Extracts of Online Chat with Director Mani Rathnam & P S Keerthana (Amudha)

Mani Rathnam:hi everybodyMani Rathnam and P S Keerthana
Keerthana (Amudha):hi
Keerthana (Amudha):hi again
Mark:Which class r u studying Keerthana ?
Keerthana (Amudha):Im studying in 5th std C
Mani Rathnam:vanakam
S.Madhumitha:Were you nervous before the camera, Keerthana?
Mani Rathnam: selvan vanakam
Keerthana (Amudha):vanakkam back
Keerthana (Amudha):no
selvan:I am srilankan
Keerthana (Amudha):Iam an Indian
thisisurdude:hi chinna ponnu
Keerthana (Amudha):hi again
Keerthana (Amudha):who is that chinna ponnu
selvan:hello keerthana
syahida:Hello Mani sir and Keerthana,How are you?I am from Malaysia
prem:i love all your movies
gopi:u only cute girl
Keerthana (Amudha):im fine, how are you ?
Mani Rathnam:hi syahida,
prem:and admire the roles
vidya:hieee keerthana u have done an excellent job!!
Mani Rathnam:thanks prem, kepp it that way
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you
syahida:you had done a fabulous job in Kannathil Muthamittal
prem:from pagal nilavu to kannathil....aaaall
Mani Rathnam:thanks prem
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you
S.Madhumitha:ur next project?
prem:dont say thanks ...its all gift (god gift ) u deserve it
syahida:I like all your movie sir especially Anjali,Dalapathi,Alai Payuthey and many more
heman:What is ur next project ?
syahida:what is your next project
vidya:Sir,...uve prooved ur ability once again!!
selvan:I have seen "KANNATHIL MUTHAMITAAL"
Mani Rathnam:will try to keep the future ones also up to your expectations
selvan:It is excellent
Mani Rathnam:vidya thank you. glad you liked it
Keerthana (Amudha):selvan, how is the movie ?
syahida:Keerthana-your expressions and and acting was really great
thisisurdude:Mr. Mani where u confident when u were directing this movie
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you selvan and syahida
Keerthana (Amudha):I am 10
vidya:Ithe cinematography was breathtaking!!
S.Madhumitha:Mr.Mani, the park which is supposed to be in Colombo(the suicide bomber scene),isn't it actualli in Pondy?
Mani Rathnam:heman, every film is like a first film. you struggle your way thru it
dhivya:keerthana....fantastic performance
selvan:How do u feel about srilankan sir?
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you very much
renuka:hi keethana..what was it like acting in a Mani Rathnam movie and with simran and maddy?
niru:hello keerthana
dhivya:Mani sir....u choose ure cast very well...any special preferences when it came to this movie....i mean...was the script written with particular artistes in mind?
Mani Rathnam:madhumita, doesnt it lokk like colombo, i think it is colombo
gopi:u hve made a diff in every shot, a trend setter
Keerthana (Amudha):interesting, Ms dhivya
[email protected]:Sir, Congrats for taking a simple story from Reders Digest and weaving it into a beautiful movie! Hats of to you!
Keerthana (Amudha):hi vinodh
vidya:heyyy...keerthana..u were lovely..in the movie
niru:hey keerthana! how was ur experience having to work with the big stars like Mani sir and maddy and simi?
syahida:Mani sir, how is your wife,Mrs Suhasini and childrens
Mani Rathnam:dhivya, you write the script and then do the casting. that makes the job on the set easier
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you vidya
dhivya:thank you keerthana
niru:Mani sir! it was a gr8 movie
Mani Rathnam:thanks kartik
syahida:i believe all of them is behind your success
S.Madhumitha:I live in a town aroung 15 kms from Pondy and I know every inch of the place, I'm sure its Pondicherry
dhivya:thank u Mani sir..
selvan:amudha neenga enga oorukku varuveengala?
Mani Rathnam:sya- my wife is fine. so is my son.
Praveen:Hello Sir
syahida:Kannathil Muthamittal is really great hit in Malaysia
niru:Keerthana! Hey you now have fans like us ! How do u feel about it? GR8 acting there
[email protected]:Keerthana - Appa Amma dhristi suththi potaangalaa?
dhivya:keerthana...how did u feel when u first met maddy and simran?
Keerthana (Amudha):oh!
Mani Rathnam:sya, good to hear that it is a hit in malaysia
Keerthana (Amudha):I feel very happy
vidya:sir....is it true that ur making a movie with Aamir khan?
