-Duo’s thoughts-
~Heero’s thoughts~
\The dark angel Boss’s thoughts\

Angel by Pilot02
Part 7

“Oi, look at that, mum!” A teenaged girl shouted while pointing to the sky just above the horizon. (1) What appeared to be a black cloud was descending to the earth from above; space, perhaps?

A little boy and his mother walked through the park, the mother being 8 months pregnant and forced to live on the streets. The boy’s eyes widened in fear, and he clutched his mother’s hand like a lifeline as a black cloud appeared just over the next rise in the land.

Similar sightings occurred simultaneously worldwide as Hilde’s demons arrived on the Earth. The humans were dumbstruck, as nothing like this had ever happened before in all of recorded history.

“And now to Charlene and the International Newscast 24/7 with more information on these strange black clouds being sighted around the world.”

“Right, Brent. This is a strange phenomenon, indeed. Nothing is known about these strange clouds, although they have been confirmed in several continents, including North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Here are some still photographs and video clips that we have so far. As you can see, contrary to popular belief, they don’t appear to be a solid cloud, but more like several…objects clustered together.” Charlene’s voice dropped as a balding man came up to her and began to talk, waving his arms animatedly, pointing at the portion of the sky behind the cameraman. Charlene paled, then nodded and signaled to the cameraman.

A small Global Studies class was huddled around a small school-provided TV, watching the international newscast in silent awe. They watched with the rest of the world as the camera’s angle changed slowly, revealing a cluster of what appears to be humanoid figures with huge black wings, similar to that of a crow.

The group approached the area that the TV and news crew occupied, angling downward through the air. When they landed, they curled their monstrous wings up and they merged into the backs of the figures. The camera shook; a direct reflection of the cameraman’s obvious fear and shaking limbs. Charlene stuttered, her fear-numbed state of mind rendering her unable to do anything else as the closest thing approached her.

“W...wh...what are you and why are you here?” she managed to choke out, gathering her courage to thrust her microphone at the thing’s head.

The thing spoke slowly yet calmly, trying still to get used to the foreign tongue it was forced to speak to be understood. “I am what humans would call a demon. A Hellspawn demon, in fact.” It spoke its S’s like a snake would, if a snake were able to talk. “It is our mission to carry out the will of our late master and summoner on the entire human race.” As it spoke, the other Hellspawn moved in closer proximity of the speaker and the hapless reporter. “The travel, however, has made us very hungry.” With an animalistic cry, the Hellspawn were on Charlene, dismembering her and eating hungrily.

The cameraman made retching sounds, then dropped the camera and ran off as blood splattered the camera’s lens. Some of the more ambitious Hellspawn gave chase and had a second helping.

The speaker from earlier approached the fallen camera and picked it up, aiming it at itself. It grinned manically at the camera, drunk on blood and the thrill of the kill. “Your worst nightmare has just come alive, girls and boys. We will not stop until our mission is complete.” After a thoughtful pause, it continued in a different language; one it was more comfortable speaking. “Ninmu ryokai. O yamesaseru watashi moshi anata suru koto ga dekiru!” (2)

*     *     *

A very pale and shaking Heero turned off the TV and turned to the wide-eyed dark angel sitting on the couch next to him. “I’d say that is our mission, ne?” Duo nodded mutely and suddenly realized the magnitude of the mission they were sent on.

He laughed uneasily. “Heh... The People with Power (3) must really trust us, Heero... This is a pretty big deal we have here.” (4)Heero nodded in response and his hand unconsciously sought out his companion’s. Duo started a little when he felt Heero’s warm hand encircle his own, but soon he was holding onto the hand like a drowning man would to anything that floats. He leaned into Heero and rested his head on the light angel’s shoulder, going slow so that the other boy had time enough to pull away if he wanted to. He didn’t.

Heero turned his head so he could place his chin on Duo’s head, breathing in his unique smell. “We will make it through this, Duo. I promise, we will both make it through.” He instinctively brought his unoccupied arm up to encircle Duo’s waist, and Duo responded by snuggling deeper into his shoulder, eventually finding the crook of his neck a comfortable place to be.

Duo brought his own unused arm up to wrap it around Heero’s shoulders, and automatically positioned it so that he could softly run his thumb along the light angel’s jaw line, which he did. He pulled his head out of the snug space it was in and looked up at Heero, who had likewise removed his head from its perch on Duo’s. The two seemed to come to some realization; and in fact they did. They realized how much they liked and cared for the other. It might have been called love, had either of them bothered to talk about it.

Neither boy made the first move; if it were a song, it would have been a sweet, harmonized melody. Both leaned in at the same time after violet met blue. The kiss was fleeting, but enjoyable all the same.

Leaning in for another taste of the other, the boys made contact again, feeling warm lips pressed on theirs. Duo boldly ran his tongue along the light angel’s bottom lip while wrapping both his arms securely around Heero’s waist. Heero responded in kind to the gesture, pulling Duo close by encircling the dark angel’s waist with his own arms. Heero opened his mouth, and the two tongues shyly touched. As each of the angels grew bolder, their kiss concurrently deepened.

So as to not perish due to asphyxiation, they reluctantly pulled apart, breathing heavily and not wanting the moment to end. Both of the angels were lost in thought.

-Heh... Here we are, supposed to be saving the world, and we’re sitting here, practically making out...- “Hey, Hee-chan, we’ve gotta go save the world now,” Duo said quietly.

“I know, but where are we going to start?” ~And why do we need to...? I’d much rather just stay here and spend the rest of my time with you...~

“I don’t know, Heero. I doubt it would be wise for us to just run out there and insult them to try to get them to run crying home to their mommies...” Duo said, a trace of a grin on his face despite the seriousness of the situation.

“They seem to be powerful; more powerful than us, I'd say. We’re going to have to think of something to outsmart them.”

“Heero, that may be harder than it sounds. From what we’ve seen so far, they are at least somewhat intelligent creatures. I doubt we could beat them all if it’s just you and me against them. We’re going to need to get help, Heero.” Duo said, the grin gone in favor of a contemplative expression.

“Duo, they said they were Hellspawn, right?”

Duo nodded.

*     *     *

In Heaven, the oldest Wise (5) looked down upon the earth--a small dwelling in a clearing in the woods, to be precise. He was a bit upset about the scene that the two angels had put on earlier.

*     *     *

In the Boss’s place of residence, the Boss himself looked at a small dwelling in a clearing in the middle of the woods. With a satisfied smile, he sat back in his chair.

\Oh yes, this is going very well.\


(1)  A very subtle self insert. ^.^ Yes, I do talk like that, even though I’m not an Aussie and have never been there. My accent is actually more like a Brit/Aussie mix, though how that came about, I’ll probably never know.
(2)  In order, they roughly mean: “Mission acknowledged. Put a stop to me if you can.”
(3)  Duo’s talking about the Wise Ones of the light angels and the Boss of the dark ones.
(4)  Ehehehe... Here is where I start to get nervous about my writing... 
(5)  This is referring to the Wise that talked to Sally in part 1.

o.O  That is the most yaoi-ish thing I have ever written... Guhh... Hope it doesn’t suck...
C&C wanted... please...

~(A very nervous) Pilot02
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