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The Death of Cray

This is a 10-page short story. It is also the last story in Earl Cain vol. 1.

In the Hargreaves's House. Cain is chatting with a young guy.....

Orlando: "Earl Hargreave! Your point is, I killed my own brother ? "
Cain (look cool and phlegmatic) mocking: "Mmm! Yes! That's right ! "

Orlando (light a cigarette and smokes): "Well, you are just what the people said. You are very haughty! Even you are my younger brother's best friend, don't you think it's rude to treat his one and only kin like that?"

Cain (taking out a letter from his suit): "Poorly ill Cray always wrote to me. This is his last letter written to me."

Cray's Letter:
Dearest Cain, How are you? ............. Maye you will soon wear a funeral suit and come to my house. This is .... no joking at all. As you know, after my parents have passed away, the only kin I have is my elder brother, Orlando. My elder brother's misbehavior drove my parents crazy. He moved away. However, knowing that the Will will soon be announced, he moved back to the house. My parents left nothing to their successor - my elder brother. On the contrary, when I am coming of age, I will inheritance the family's fortune.. . . .. . I will never forget my elder brother's pair of cold eyes, when he knew what the will said . . . .He is such a horrible man. He will do anything to get what he wants. Maybe I would be killed soon . . . . . . .

Orlando (laughing casually): "That's stupid! Earl! He killed himself. Poison is still left in his tea cup! What's more, when he died, my friends and I were in Medeterian", stops a while and drinks his tea, "You think this letter is the evidence ? "

Cain (folds his hands): "No, I don't think so. My iron proof is here (he shows up Cray's envelope to Orlando), "Take a look please. The sealing part turned black.", gives a mocking smile, "Do you know why?" He explains, "The kind of poison he took can change its colour after a certain period. That is to say, the murderer knew he used to seal the envelope by licking . So, he coated the poison onto the envelope sealing part! Cray knew nothing about that, so he sealed the envelope by licking, like the way he used to! To cover this, the murderer put a few poison droplets into Cray's tea cup. That made people think he had committed suicide. And, to make "not in the crime scene" evidence, he went to abroad. And, you also controlled when he should die. Those are your plans."

Orlando (a bit scare but try to look calm): "Earl , what an interesting story you have told! You still can't prove that it was me to put the poison! By these conjecture, you can't get me!"

Cain (hold his face with his hand): "Oh..... that is why ... I am not going to catch you. Because I am a cruel person."

-Orlando looks so frightened. Suddenly, he found something in his cup -

Orlando (surprised and scare): "What! This black colour ......"

Cain: "Oh, maybe it's because the servant didn't wash the cup clean ! "

Orlando: "You . . . Or . . . you have . . . . Poison... you made me drank the same poison of Cray's...."

Cain: "Haven't you just said that your younger brother killed himself?"

Orlando (so scare and becomes crazy. He tries to make a phone-call for help): "Damn! Call the doctor..."

- Cain cut the phone line with the knife inside his walking stick -

Cain: "That's okay. There's plenty of time for you to walk slowly towards death, like Cray's . . . . . . "

Orlando (runs away with fear): "You bastard! I will sue you!"

Cain screwing the walking stick handle back in order to cover the knife inside;
he looks Orlando ran away

Orland (driving his car): "Where's the nearest hospital? ... I must hurry, otherwise... Bastard! ...... I can't see clearly, it's blur .. Will I die soon? It's not easy to get that huge amount of fortune. And now... Oh Yes! That Cray.. Just like mother and father, it was he himself who sought for death ! "

- Suddenly, poorly ill Cray standing in front of Orlando (it's his hallucination)

Cray (with crying tears) walks towards Orlando and asks for help .

Orlando is so scare that he lost control. His car crashed into a high cliff.....

Cray's Letter:
. . . Will you laugh at me? Maybe you would laugh about my foolishness, Cain! Even this is so, I still love my elder brother -----------

In a funeral

A woman: "What a pity... the hurricanes made the weather bad... Mr. Orlando was sent to the hospital. Before he passed away, he said he was poisoned."

Another woman: "Excuse me?! "

The third woman: "What being left in the cup is just black ink! They tested that!"
Another woman: "Ssh--------"

The third woman: "Accidents kept on happened on this family . . . It's just like . . . "

Cain (to Lief): "Lief, let's go home!"

"It's just like ...Stuck with the God of Death"

~ The End ~


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