Mani Rathnam:madhumita,
Mani Rathnam:dont tell anybody
syahida:yes Keerthana you have a lot of fans
niru:hey keerthana whats your plans now? are u continuing to act or are you going to go back to school?
dhivya:Mani sir...what do u look for when u r searching for new stars?
[email protected]:Mani sir - What is the most significant contribution from your assitants?
dhivya:are looks the only thing that matters?
selvan:Sir, How did u collect details about srilankans?
Mani Rathnam:vidya, no plans finalised as yet on the next project. have to write the script first
Keerthana (Amudha):I'm going back to school, but I might be doing one later
Shanti:hi Mani sir thank you for kannathil muthammital it is a brilliant movie...made us whose ancestors were sri lankan descendants understand our roots more
syahida:what are you studying-Keerthana
senthil:so whats ur next movie sir
Mani Rathnam:selvan, we had a research team looking into it
Keerthana (Amudha):Im studying in 5C
[email protected]:Mani sir - what was the reaction from the Tamil Film industry, especially from people like K.B Sir, Bharathiraja, Kamal and Shankar?
Mani Rathnam:shanti, thanx
Praveen:Sir how do u do the charecterization
niru:Thats Nice keerthana..........Hoping to see you soon in another film!
dhivya:keerthana...wat is ure best memory about KM?
[email protected]:Mani Sir- I can see you have made very few compromises in this film. Are you willing to take few more steps in this direction and create a movie better than 'Iruvar' and 'Kannathil'?
Mani Rathnam:Praveen,
Keerthana (Amudha):I said I might do
S.Madhumitha:Mr.Mani, u don't have a daughter, do u?
dhiraj_pai:sir do u like conterversies or conterversies like u
Mani Rathnam:it is one of the first steps when you develop yhe script
selvan:I see,sir it is really super
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Are you satisfied with your growth in the past 10 years? What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
selvan:amudha, neenga srilankavukku varuveengala?
dhivya:what do u look for in up and coming stars Mani sir?
Keerthana (Amudha):varuven, vandireken
niru:Ya got that keertana.......All the best to your studies!
Mani Rathnam:madhumita, no i do not have a daughter, but i have a lot of littel girls who are my pals
syahida:will you introduce any new artist or music director in your next film because i heard rumour that you want to introduce new music director
[email protected]:Mani Sir - At what point during the audition did you say "Yes! I found Amudha:?
S.Madhumitha:then how did u just take a xerox copy of father-daughter(Mdhavan-Keerthana) relationship in the movie?
renuka:amudha how old are u?
selvan:amudha, ceylon thamil eppadi?
Mani Rathnam:kartik, how does one assess oneself, i know that i want to get tbetter and better with each film
niru:Keerthana..........So what is your freinds opinion now that you are a STAR? How do they treat U? as a friend or as a star?
Keerthana (Amudha):I'm 10 yrs old
S.Madhumitha:many scenes were just like me and my dad conversing when i was 10 and me and my mom fighting
Keerthana (Amudha):They treat me as a friend, nothing else
prabu:Mr.Mani how u found this cute kid
Mani Rathnam:madhumita, you dont have live everything to potray or depict, you just have to understand
selvan:amudha,naan jaffna
prem:how u feel abt this role Amudha
[email protected]:Mani Sir - If Lagaan can get to the Oscars, how long do we have to wait to see a Tamil Film getting into Oscars?
dhivya:keerthana.....have u been to malaysia?
vijay:hi amudha............ well done keep it up
hairun:KM was a masterpiece
Mani Rathnam:prabu, keerthana was the best thing that happened with KM
Keerthana (Amudha):different from my life
mrnayagan:hi Mani sir and amudha kutty
vijay:hi amudha
Keerthana (Amudha):so many times dhivya
vijay:wats ur next plan
Mani Rathnam:kartik, we will get there
niru:Mani Sir.......Gr8 movie! Loved it!
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you vijay
N.Shankar:Mani sir and keerthana hello from shankar
Keerthana (Amudha):Not decided, vijay
Mani Rathnam:thanks niru
Keerthana (Amudha):hi shankar
dhivya:how do u like it keerthana?
Mani Rathnam:hi shankar
sushma:how did u choose keerthana for this role?she is stunning!!
