-Duo's thoughts-
~Heero's thoughts~

Angel by Pilot02
Part 3 - Teaser

“Ugh… Figures that they’d mess up the coordinates like this! If this mission is screwed then it’s their fault, not mine!!” Duo yelled angrily into the night sky after picking himself up from the mud hole into which he had been transported. Shaking his leathery wings to rid them of mud, he gingerly picked up his backpack, hoping against hope that his camera was intact. He checked his belongings and saw to his relief that nothing was harmed; though several items were dirty. Duo looked around and tried to figure out where he was, and realized that he had absolutely no idea where he was and no idea how to find out where he was. And, as if to taunt him, the Boss hadn’t told him the location of the safe house.

“Heh. He probably thought that I’d blab to someone. Argh, why won’t anyone trust me? Boss won’t tell me my own mission, Hilde is convinced that I’ll be eaten alive by man-eating Venus flytraps in the middle of the Amazon rainforest--which I hope is not where I am right now because if it is, then somebody is going to pay!!!--and my partner, if he’s anywhere near here, is probably running for his life back towards Heaven because he doesn’t want to work with a klutz like me!!!” Duo ranted on, (thankfully dispersing most of his anger, otherwise he probably would’ve tried to blow something large and important sky-high.) oblivious to anything around him. He was stopped mid-rant by a voice that seemed to come from nowhere, yet everywhere all at the same time. The omnipresent voice was familiar, and Duo recognized as the voice of the Dark One himself.


Duo flinched, raising his wings unconsciously in a semi-protective arrangement; he knew he must be in trouble already, which would not look good on his resume.

“What are you doing, boy? Why are you not at the safe house yet? By sitting here in this forest, you are jeopardizing the mission. Now GET TO THE SAFE HOUSE!!!” The high-and-mighty Dark One said before leaving Duo alone again.

“Great! Here I am, in the middle of Shinigami knows where, I’m already in trouble, and I’m very lost.” With a final wild gesture with his arms, he put his pack on (1) and started off in a random direction, determined to just get through the mission and then have a word with the transportation specialists when he got home.

“…You’ll get to the house faster if you go this way.” Someone said in a deep monotone voice. Duo turned slowly, realizing that the person must be his partner, and also that he must’ve heard a lot of the rant from earlier. Cheeks aflame, Duo finally faced the other, and his eyes widened in surprise. The boy was drop-dead gorgeous; unruly dark brown hair falling across his face, rich cobalt eyes that seemed to look inside of you and search out your soul, and he was very muscled, yet still attractively thin. The large white-feathered wings only helped his appearance.

“Whoa.” Duo muttered under his breath, eyes still wide with disbelief. “Lemme guess, you’re Heero Yuy, right? And the big guy sent you on this mission to keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t screw it too bad, right?” Duo asked, trying to act normal.

“Yes and no.” The boy answered shortly, before folding his wings and turning around to head back the way he came.

“…No, eh? So, why are you here?” Duo replied, following Heero.

“I don’t know. I think I got just about as much information as you did, if not a little less. I wasn’t even informed of your name, and I still don’t know it.”

Duo realized that he hadn’t even introduced himself yet; he probably had made a bad impression on the other angel, since light angels were trained to be polite. Dark ones were not given any such training, and most acted very rude and offensive. Blushing even harder, he answered. “My name’s Duo, Dark angel extraordinaire,” he finished with a huge grin and a theatrical bow. Unfortunately, Heero’s back was facing Duo, so the light didn’t see the dark’s performance. Duo plunged on, only a bit disheartened that Heero didn’t see. -I wonder what he’s into; guys or girls…Being a light angel and all, I’m guessing girls. *Sigh* Oh well. I can hope, right? I’ll find out after a while.-

“So, Heero, is this your first mission? It’s not mine, but I botched my other one up pretty badly, so I’m surprised they even let me on this one.  It wasn’t a very important one, though, I mean I only had to kill off a couple of CEOs and stuff…” Duo trailed the sentence off when he realized that his choice of topics wasn’t the best one to be discussing with a light angel. “Ehehehe…Yeah, well, I, uh, hehehe…”

“Urusai, baka. Yes, it is my first mission. My guardian has talked the Wise out of sending me on any others so far.” Heero cut Duo off, relieving the other’s uneasiness with a change in subject.

“Oh, well, I guess you’re kinda unlucky to be sent with me, eh? And Heero, uh, what’d you say to me just now?” Duo asked with a confused (and very cute) look on his face.

“I said ‘be quiet, idiot.’” Heero answered quickly, mentally flinching at his harsh words. ~And no, I don’t consider myself unlucky at all, baka.~

(1) His backpack is specially made to fit on around his wings. He folds them up and puts the backpack on over them. When they travel through the woods, both of them have their wings folded up so they don’t get scratched by branches or thorns.
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