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Angel- Part 1- Teaser

Heero’s pov

By Pilot02

The boy sat by the river, looking into the water. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to try to cross the water, for it was the only thing keeping the angels from the earth. But the boy wasn’t happy with his life with the rest of the angels, he wasn’t sure why.

Maybe it was because he was alone. Everyone else had their ‘significant other’, who had been with them for most of their lives, but the boy had no one. So he was restless. He was bored. He was unhappy.

Not yet old enough to go to the earth, and too old to go to the nursery, he spent the majority of his time looking into the water of the river, observing the humans. Not the most interesting of pastimes, but he needed something to do to keep his mind occupied so that he didn’t think of his loneliness.

He kept watching the humans, and watching the water, for sometimes, when the water was really clear, you could see all the way down. Down past the earth, to another place. It held beings much like himself, but darker. Not darker as in skin or hair color, but darker in spirit. They were the dark angels, the angels of death.

It was on one of those days that the boy was watching the water, when suddenly it became clearer. The boy was used to the sudden changes, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. Then he saw the dark angels. He began watching them, observing them as he would the humans. One of them caught his attention; it was different from the others somehow….

It had long braided hair, and bounced along with more energy than any one being had any right to have. And yet, it was alone. Just like the boy. Watching this being run around aimlessly, the boy felt a pang of…. Want? He dismissed that thought and tried to make out the gender of the dark angel.

The black robes billowed around the youth, and obscured the boy’s view. He first assumed it female, but a more thorough observation proved that theory wrong. The angel was astounded by the dark one’s beauty, the black wings were sleek and elegant, the boy’s creamy skin contrasting greatly with the robes and wings. The angel was startled out of his reverie by a voice calling out his name.

“Heero, come on now, it’s time for you to rest, little one.” Said the voice, which belonged to an older angel, one who had ‘adopted’ Heero and had raised him since as long as he could remember. The boy stood obediently and ran over to the woman, and walked with her to their house.

The woman, after making sure that Heero was sleeping, went to where the Wise stayed. The Wise greeted her warmly, as she was very popular among the older angels. “I think that it is wrong to send one so young on such a dangerous mission- and with one of the Dark? It’s utterly irresponsible of you all.” She said, angry, yet still retaining her cool composure.

“While we have heard and re-heard your arguments, Sally, I don’t think that we really have any other choice. The Dark will only work with a Light if the Light is up to the Dark’s standards. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as you seem to see it, the Dark approved of Heero, and none other. It is because of this that we have to send the boy. I have observed the boy lately, and I have noticed that he spends a lot of his time looking through the waters. Sometimes he observes the humans, but at other times-“ Here the old Wise trailed off. He sighed, and then resumed his speaking. “At other times, he looks beyond the human’s world, into the realm of the darkness. He seems to have already caught a glimpse of the little one who is to be Heero’s mission companion, the longhaired boy, Duo Maxwell. It seems that Heero has approved of Duo; even if Heero can't see that, I can. Now, please, Sally, if you have any other complaints, then please take it up with the council, but not here, and not now. We don’t have time. Sally, now if you will, please get the boy Heero’s things together, everything he should need for this mission. He leaves tomorrow morning. Dismissed.”

Sally bowed her head, looking at the ground. “Alright, I will do it. Do you think, Wise, that there will be any problems between the Maxwell boy and my Heero? What if they don’t get along?” Then Sally left the dwelling of the Wise, and went to pack a bag for Heero.

After Sally left, the Wise mumbled, “Actually, Sally, them not getting along is not one of my concerns.”

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