N.Shankar:damn good movie sir congragulations
senthil:so whats the next plan
mrnayagan:Mani Sir, do you have any plan to shoot a movie in malaysia
vijay:amudha............ wats ur next turn around
prabu:Keerthana how u felt during first shot in km
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Just a curiosity. What other actors did you consider for the role of Thamizhchelvan
Mani Rathnam:sushma, keerthana is brilliant, i was plain lucky
niru:Ur welcome! Whens your next movie!
selvan:Manirathnam sir, naangalum ippadi than agathijaaai vanthoom
MORPHEUS:hello Mani and keerthatn
Keerthana (Amudha):not decided yet, vijay
Mani Rathnam:mrnayagan, the location depends on the script
dhinesh:mr.Mani i am your fan, ur the number one film maker in india,why would u understand in this script
syahida:Mani sir,when or how you discover Keerthana
rajkumar:what is yr next project
sushma:sir,when and where did u first meet her?
Keerthana (Amudha):hi morpheus
N.Shankar:Mani sir u could have come up with an innovative picturisation for vellai pookal like this way
Mani Rathnam:selvan, i am aware that a lot of peole have gone thru much more than what we could depict
mrnayagan:thanks Mani sir, we will be glad if you shoot it here, but once again, we know that you give utter importance to your script
rajkumar:will it be a social theme or love theme ?
niru:hi Mani sir! When is your next movie?
sushma:keerthana,u were brilliant!!how did u do it?
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Any chance of seeing a Mani film under GV Films(good old days of Mouna Ragam, Anjali..)?
sushma:which school r u from?
niru:Hey keerthana! what were ur parents reaction to ur acting in a movie especially with Mani sir
Mani Rathnam:rajkumar, love themnes are becoming social issues and viceversa
Keerthana (Amudha):church park sacred heart
syahida:Mani sir,you are really good in choosing the best actors and actresses,i mean the ability of choosing the artists
Keerthana (Amudha):They felt proud
MORPHEUS:was gud watching u in the movie
prabu:all grades goes to u mr.Mani
vidya:sir....i also have to say that the tele serial"anbulla snehithiye"was sooo realistic
dhinesh:hai keerthana,how would u feel ur acting in this movie
mrnayagan:mr.Mani, will there ever be a chance that you work with isaignani ilayaraja again?
Mani Rathnam:sya, that is a part of my job, i get paid to do it.
ghayathri:hello amudha how old are u
prabu:keerthana u didnt answer for how u felt in first shot of km
MORPHEUS:which school u in keer..
Keerthana (Amudha):very good dhinesh
niru:Thats nice! I am Sure they would be! YOu have achieved a lot at this young age! Even your fans are proud of u! keep it up!
sushma:sir,i have seen km thrice at the theater..each time i see it, it seems different...the ending was gr8.hats of to u
[email protected]:I once heard that you approached Illayaraja to do the music of "Iruvar". Is it true? If your script demands, will you approach Illayaraja again?
Mani Rathnam:vidya, thanks about anbulla, i will inform the entire team
niru:So keerthana.....what was your favourite scene in KM?
Keerthana (Amudha):It was very new experience because that was the first time i faced the camera
MORPHEUS:well keerthu.. u just made my day by telling me a hi
S.Madhumitha:I think Mr.Mani must have had a hell of a time transfroming Madhavan from the jiggy Romeo boy in Alai Payuthey to the silent,serious father in Km?Am i right?
Mani Rathnam:illayaraja is a gread MD. if the oppertunity comes i will love to have him score
MORPHEUS:well . r u the goody brilliant kinda gal.. or just like me... ;-)
Keerthana (Amudha):The scene when I hear that I'm adopted
sushma:sir,u seem to love kids..any interesting experience with them?
selvan:amudha, really I have seen bomb blast
mrnayagan:Keerthi, what is your next movie? any chances doing a film with your dad?
Keerthana (Amudha):What are you doing Morpheus
prabu:Mr.Mani why dont u take a sci-fic movie
[email protected]:Mani sir - thats a great news that things are fine between you and Raja!
syahida:Keerthana u look cute and naughty in the sundari song,reminding people of their childhood
rajkumar:Mani sir u have not taken any historicall picture why dont u try one ? maybe u might produce another veera pandiyan kattabomman
Mani Rathnam:madhumita, it was definitely more interesting doing that with maddy than repeating a young guy role
niru:Ok that scene was my fav too!
Mani Rathnam:prabu,
Keerthana (Amudha):Im not sure mrnayagan
sushma:keerthana,how was ur experience with maddy,and simran?
MORPHEUS:at present chatting with teh kewlest people in town..
Mani Rathnam:are you planning to produce the sci fi movie?
prabu:yes mr.Mani
Keerthana (Amudha):did u remember of your childhood days syahida
MORPHEUS:and keerthana.. do u have anyother movies in pipeline
niru:Mani Sir! what is your nxt movie's theme?
