Gundam Wing!
This is where I'm keeping all my Gundam Wing stories! Isn't it great?! Stories about me, Hee-chan, Wu-baby, Q-man, and even Trojan (Tro-chan)! It's great! OZ might even show up! *Wiggles eyebrows* I wouldn't mind having Zechs around. *Gets hit in the head by Hee-chan* Baka. *Chibi grin* Hope you like what you find!
The Bonny Swan- Here's one I wrote! It's a vidfic and good, I think! 1x2 & Relena bashing
Sober- by Nikita Shinigamix1 Very good fic! Trying to get her to write a sequal!
Angel- by Pilot02 1x2, AU, & angels!
1 2 3 4   5 6 7   8- coming soon!
Scar Tissue- by Amanda02 I've gone a little off the deep end! What wil happen to me?!  New! Parts 10 11 12 13
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