Vol. 2
- The Chapter of Who Killed Cock Robin -

Vol.2 - The Chapter of Who Killed Cock Robin
- The Invented Hanged Man - Voice of the Youth Birth
- Who Killed Cock Robin - Miss Pudding Tragedy
- The Twisted Fairy Tale (NEW)  




The Invented Hanged Man
how Cain meets his half sister

Voice of the Youth Birth
I treat this story as the beginning of Cain's story. It states Cain's family background, why Cain likes collecting poisons and why his father hates Cain so much. This story also tells how Lief and Cain meets. A touching story, I think. READ THE STORY NOW

Who Killed Cock Robin
Based on the nursery rhyme "Who Killed Cock Robin" , the story begins with a mysterious death of a little girl (Cock Robin). This adorable girl's playmates were then killed respectively - like the way described from the rhyme "Who Killed Cock Robin". It seems that the murderer killed according to the rhyme. Is it the Black Angel who killed those innocent children or.. Someone had to do that to hid his forbiddened, immoral love?! At the end of the story, the murderer himself was killed as well. But, who killed him? "I", someone (Cain) smiled and said !

Miss Pudding Tragedy
Two men with high social status were stabbed to dead, black plum puddings were left in the crime scenes. On the other other hand, a just-married, beautiful, weak woman suspicious herself was a schizoid that makes kill people unconsciously. Her husband tries his best to protect her. The 2 victims were in fact the members of a secret club which deals with immoral trades and is relate to the "Black Plum Pudding Event" <11 years ago, all the members of a secret club were killed with belly cut; a little girl was eating a plate of black pudding next to the bodies...> It is found that the murderer in fact was that little girl from the "Black Plum Pudding Event". And that "little girl" is in fact that beautiful woman's husband who once had been toyed and tortured by that secret club. The unexpected meeting of his old masters launched the murders . . . At last, the case is closed followed by the husband's suicide - as a result of his beloved wife's misunderstanding.

The Twisted Fairy Tale
- A short story inspired by "The Pine Tree"
from The Grimm's Brother's Fairy Tales. The story starts at the kins meeting of Hargreaves for deciding who would be 13-year-old Cain's new guardian, after the disappearance of Cain's father. All the kins are waiting for Cain to show up. But what shows up is a nearly dead Cain. What happened to Cain?! Who tries to kill him?! Read the story here.

- to be continued -

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