Mani Rathnam:rajkumar, yes i would love to do a period film. dont know if the tamil audience will be keen on it?
mrnayagan:Mr.Mani, thank you, and in my humble opinion, it would be great if you could bring together Ilayaraja and Rahman to work in a same movie ... I think that there is no better filmmaker who can extract the best out of those two musical genius
Keerthana (Amudha):no morpheus
dhinesh:mr,Mani how did shoot in srilanka
syahida:yup keerthana perhaps,hehe
Radhika:forget abt SCI FI..how abt a comedy movie.....in and out...
Mani Rathnam:dinesh, we got the permission went there and shot
harikrishnan:i like this Km a lot i pasted my review on http://www.newindpress.com/startrek
selvan:Sir, what do u think about srilankans problem?
sushma:keerthana, which class r u in?
S.Madhumitha:Mr.Mani, do u actually know what ur movies do to people who REALLY understand them?
syahida:i am also your father's great fan-keerthana
Keerthana (Amudha):5C
Mani Rathnam:radika, yes. comedy would be nice
MORPHEUS:oh my god... this morpheus is certainnly disappointed
Keerthana (Amudha):I will tell him syahida
mrnayagan:Mani sir, i think rajkumar has a point.... coz u can do those period movies in a different perspective
niru:Mani Sir.....Whats your theme for your next movie?
Keerthana (Amudha):dissapointed for what ? Morpheus
syahida:Keerthana,i watched your father's Azhagi,good movie
prabu:so mr.Mani u feel sci-fic wont be nice
harikrishnan:Keerthana how did u managed to pour that much emotion in the climax scene
Mani Rathnam:madhumita, it is only with these email and website one can get to know a bit about it
shanti_peace:Mani sir, how long did u study the subject before you made KM?
sushma:rahman is truly a genius and he has always said that working with u is actually tough for him since u always take a leap by making him compose in an unfriendly and different manner but the results..my gosh.stunning..
niru:Keerthana......Convey my wishes to your dad. Just tdy i was watching his movie!
N.Shankar:Mani sir battle scenes were mind blowing brilliant
Keerthana (Amudha):I just folowed the scenes and so I could give those reactions
Mani Rathnam:shanti, the subject has been close to us for years and years
Keerthana (Amudha):I will tell him, niru
prabu:so two hit movies from one family right keerthana
vidya:sir..the lyrics of KMI r mind blowing....
syahida:Thanks Keerthana,How was your parents reaction when Mani sir choose you ?
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Any idea of compiling 'behind the scenes' of Kannathil for its web site or official DVD release? Would love to see it.
Mani Rathnam:shankar. thanks. it is very satisfying to know that pulled that one thru. it was good.
S.Madhumitha:i'll tell that.Your movies make people FEEL and THINK.Thats the best thing u can recieve from the audience
Keerthana (Amudha):yup
MORPHEUS:well i must tel ya.. u did a great job.. and i bet u deserve an award for ya's performance... not to worry.. my votes are for u.. :-)
Tmrnayagan:Mr Mani sir, i read in an interview that you love AKira Kurosawa's movie. I am a great fan of him too. Can you tell me your favorite movie of his?
sushma:sir,i would like to be a part of ur unit..how can i go about doing it...i am in my second year of engineering..
niru:Thanks Keerthana......
prabu:tks for giving two hit movies this year keerthana
Radhika:Mr. Mani..what do you do in your free time? what kinda music do you like?
Keerthana (Amudha):thanks morpheus
shanti_peace:no wonder it was so real...bravo Mani sir
mrnayagan:Mani sir, have you ever made a hidden cameo appearance in your movies?
Keerthana (Amudha):dont mention it, its my pleasure
sushma:hey,keerthana,how was madhavan uncle?
Mani Rathnam:mrnayagan, lots of them but the best akira is roshomon
syahida:I like all the songs in Kannathil Muthamittal,very touching and really meaningful the lyrics
niru:Its great chatting with you like this. Hopefully we cud mail each other if thats not a problem with you!
N.Shankar:Mani sir bring arr and ir together to compose music and the result will be .............my god
MORPHEUS:so what r ur plans for this summer ..
sushma:sir,is ur next movie with kamal hasan?
Keerthana (Amudha):I dont think i did 2 movies, prabhu :)
Mani Rathnam:radika, i start getting back to normal life in the free time. have a lot of fun
Keerthana (Amudha):cool, sushma
Keerthana (Amudha):I'll be going to Hong kong or london
prabu:one frm u and nother one frm ur dad keerthana
selvan:amudha, who is ur srilankan friend?
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Is the project with Kamal still in the cards?
