-Duo’s thoughts-
~Heero’s thoughts~
=Hilde’s thoughts=

Angel by Pilot02
Part 6

Hilde fumed. Hilde ranted. Hilde plotted devious ways to nip the blossoming love between the other two angels in the bud. “Hmm…I could send someone to earth to kill off the idiot…I could go myself and kill the bastard myself…No, too violent; Duo might not forgive me. Hrmm…” Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she let out a happy squeal. “Yes! That’s it!” A few dwellings away, a few young dark angels paused at the sound of a nearly hysterical, evil sounding laugh, but then shrugged it off and returned to their game of poker.

*     *     *

Heero and Duo finally stumbled into the clearing in which the safe house stood, a lonely silhouette in the darkness. It had taken them longer to get there than Heero had approximated, as they had run into unforeseen delays in their progress along the way. Duo yawned as he stood behind Heero, waiting for the light to open the front door. He finally opened it and walked inside; Duo wearily following, neither one bothering to find a light switch. “The bathroom’s there,” Heero pointed as he sleepily led Duo to the bedroom. “Kitchen’s there, living room’s the one we just walked through. Here’s the bedroom.”

“Only one bed,” Duo murmured unintelligibly, taking off his pack and dropping it in the middle of the floor. He strode almost clumsily over to the bed and climbed onto it, spreading out so he took almost the whole bed to himself, his wings curled onto his back. Heero gently moved Duo’s legs over to one side, and then curled up to sleep on the end of the bed.

*     *     *

Hilde stopped her summoning spell to spare a quick glance at the bowl sitting behind her spell book. What she saw nearly made her scream out in agony. In truth, what she really wanted to do /was/ scream out loudly and take out some of her frustration. So she did. After she was done, she glared at the cauldron that held her lazily bubbling summoning concoction. Nothing was happening. She sighed, then reached for her ingredients. “A little more dragon’s bane and blue rose leaves should speed it up, I think. I can’t wait all day for the stupid demon to be summoned.”

Still the stubborn thick liquid maintained the same rate of bubbling. Hilde growled at the cauldron, and then dumped the whole plate of dragon’s bane and the cup of blue rose leaves into the mix. Nothing. She looked back at the spell book and noticed that she had missed one ingredient in her haste to get the mixture done; dehydrated bat defecation. Still growling, she walked over to a seemingly random shelf and pulled down a neatly labeled jar. Upon arriving back at the rhythmically bubbling cauldron, she twisted the lid of the jar, but it held fast. Giving in to her rage and howling with fury, Hilde threw the whole jar into the cauldron and broke it open with a broom handle. 

As soon as the contents of the jar mixed with the rest of the dark purple liquid, it turned deep red and started bubbling furiously. A translucent gas was emanating from the mix, giving Hilde a near drug-induced high. She giggled with happiness. “Soon, soon he will succumb! Succumb to the dark forces at hand!” she shouted to no one in particular, and no one in particular paid any attention.

A shadowy form came to be seen in the bottom of the cauldron, laying in fetal-form, developing from the liquid itself. Its eyes flew open and glowed an even brighter red than the heated liquid around it. One translucent hand reached up and grasped the rim of the cauldron, gaining solidity as its mate joined it. The hands pulled and the body slowly surfaced.

Warily, the newly spawned demon climbed out of the cauldron, the level of the liquid dropping; it then stood off to the side of the cauldron as if waiting for something. Another hand appeared above the level of the crimson liquid, much like the way the first demon’s hands did. Hilde stopped her insane cackling and looked on in a drug-hazed state of awe as another demon appeared, then another. Finally, the liquid concoction was at a level too low to support the formation of another demon.

Hilde began grinning stupidly as the demons looked at her for an order. “Go to earth! Have your way with them! Kill him! Kill him! Make him suffer!” she shrieked, jumping excitedly. One of the demons shot its hand out and quickly closed it on Hilde’s throat.

It began to talk, slowly, carefully pronouncing every word. “We shall follow your orders to the fullest extent. Since you did not specify whom to kill and make suffer, we shall take it out on all of the inhabitants of this planet, Earth. But first, we are hungry.” With that, the demon crushed her windpipe and snapped her neck.

The demons closed in, eating the flesh from her bones.
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