Sunday's Solomon Grundy


This is the opening story of Cain's new adventure - "Sunday's Solomon Grundy" - a sad story based on the nursery rhyme 'Solomon Grundy'.

I got the comic pages of this story from my French net friend, Linde chan.
I therefore would like to show my gratification here to her!
Thanks, Linde chan!

N.B. Since I only got the Japanese version of this story, the following translation maybe not the same as the original story - thanks to my poor Japanese. Anyway, I have already done my best. Hope my translation is close to the original one?! Well, you see, I guess it's better than none, right?! Here is the story of

- Sunday's Solomon Grundy -

The story begins with a close-up of a fine-created doll
- a doll with sparkling jewellery eyes with a sad face . . .

This Is It . . . . . . Born and Dead in a week . . .
So Sad . . . . . . . . . . . A Pity Face .. umm...
A lamentable look
Leaving one alone after the Wednesday's wedding -----------------

In a moving carriage, there sitting a woman in widow dressing, holding a doll;
a young man (Cain) holding his walking stick, sitting face-to-face to the woman.

Widow: "In your journey, have you heard of 'Solomon Grundy' ?"

The widow, holding a special doll, tells her story to Cain:
"This is the greatest master piece of a retired doll maker." She continues, "The Solomon Grandy's wedding; the girl who lived in the Doll maker's home named Rozu. She has heart disease and she must take pills everyday . . . . spent her days at home ..."

The widow keeps on narrating her story. She takes out a bottle of pills and swallows her pills, " Lived happily in the dark via the creation of dolls .... "

Cain reads the widow carefully ( I think Cain's "read people" look is cute! I later will scan that picture for you to see how cute he looks!)

The widow carries on her story . . . .
The following is her recalls

In a garden, a girl is gardening. ..

< On that Sunday, her destiny wheel turns >

A well-dressed man walks towards the garden. He is unconscious. His head is bleeding. The robbers robbed him and stole all his properties. He couldn't remember anything; where is he from, his name, his past, etc.

The guy fainted and is caught by the girl . . .

The only thing he knew is, he held a ring tight in his hand. It's an elegant ring. The ring which hides the man's story... To keep his ring, the man fought with the robbers. A large cross (a thief's mark) is marked on his hand consequently.

-In the girl's house, the man awakes -

Man (sad and lost): "I know nothing about myself. This is so insecure. (then he says something that I can't figure out what it is, but I think he said he is worried about the girl's situation because he knew nothing about himself - something like that oops.. >_<)

Girl (comforts him): "It's okay you can't remember anything. This Monday is a new day to you - you were born on this day! (then, she says something like.. Her life was born again too on that day ????)

- The girl named the man "Esutan" -

- Solomon Grundy
Born on Monday
Christened on Tuesday
Married on Wednesday -----------

The Two People. . . love each other and married each other ... search for felicity together ---------

Girl (looking at her wedding ring): "Esutan......when I see this ring, I feel insecure... It represents your story behind."

Esutan (comforts his just-married wife) : "Well, this ring is a mark of your and my felicity. We two swore that we would fight for hardship .... " "It is the ring representing our love ---- the vow."

----The picture of Esutan and the girl making dinner happily
flashed into the narrator's (i.e. the widow's) mind ------

The widow: "She thought that kind of felicity would last forever ."

Solomon Grundy
Worse on Friday,

Died on Saturday -------

Girl: "What happened....? Are you okay, Esutan .....?"
Esutan (in pain): "My head... My head.. So pain...! !"

Esutan's head is in great pain. He lost his balance. He collapsed and fell under the cupboard. Lots of plates and the kitchenware are broken... What even worse is, a cupboard (whoops... I don't know what exactly that thing is, but I think it looks like a cupboard?!!) falls towards Esutan ..........

Girl (pupils contract) shouts aloud: "ESUTAN ! ! "

Died on Saturday -------

- Back to the Present. Inside the carriage -

Widow (holding her doll tight): "Born on Monday.... Solomon Grundy . . . Leaving the Wednesday's wife alone . . . ", "Birth and Dead in between 6 days."

The noise of a door knocking

Stranger (opens the carriage door): "Ah... excuse me. I just left my belonging here. Would you mind my searching here, please?"

Cain (checking the strange): "By all means, please."

The stranger searches around. He stops next to the widow's side and asks the widow: "Pardon me... I think it's left here..."

The stranger takes away the bag under the widow's chair. Meanwhile, Cain throws his walking stick towards the man so as to stop him.
The stranger falls down.
The widow notices the cross scar in the stranger's hand.

Widow: "! Mister! This gentleman's scar a thief's scar?" "!"

Cain stares the strange with his sharp eyes.

Widow (crying): "Ee.... please leave me alone. . . . . . My Esutan . . . . . ."