Keerthana (Amudha):oh, yup
Mani Rathnam:sushma, i have to one hell of sa script before i can think of khassan
TS.Madhumitha:yes, with kamal and Mani in one film,its simply great
niru:thats cool keerthana
MORPHEUS:well how was ur time with simran aunty and maddy.... ;-)
niru:hey so wud you be interested in making pen pals with ur fans?
syahida:Keerthana-are you starting getting chances from other directors,after Kannathil Muthamittal
syahida:will you come to Malaysia
Keerthana (Amudha):playfull and interesting
Radhika:Mani sir..have you seen beautiful mind...
Keerthana (Amudha):sure niru
mrnayagan:Mani sir, among your gems, what is your fav movie?
Keerthana (Amudha):no, not yet syahida
shanti_peace:Mani sir where do you get your inspiration from?
Mani Rathnam:radhika, not yet . looking forward to seeing it
syahida:can me too be your pal-Keerthana?
Keerthana (Amudha):Every year I will come to malaysia
niru:gr8! Can i give u my mail ID then? i really love to make frenz with you
Mani Rathnam:shanti, i struggle for it. if you find send it my way
S.Madhumitha:the dialogues by sujatha,excellent,especially the angry dialogues for MAdhavan and the funny ones for akilam and other kids
rajkumar:when can we expect another combination of meastros Mani-RAJA-KAMAL
sushma:sir,is ur next movie going to be after two years again???
Keerthana (Amudha):I too will
sushma:keerthana,do u have a mail id?
Keerthana (Amudha):no, i dont have sushma
Mani Rathnam:madhu,sujatha sir is great to work with. he is so today you cannot believe
MORPHEUS:well keerthana.. tell me if u got a movie.. with aamir khan.. would u reject it..and i heard ur actingone with him
Mani Rathnam:sushma, the next film will be soon
Keerthana (Amudha):If I like it I will do it
shanti_peace:well i hope Mani sir that you do realise that this movie KM has inspired many of us and the impact cannot be described...i was in total awe
Keerthana (Amudha):No, Im not acting with him
Mani Rathnam:way to go shanti
niru:hey keerthana! wud it possible for you to mail me? as i know you don't want to give your mail Id here! I wud love to be ur friend! is that ok with you?
sushma:sir,one scene that didn't understand in the movie was when amudha sees kids who belong to the terrorist gang surrounding her and she gets scared and runs away..does she imagine it or is it real???
mrnayagan:Mr.Mani, can i know the name of the small boy who acted with keerthana as her youngest brother... he is one great talented guy too, funny and cute
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Did you like M.Night Shyamalans "Sixth Sense"? Do you feel proud that his origin is Madras/TN/India?
Keerthana (Amudha):ya I will, if I have your email address, niru
sushma:keerthana,when did u first meet Mani uncle?
Mani Rathnam:susham i've finished the film it is up to you now
MORPHEUS:keerthana.. ps tell hi to 5 friends around me..
broadpit:hi.....................keerthana do u know me ...
Mani Rathnam:kartik, sixth sense was great. simply great
Keerthana (Amudha):I first met Mani uncle at the shooting of the movie
selvan:sir,neenga vantha neeram samaathaaanam varappoooguthu !
S.Madhumitha:Well,we all know that Mani's film leave an impact on us,Mr.Mani which film left an impact on you
Keerthana (Amudha):hi all
niru:ok here it is [email protected]
[email protected]:Mani Sir - How many times do you watch your film AFTER it hits the screens?
Mani Rathnam:mynayagan, the boy's name is ketan. he was a handful.
syahida:Keerthana,can i be your pal?
rajkumar:Mani sir who's the MD for yr upcomming movie ? RAJA or RAHMAN
Keerthana (Amudha):I dont know you, but i will know you from now, broadpit
prabu:i gtg bye
Keerthana (Amudha):ya sure, syahida
Mani Rathnam:kartik, you watch the film so many times as you are finishing that you stop watching it once the first show is over
sushma:sir,can u say if that scene was real or that she was imaging ???
Mani Rathnam:real sushma
prabu:bye Mr.Mani tks for a colourful movie
rajkumar:why Mani sir what was yr first directorial debut ?
Mani Rathnam:bye prabhu
mrnayagan:Mr Mani, you have worked with various cinematographers among them Balu Mahendra, PCSreeram, Santosh Sivan, Rajiv Menon, and now Ravi.K.Chandiran.... do you choose them based on the requirements of scripts or on some other criteria?
shanti_peace:alrite now i'm gonna talk about something way out of subject...Mani sir i did visit ur wife's website it was very very interesting and entertaining could you pass her a message that i'm looking forward to it being updated :)
vidya:sir..will u be casting a new hero..this time around as well?
