a JPEG (4.).

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial so far. Click here to go to Part II of this tutorial.

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