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Angel- Part 2- Teaser

Duo’s pov

By Pilot02

He sighed. He was tired. Tired of play-acting that everything was okay. It wasn’t. Sometimes he didn’t even know why he tried. In a few days, he was to be sent to earth on a mission. A mission that he had no information on. One that even his superiors didn’t know the details on. He sighed again, then looked up at the sound of someone coming toward him.

“Duo! The Boss has some more information for you; I think it’s about your mission. You’d better hurry.  Boss sounded a bit frustrated.” Hilde, a fellow dark angel, said.

Hilde was a bit shorter than Duo, even though she was older, and that made her really short since Duo was just over five-feet himself. “All right, I’ll go. Maybe I’ll be back later, it just depends on what High-and-Mighty himself wants me to do. Thanks for telling me.” Duo then retreated toward the Boss’s quarters.

Later, after Duo’s meeting with the Boss

“Why do I have to get this job?? Aggghhhh! This wasn’t in the job description,” He muttered, trying to use a bit of humor to keep himself from losing control and blowing himself into oblivion, taking all of creation with him. Luckily for everyone, he did a very good job, and went to say goodbye to Hilde, the only one of the dark angels who could see the true Duo, the one hidden behind the cheerful mask.

“So, Duo, what’s your mission? I’m surprised he’s letting you go, after all, you aren’t actually of age, ya know. And who knows what kind of distractions you’ll run across, and you haven’t even been assigned a.. I hate to say it this way.. but you haven’t been assigned a mate, either, Duo. And everyone knows that you aren’t exactly the most devoted guy as it is-“ Hilde started a long lecture.

She tried her best to keep the violet-eyed dark angel out of trouble, because she wanted to be his mate, his ‘significant other’, as they were referred to in the light angels’ territory. She frowned a bit at the thought of the light angels. She really did not like them much at all. She was a dark angel, and she was proud of it. If not for the black robes and black wings, one could recognize her as a dark one from the horns on her head. Of course they were fake, but they looked very real, and she liked the look they gave her.

“Hilde, stop it! I’ve heard that lecture from the Boss already, and I don’t need to hear it from you as well. I have to go and get ready to leave. I’m leaving right away on this mission. Don’t worry about me, Hilde, I’ll be fine. I’m a big boy now. I will see you when I get back, ok?” Duo interrupted. Hilde nodded, then grabbed Duo’s robe as he turned to leave. He turned around, with a confused look on his face. “What is it, Hilde?” He asked.

“Well, it’s just that, well, what can you tell me about your mission, Duo?” Hilde struggled to find words to express what she really wanted to say, but she gave up and asked him that question instead. “Well, not much, actually, since I don’t even know too much about it myself. The only thing I can tell you is that I will have a partner. A light angel. I think Boss said his name was… something like hero…. Ah! That’s it! Heero … Yuy. That’s it. Heero Yuy.”

“Duo! This must be a very big mission, and already you aren’t taking it seriously! No wonder they never let you go on any missions- Uh, Duo, did you just say your partner was a LIGHT angel?” Hilde said, Duo’s words finally sinking in to her head. “Yeah, that’s what I said, Hilde. Gee, don’t take it so hard, I’m sure it won’t be that bad.”

Hilde kept her composure on the outside, but inside, she was furious. ‘How dare they partner her beloved Duo with one of those… those goody-goody two-shoes light angels? Why could she not go?’

“Well, I suppose that if you think you can handle it then you’ll be ok, just promise me you’ll come home after the mission. Promise me that you won’t get hurt. Promise me that you’ll be careful and that you won’t do anything foolish or irrational. Think carefully about your every move, ok? Now, you’d better go now, so that none of the High Powers get upset with you. So go!”

With that, she pushed him in the general direction of his small, one room cottage. She didn’t even realize that she hadn’t given him time to respond to anything she had said, since her mind was so muddled with anger. Duo took the not-so subtle hint and took off toward his home, leaving Hilde behind in the darkness that had overtaken the land.

In his room, Duo grabbed a black backpack and proceeded to pack what meager belongings he had collected over the various -and few- missions that he had been involved in. His possessions included a well-worn black hat; a few random books; a nice hairbrush; a photo album that was, unfortunately, empty; and a very nice digital/ 35mm camera. (It could take either 35mm or digital pictures, and it was a professional model.)

He then left the room, and headed toward the Mission Preparation building, as it was commonly known as. Once there, he was fitted with a nice wardrobe -black, of course- and he was hustled off to head to his destination where he and his mission partner were to stay.

‘Once I’m there, I really have to meet this guy. After all, the Boss wouldn’t allow just any light angel to work with one of the dark. Oh well. No use wasting brain cells for something like that, so I’ll just sit back, and enjoy the in-flight movie.’ He smiled at his own joke, knowing that it would only take a matter of seconds for him to be transported to the safe house.

‘Well, so much for a Sunday evening matinee.’
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