Niki:Mr. Mani Fabulous Movie That was!
Mani Rathnam:mrnayagan, all these cameramen are world class, so i would be happy with anyone
N.Shankar:too good it sounds western yet it is based on the hamsadhwani
sushma:sir,people say that this is the best movie u have ever made...but i think its definitely one of the best..and the best is yet to come..wat do u say?
Mani Rathnam:niki thankx
vetri:hello sir, after a long time i saw a wonderful movie nothing but urs
vetri:hi amutha kutti
Keerthana (Amudha):hi vetri
selvan:sir, will u accept "EELAM'?
v.nagasubraManian:hai amutha kutti
Mani Rathnam:sushma, i sure hope the best is yet to come. i can do better sure.
selvan:amudha, unakku ceylon tamil teriyuma?
Keerthana (Amudha):Hi nagasubraManian
Mani Rathnam:hello vetri
Keerthana (Amudha):teriyadu, sonna kathuppen
MORPHEUS:and keerthana.. did u know u remind me of my sis
[email protected]:Mani Sir - I felt Parthiban would have been a good choice for the role Madhavan. Kovam, Nakkal, Thamizh uchcharippu ellam perfect. What do you think?
vetri:hw do u feel while r were in srilanka?
renuka:amutha what was it like acting with simran and madhavan?
shanti_peace:keerthana what was your very first shot for the movie?
sushma:keertana,wats ur pet name?
niru:hey keerthana! did u get my e-mail ID? [email protected]
Keerthana (Amudha):so your sister looks beautiful like me ?
Niki:Mr. Mani, whats ya Next Movie?
vetri:ur acting was excellent chellam
Keerthana (Amudha):good
Niki:I dont Understand Tamil!
v.nagasubraManian:HAI AMMU
Keerthana (Amudha):The first shot is when I introduce myself
Mani Rathnam:kartik unfortunately you were not there at the casting point
Radhika:Mani sir..i need a smal favor from you
S.Madhumitha:Mr.Mani, how come you depict the husband-wife realtionships so beautifully?
S.Madhumitha:It's great to see ur movies which don't hav even a bit of vulgarity in them
vetri:amudha who is ur inspiration? ur mum or dad
sushma:keerthana,how do u maintain ur hair????is sooooo long?
[email protected]:Mani Sir - I sincerely pray God for your good health. I hope the problem you had recently is not serious, but I cannot believe your son said 'Kozhuppu'. :-)
Keerthana (Amudha):my pet name is keertu, My dad calls me as keerti, My friends call me as PS
Mani Rathnam:madhumita, it is a secret
mrnayagan:mr Mani... this is not a question, but i would like to compliment you on one scene which i really love from your movie..... it was in the movie Dalapathi... rajini goes to see aravind swamy's house and meets shobana there.... the dialoguie was curt, expression and lighting perfect and beautiful background music with a solo violin playing bits of sundari song... THANK YOU
harik:Amudha how do u do in ur studies
vidhya:was Madhavan the apt person for this triple role?
Keerthana (Amudha):I just left it to grow, I didnt do anything special, sushma
Keerthana (Amudha):Im the first in my friends gang
selvan:manratnam sir, we r all thanks to u for this film(BECAUSE I AM A SRILANKAN)
Keerthana (Amudha):hi renuka
niru:hey keerthana! what do u prefer people calling u as? keerthana or amudha now? i am sure u like keerthana better!
harik:amudha how do u do in ur studies
Mani Rathnam:broadpit, who says i cannot
Gayathri.S:hai amudha
MORPHEUS:what do u want this morpheus to call u
MORPHEUS:and which was ur mostest fav.. english movie....
Keerthana (Amudha):hello gayathri
S.Madhumitha:Starting from Mohan-Revathi in Mouna Ragam to Simran-Madhavan in KM,the portrai of Married life is excellent
sushma:sir,have u already started shooting for ur next film???will maddy be in it too???
rajkumar:Mani sir why didn't u chose raja or rahman for the movie that u produce? u selected L Vaithianatha / Deva / Kartik Raja ? is this a method to cut yr production cost?
MORPHEUS:ok keethu.. this morpheus is gotto leave for home now...
Keerthana (Amudha):vetri, both my mom, and dad are my inspiration
syahida:here is my e-mail add keerthana,[email protected]
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Many felt Madhavan was the weakest link in the movie. What do you think is the weakest link?
vijaykmr:HI Amudha,, oops keerthana
Keerthana (Amudha):call me keertu, morpheus
MORPHEUS:and Mr. Mani.. thansk for this great entertainer
Keerthana (Amudha):my fav movie is SHREK
shanti_peace:Mani sir how did you pick keerthana for the role of amudha...was it an instinct?
sushma:keerthana,which is ur fav song in km???
