Hana to Yume &
Earl Cain's Latest Stories translated

'Hana to Yume' means Flowers and Dremas in Japanese. 'HtY' is a famous Japanese Girls' comics magazine published twice a month (on every 5th and 20th of a month). It contains the original versoin (Japanese) as well as the Chinese version.

Actually, there are many Japanese girls' comic magazines published in Japan, take 'Margaret', 'Shine', as the examples. This kind of comic magazine is also called 'pillow book' since it is large and so very thick that you can lie on it as pillow and falls into your flower dreams ^_*. Very often, around 10 comics stories are published in the 'pillow book' (or you call it as 'phone book', right?) . Recently, the other comics which I adore besides Earl Cain in 'HtY' are 'For you in Full Bloosom' , "The Tea Prince". Do you like these sories too?! Each comic takes turn be the cover page!

Here are some of the cover pages of 'Earl Cain'. Click the cover to get a larger size and its details, okay?!

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no. 12 , 2001
no. 21 , 2001
no.4 , 2002
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no. 20 , 2002


Though it is said that the magazine is issued every 5th and 20th of a month, new issues usually available earlier!

Every time, free gifts like stickers, stationery, postcards, etc. are enclosed in each volume. All the gifts are about the 'HtY' comic characters! For example, free gifts about Earl Cain enclosed from the past include stickers, plastic bag, pencil board, etc. After accumulating to 3-4 storeis (say, 4-6 months?! maybe longer sometimes), a comic book of the associated comic will then be released. That's to say, the only way to learn the latest story of your loved Earl Cain is buying 'HtY' insttead of the comic.

'Earl Cain' series was first published in 'HtY' , 1992. It once was stopped in 1994 as the author had to focuse on her other comic 'Angel Sanctuary'. After the ending of 'Angel Sanctuary', 'Earl Cain' is back (20 May, 2001 - vol. 11 of 'Hana to Yume' - hurray!!! )

Up till now, the following stories of Earl Cain are published in 'HtY' . Click the titles to read the story! DON'T MISS IT !!!!!

1. Sunday's Solomon Grandy
it's about a just-married husband whose life is just like 'Solomon Grundy' (a nursery rhyme character whose life only lasted for 6 days!). Cain is going to home after his poison collecting trip. In the train, he meets a widow who wants to tell him the story of her Solomon Grandy.

In the name of GOD CHILD sereis:
(for story 2 - 8, please read the Comic Index Page)

2. Mad-Tea-Party
- vol. 1 from no. 11 of 'HTY' OR
- vol1, from Chinese 'HTY' no. 18, 2001

3. The Little Crooked House (coming soon)
- vol. 2 & vol. 3 from no. 12 and no. 13 of 'HTY'

4. Black Sheep
- vol. 4 from no. 14 of 'HTY', 20 June, 2001

5. Scold's Bridle
- vol. 5 & vol. 6 from no. 15 (5 July, 01) & no. 16 (19 July, 01) of 'HTY"

6. Butterfly Bone
- vol. 7 from no. 18 (20 Aug, 2001) to vol. 10 from no. 21 (20 Oct, 2001)

7. Bloodberry Jam
- vol. 11 from no. 22 (1 Sept, 2001)

8. Lion Emblem
- vol. 12 from no. 23(20 Sept, 2001)

9. Zigeunerweisen
- vol. 13 from no.1 (1 Jan, 2002) & vol. 14 from no. 2 (20 Jan, 2002)
Cain's guardian Uncle Neel shows his great concern to Cain after the 'Buttlerfly House' event. Cain always thought that Uncle Neel doesn't care him much. But, he finally finds that his uncle does care him. But, is it too late? On the other hand, evil Alexial is back! Additionally, , a mysterious 'gypsy' girl and a great violin player appear. Are they related to DELIAH? Why that violin player plays 'Zigeunerweisen'? This story also unveil a liitle of Aleixal's secret society - DELIAH. Don't miss this story!

10. Mortician's Daughter
-vol. 15 - vol. 17 from no. 3 - no. 5 , 2002
2 more high rank DELIAH members show up - 'The Coffin Man' and 'Moon'. 3 victims were killed and put into the prepared coffins by the 'Coffin Man'. According to the mortician's daughter, once one more person is collected, her father's will can be granted. This time, the chosen 4th person is Oscar! How Cain saves Oscar? And, is this event related to DELIAH again?

11. The Stake
- vol. 18 from no.6 2002
Lief's past is unveiled here. A lady in widowed dress comes to Hargreavou's intends to take revenge. What's her relationship with Lief? How and why Leif's house was in fire?Would Lief leave Cain because of that new lady in the house? Read the story and find it out .


- more will be added soon -

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