Stranger: "Her luggage is full of widowed clothing?"
Widow: "Ee...My Esutan is dead.... "

Strange (he is Esutan indeed): "Didn't know where it was... suddenly lost the memory." "I must get back my ring. That ring, I must bring back to my girl." He holds his spectacles a while and continues, "On Saturday, the accident happened. I was slightly hurt but lost the memory. Started from Sunday... (sorry, I don't understand a few sentences he said... ) she enjoyed me loosing the memory..I must get back my ring!"

Widow: " STOP IT !!! Esutan is dead. His ring is his vow.... (sth. like that?! >_<)

Esutan tells what happened after the accident:
Esuatn: "After "my death", I walked to a big house..

In a garden outside the big house

Girl: "Esutan, where are you? ESUTAN ! ! "

A well-dressed rich girl in the balcony of the big house saw Esutan and shout loudly: "Edoarido!? Where have you been during the last 6 days?" "I'm your fiancÚ, Cien !"

The rich girl rushed to Esutan and welcome him...
The girl saw her husband, Esutan and the rich girl.
The Three People Met

Rich Girl: "Ah.. Who is she?"
Esutan: "Ah.. She is just a low-class girl."

- Back to the Present -

The Widow recalls.. Her heart hurts...

Widow (in pain) places her hands on her chest: "My.. My Esutan is . . . . . !"

She takes out her bottle of pill.
Esutan saw that and took away the bottle.

Widow: "Ah!!"
Esutan: " ...." (I don't know what he says exactly, but it's about a trade. If his wife gave him the ring, he gave the pills back to her)

Widow : "E..... Esutan... !!!", "That luggage keeps all my properties..."

Esutan carries the widow's luggage and says, "Well... here is your pill. " He throws the bottle of pill out of the train's window. "So! Never approach me anymore !"

Cain: "The Pills !"

Esutan carries the luggage and runs away, "Ha Ha Ha !", leaving Cain and the suffering wife alone .....

Cain: "Something goes wrong here. Doctor! Doctor!"

Widow (in pain): "Ee.. this doll.. My doll is a work of my thoughts to Esutan after his death....", she is so pain and laid on the floor, with rolling tears , "Esutan ......!"

Cain says something to the widow.. don't know what it is.. Has to find time to study it.. Sorry...

Widow: "... surprised...", "Who are you ?"

Cain screws the handle of his walking stick. He takes out a small box hid inside the stick. He says, "Birth and Dead in the hands... .. no problem at all..... "

Widow in her last breathe and thinks: The golden eyes, black angel ... "

In Esutan's carriage, he is searching for the ring

Esutan: "Bastard! Where did that woman hid the ring?", in anger ,"I could earn the noble title and the properties from my fiancÚ... Without the ring, the marriage would be terminated." .... he thinks : Maybe I should go back to Rozu and meet her so as to gain back....

Cain comes in and says, "She died."

Cain (holding the widow's doll): "This doll keeps the important matter of hers. The right eye is made of jade and the left records what she seen."

Esutan (checking the doll), " .. This is where she hid the ring. That woman...."

Cain: "Excuse me. I have to alight in this station"

Esutan: "Wait! Wait!", pointing his gun towards Cain's back, "Stop it! Or else, I kill you. You will regret.... So ...."

Cain (take his hat back , wear it.. And ready to go): "Did you know what happened on Solomon Grundy's Sunday?", he continues, "She planned to share the rest of her life with the doll... It records the vow... It keeps her thinking of you..."

Cain opens the train's door and alight, "So, Farewell, Solomon Grundy."

Cain left and leaving the crazy man alone in his carriage.

Esutan: "Who are you... " thinks: "This youth's eyes colour is amazing..."

He checks the doll greedy.

Esutan: "Now, I need not worry about the marriage .. As long as I take out this eye..... "

He tries to pick the doll's eye out. Suddenly, he let out and the doll broke into pieces of pieces.

Esutan (in pain and finds it difficult to breath): "Ah...? Ah... !!That.. That doll's eyelashes contain a needle..

He recalls the scene:
A girl holding a flower and says: "This doll keeps.. The two people's vow.. Forever vow... "

Esutan died.
Leaving the lost ring on the floor.

Don't forget our vow, Esutan ------

Sunday's Solomon Grundy

Cain is walking away from the train platform....

A voice: "Something went wrong!"
Another voice: "a dead body of a man and a dead body of a woman."
Another voice: "Call the Police! Police!"

Buried in the Grave.

- In between death and birth, there lies a man, Cain.
When will see you again -

"Suddenly received a letter about the Journey of Collecting Poison"...

In Cain's house:

Lief: "Young Master Cain, welcome back. How's your one man's journey?"

Cain: "Nothing. Nothing special. "

This is the end
of Solomon Grundy

What do you find about this story?! I think that widow is too kind ! It seems that she was not angry with Esutan?! She just treated him dead... If you were her, what would you do?!

I was puzzled by the word "Grandy".. I don't know if it's a printing mistake or the author changed "Grundy" to "Grandy"!? I still can't figure out if the title of this story is "Sunday's Solomon Grundy" OR "Sunday's Solomon Grundy". Why I said so?! Because what the comic page listed in the end is "This is the end of Solomon Grandy"

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