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"Earl Cain" manga bon (comic) series first published in 1992 in 'Hana To Yume' and is still continue. And yet, it's now 2001 but there are only 5 volumes being published.. I wonder when Ms. Kaori Yuki would back to her Cain series.. >__<. Here are the comic cover of the 5 volumes of "Earl Cain", which one you like most?! I have added the ISBN of each Chinese volume in case you are interested in ordering any ! OR, if you can't find Earl Cain comics in your city, just feel free to ask me for help,. No problem at all. Here in Hong Kong, a comic costs $ 25 (around US $ 3.3) To view the stories summaries of each volume, please click your target pictures, okay?! Now, Vol. 2 , 3 and 5 are ready, read them now, heeeee...

You can click the comic covers and read the introduction of the stories:

First published in Japan on 25 July, 1992.

The Chapter of "Love Hurts Juliet"
(in Jap, it is called "Unforgottable Juliet"

- Love Hurts Juliet
- Mark of the Demon Woman
- The Youth who Stops the Time
- Death of Cray

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First published in Japan on 25 Oct, 1993.

The Chapter of "Who Killed Cock Robin"

- The Invented Hanged Man
- Voice of The Youth Birth
- Who Killed Cock Robin
- Miss Pudding Tragedy
- The Twisted Fairy Tal

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First published in Japan on 25 Feb, 1994.

The Chapter of "Kafka"

- Kafka
- The Summer Look of Ally

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First published in Japan on 25 June 1994.

The Chapter of
"Mark of the RED RAM" part 1

Open 'Mark of the RED RAM I'

First published in Japan on 25 Oct, 1994.

The Chapter of
"Mark of the RED RAM" part 2

- Mark of the RED REAM
- Elizabeth in the Mirror

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First published in Japan in Nov, 2001

The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.1

- Mad Tea Party
- Little Crooked House
- Black Sheep
- Scold's Bridle

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First published in Japan on 25 March, 2002.

The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.2

- Butterfly Bone
- Bloodberry Jam
- Lion Emblem

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First published in Japan in Oct, 2002

The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.3

- Zigeunerweisen
- Mortician's daughter
- The Stake

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The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.4

- Little Miss Muffet : Scene 1 , 2, 3
- Bloody Maria: Scene1, 2,3

EC vol9

ISBN: 957-25-8120-1
The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.5

- Castrato scene I, II, III, IV, V,
- Sunday Solomon


ISBN: 986-11-2932-4
The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.6

- Kiss of Judas scene I, II, III, VI


The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.7

- scene I, II, III
- Misericorde scene I, II, III


The Final Chapter

The Chapter of "GOD CHILD" No.8

- Godless scene : I to VI

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