Keerthana (Amudha):bye Morpheus
vijaykmr:I have seen kannathil twice. Want to see it again. For u Keerthana
Keerthana (Amudha):hi vijaykmr
harik:keerthana thatz gr8 ..what do u want to become ..a actress or havnt planned ..anyway u have lot of potential all the best in ur endevours
niru:hey keerthana! just answer this one pls! did u get my e-mail ID? will u mail me? cos i know u can't give urs in this chat!
syahida:i like your name Keerthana,sweet name
Mani Rathnam:kartik, i was very happy with madhavan in the film. i think he is growing very well as an actor?
vijaykmr:Infact I liked Madhavan's matured role.
MORPHEUS:well shrek is worth it man... !! ur taste equals mine for sure.. hey we're frm the same class thats for sure
sushma:sir,wchich was the most toughest scene to shoot in the movie??
Keerthana (Amudha):ya i did, niru
selvan:amudha, "theivam thantha poovae " ceylon ilaya shooting pannineenga?
vidhya:keerthu, how was ur days with Mani sir?
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you syahida
Niki:Mr. Mani You next Movie
vijaykmr:Unga Tamil teacher padam paarthaangalaa?? Enna sonnanga?? ;-))
sushma:keerthana,plezz tell me ur favorite song in the film and also,will u mail me???
Keerthana (Amudha):unmaye sollakoodathu selvan
Mani Rathnam:niki working on a script
vijaykmr:Mani Sir, where was the second kannathil song was shot. Location was terrific. Was that Kerala??
Keerthana (Amudha):fav song is sundari. I will surely mail u sushma
Keerthana (Amudha):Enaku tamil teachere illa
vijaykmr:Infact Simran was terrific than everybody
Mani Rathnam:vk,it was shot at kerala and ooty
Keerthana (Amudha):Even I will write about this day
sushma:ok..my mail address is [email protected] u mail me for sure???
niru:gr8 keerthana! thx.........will catch up with u later then.......Take Care.......Best of luck to everything you do
[email protected]:Mani Sir - seems like you are already into the next movie. Not taking a brief break?
niru:Expecting Your mail....but take your time! School time illaya! well take care da
Keerthana (Amudha):thank you, same to u
poovendan:hello Mani Rathnam sir
Mani Rathnam:hi poovendan
mrnayagan:Mani sir, how do you motivate the MD... they seem to give the best scores for you.....
queen:hello Mani sir! havent seen the film but heard it is great!
Keerthana (Amudha):bye morpheus
Mani Rathnam:queen, just go see it
S.Madhumitha:Well,Mr.Mani,how ever did u get the guts to make IRUVAr.I think it was brilliant
san:Mani sir- you worked with arr for so long now are you going to work with somebody else for the music?
sushma:sir,how did u go about doing a film like iruvar???which has one of the greatest dialogues???
[email protected]:Mani Sir - The Action scenes in KM was near perfect. Keep it up!!!
niru:Bye keerthana.......Bye Mani Sir! Best of Luck to you both! ...........Take care!
Mani Rathnam:madhumita a bit weebit late pat for irruvar, thankx.
[email protected]:Mani Sir - Did you like 'Saving Private Ryan'?
Keerthana (Amudha):bye niru, take care
queen:have a major doubt Mani sir! how is it that u are able to maintain ur quality in every aspect of filmmaking even in tv serials!
Mani Rathnam:bye niru
selvan:amudha unnaku maths, pidikkuma?
Raj:Hi Mani - How does you concieve a shot, In total or shoot and experiment at the edit
Mani Rathnam:the tv serial is taken care by suhasini.
queen:anbulla snehidhi was great! wonderfuly picturised, the story and the feel was so homely that it was the only serial i saw!!!
Keerthana (Amudha):poi sollanumna enakku maths pudikatha
mrnayagan:Mani sir, if any of us have ideas to contribute, how can we do so?
Mani Rathnam:raj, i kind of flounder and figure out how to shoot
queen:what is ur next plan? is it going to be socially relevant like roja, bombay and kan........ ?
Mani Rathnam:mrnayagan there is only one way i think you can get into cinema - jump into it
sushma:keerthana,i think the song with madhavan-oru deivam thanda was shot at amazing locations...was it really at srilanka???didn't u feel cold ????u look like u were soaked in water
[email protected]:Mani sir - How hard did you laugh when you heard that KM was being compared to Spielbergs AI?
syahida:how long was the shooting of a film ?sir
syahida:how many days would it take to do a song seen?
queen:keertana- how was it working with maddy and simran? must have been fun right?
