Earl Cain Vol. 1
- The Chapter of "Love hurts Juliet" -

N.B. The title of this comic is extracted from the Chinese version. I think the original version is called "The Chapter of "Unforgotten Julie"?!. If anyone knows the answer, don't forget to tell me plz, thanks!

Vol. 1 - The Chapter of Love Hurts Juliet
- Love Hurts Juliet   - Mark of the Demon Woman
- The Youth who Stops Time   - DOUBLE
- Death of Cray    






Love Hurts Juliet (or "Unforgotten Juliet" in Japanese)
- the first story of EC. It's about Cain's loved cousin, Juilet who took poison and waited for her Romeo to wake her up . . . Read the story here.

Mark of the Demon Woman
- sorry, under construction....

The Youth who Stops Time
- this story is not Cain related .
sorry, under construction....

- this story is not Cain related. It's about friendship of two youths:
Two young boys who treat each other as best friends, as real brothers. One day, another one - Emilio Carlye told his best friend that he must went away from the home town in order to be famous. Emilio's partents died when he was very young. His uncle treats him so bad. The only person who cares and loves him is Ryan (this name is named by myself because I don't know his official Eng. name, sorry..) Emilio is planning to go to New York in order to be a famous actor. To fulfil his dream, Ryan gave him all his money and wish him all the best. Two years passed, nothing was heard about his best friend's. So, Ryan goes to New York to find Emilio.

Emilio is now a very famous and promising actor in New York. When he meets Ryan, he feels unease and said he doesn't know anyone called Ryan. Ryan is both angry and worry about his best friend who treats him as his blooded brohter! Ryan meets a girl named Judy who told him that after the debute movie "Angel", Emilio changed. He looks like he is another person, but not the real Emilio. Finally, Ryan aksed Emilio what happened on him. He told Ryan that he must be selfish and played tracts in order to maintain his status in the movie business. During the conversation, Ryan found that Emilio is strange. He also found a letter in Emilio's home.

The other day, Judy invited Ryan to her home and played Emilio's "Angel" to Ryan. In the final scene, Emilio was killed by an axe. To his surpsie, Ryan found that there's something wrong! He rewinded the video and finally..... he found that Emilio was killed alive in the movie ! It is a plan by the movie's director! So, who is that Emilio in the real life?! At last, the mysterious is unvailed because of "Emilio"'s hand.

When they were young, Ryan and Emilio cut their hands in order to vow each other that they are blooded brothers. So, a permenant scar is left on each other's hand. And yet, that "Emilio"'s hand doesn't has that scar. At last, that Emilio told Ryan that he is, in fact, Emilio's twin younger brother. Before finished his words, someone shot him... he died..Who shot him?! And, where is the real Emilio?! Even he is dead, where is his body?!

Ryan goes to find the killer - the director! He also discovers that Emilio's body is saled inside an Angel's statue!!! Poor Emilio . . . The story ends.

The Death of Cray
this is a very short story of Cain's (only 10 pages!). Cain helps his best friend, Cray took revenge. Cray's elder brother poisoned him in order to get Cray's properties! To see how Cain punishs the murderer, click here and read the whole story.....


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