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DASMARIÑAS: A bustling suburbia at the crossroads of development

From its humble beginnings, Dasmariñas has amazingly transformed itself. The town and its people have grown so much through a century old history of struggles, victories and defeats, hard work, unity and faith. Each chapter of its transformation is a nugget to treasure, making the precious gem that it has now become to its people and all those who have made it their home and source of sustenance.

From the "end of the forest", a humble town was born, sustained by the richness of its land and bounties and nurtured by the hands of the people who saw its potentials. Events and circumstances conspired and have continued to do so to make possible of its metamorphosis. The transformation is a sight to behold as the town renews itself physically but what is more important is that the spirit of its people's faith has remained a source of light steadfastly, guiding the town's journey toward where it is destined to go and what it is meant to be.





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