S.Madhumitha:Mr.Mani, who is ur fav writer/poet/author?
harik:Mani sir and PS thank u for the fine movie ...nice to c u all on net
Keerthana (Amudha):I really felt cold sushma
shanti_peace:Mani sir as you were growing up did you know that this is exactly what you would be doing or did you have any other ambition?
Mani Rathnam:kartik, some people have a vague sense of humour. and they dont think we are capable of doing anything on our own
Keerthana (Amudha):you are right queen
Niru:keerthana.......i didn't feel llike leaving you ppl! Coudn't resist! Came back
Mani Rathnam:shanti, honestly i never thought i would get into films
Niki:Mr. Mani, whoz ya Favourite Actor?
Keerthana (Amudha):thanks harik
Shahrukh:Hello Mr. Mani when is ur next hindi movie coming?
Mani Rathnam:sya, the film took about 65 days to shoot
Keerthana (Amudha):I too dont feel like leaving, we will keep chatting
mrnayagan:what was your initial ambition Mani sir
queen:keertana- how do ur friends at school treat u now that u r a star? romba kindal panraangala? autographlam kaepangale?
[email protected]:You call it 'sense of humor', I call it 'wiered immagination'. These guys are so funny!:-)
Mani Rathnam:niki, marlon brando is my favourite
selvan:amudha, eppooo marupadiyum ceylon varuveenga?
Keerthana (Amudha):athalam pannamaatanga, queen
Niru:sure we will! so how are u doing at school? whats ur fav subject?
Keerthana (Amudha):depends selvan
Niki:Mr. Mani, I mean out of those whom you worked with
Mani Rathnam:shahrukh, my next hindi film ? - next i guess.
mrnayagan:Mani sir, it is said that kubrick took around 80 takes for one shot... what was your most takes for a shot? which film? just curios thats all
Keerthana (Amudha):My fav subject is Maths
Keerthana (Amudha):Not right now
Mani Rathnam:niki, maybe i will work with brando
Shahrukh:okie kewl who is starring in it Mani uncle?
syahida:appo Keerthana kanakke puli
Aditya:Mr.Mani please explain about dad of amudha in the movie
Niru:WOW! so is mine! i love maths!
Mani Rathnam: mr.Nayagan, cant afford 80 takes- we are making small films in small budgets
kurins:cud u say how u got into.. movies..who inspired u more to get into movies?
Keerthana (Amudha):aama syahida
shanti_peace:Mani sir what sign are you born under?
mrnayagan:work with brando??? cool, hope it materialises sir
Niru:hey keerthana! whats the secret of ur sweetness?
Shahrukh:Mani uncle who is better Mr. Kamal Hassan or Mr. Shahrukh Khan?
Keerthana (Amudha):Its my sweet tongue
mrnayagan:lol lol.... what was your most then sir?
Shahrukh:Mani Uncle what do u think ab't Lagaan do you feel it'll win the Oscars have u seen the Movie did u like it? wehat do u feel was the speciality ab't Lagaan?
Niki:Mr. Mani the Locations in the Movie were AMAZING
Mani Rathnam:i think lagaan will win.
Niru:so what else? do u learn dance or music?
mrnayagan:mr Mani, i liked the way you picturised "poonkatrile un swasathai" song from Dil Se../ Uyirae
Mani Rathnam:sushma, we will try releasing the bgm
Keerthana (Amudha):I used to learn dance and music
S.Madhumitha:Mr.Mani,which film left an impact on you?
Mani Rathnam:queen, graphics are best when u cant see them
Niru:ok you stopped now? what dance? bharath natyam? and vocal music?
Keerthana (Amudha):hi all, we will be leaving in next 2 minutes
Mani Rathnam:i think we are leaving.
queen:Mani uncle, y is it that ur combo with Rahman is just unbeatable? u work magic together!
Keerthana (Amudha):thanks and I miss all of you
Mani Rathnam:thank you all of you. wonderful to see how many of you are there behind us
Mani Rathnam:thank you.
Mani Rathnam: bye.
Niru:ok keerthana....my wishes will be there for you
Renu:Mani sir..thanks for taking the time to chat with us!
selvan:amudha please mail me
shanti_peace: Bye Mani sir and thx for this day and KM
Keerthana (Amudha): Bye all
Mani Rathnam: Thank you.
Mani Rathnam: Bye.

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