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Vol. 5
The Chapter of "Mark of the RED RA

Vol.5 - The Chapter of Mark of the RED RAM
- Mark of the RED RAM (under construction)
- Elizabeth In The Mirror



Elizabeth In The Mirror

This story is inspired by The Prince's Kiss from Grimm's tale "Snow White". Not only that, fairy tales characters like Cinderella and Alice from the Alice in the Wonderland are also mentioned (only mentioned). I think the story "Snow White" is applied here 20 per cent ?! I am sure all of you are so familiar with "Snow White". So, I skip the introduction part of "Snow White".

"Elizabeth In The Mirror" is about a beautiful girl who falls asleep in order to gain her Prince's Kiss. To carry her "loved" step-daughter's will, the hostess of the House invited all the men from London to awake the sleeping Snow White by a kiss. However, Cain finds that that beautiful dead body is in fact poisoned by her beautiful stepmother - the hostess. How did she poison her?! By an apple or...... And, will the dead body awakes again by the Prince's Kiss?! If it is so, who that Prince is?!

Click here to read the whole story. If you like, don't forget to bring an apple along so that you can eat it while enjoying this story.



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