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Franz Kafka, a talented, sad writer of Czech Republic. Among all his famous works, "Die Venwandlang" (or known as "Metamorphosis" or "Transformation") is the stereotype of Kafka style , I think.

Metamorphosis (brief summary)
It's about a hardworking, humble, industrious man George, who on waking one morning finds himself transformed into a gigantic bug. Never have had the time to tackle "What has happened to me?", families' misunderstanding, troubles from his works, and sorrows queue up to enter this gigantic bug's life.. And at last, poor bug George was stepped dead by his family . . .
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Metamorphosis can be viewed as an allegory for the imprisonment of the soul in a helpless body, or as a comment on dysfunctional family relations, or as a simple tale of one man rejected by everyone around him, save for simple little moments of genuine human interaction. It's definitively a tragic story of decay. . . Maybe I'm still not smart enough to realize Kafka's works?! I really don't know why, but I think nearly all Kafka's works are too sad. And I even worry that people in despair may even drive themselves into deep despair?! Anyway, it seems that there is no hope in Kafka characters?! My belief is that if we always think, look and act in a cheerful, enthusiastic way, good things and bright future will fall for us, don't you think so!? heeeee, Life is a bowl of cherries and strawberries ^_^.

How far is "Metamorphosis" mentioned in Earl Cain?!

This story is mentioned in "Earl Cain" vol. 3 , Not only the name of "Karka" is named for the soty, but the theme of "Metamorphosis" - the tragedy of decay is also applied in this story:

In Earl Cain's Kafka, a beautiful, weak girl turned herself into a vampire /monster (schizophrenia) as a result of prolonged torture from her wicked father who worshipped black magic. And yet, no matter how hard she has tried to escape from the hardships via metamorphosis, tragedies still accompany her and destroy her dead. Her younger brother (the master of their inherited huge castle) even sacrificed himself for her . . .

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