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Dasmariñas City

All development effort of the local government shall be geared towards full urbanizing and cityhood. The City of Dasmariñas or Dasmariñas City shall be a harmonious blend of a modernizing old town responding to the call of the time and an enterprising migrant population both contributing to the city's growth and development conductive to the attainment of its constituents goals and aspirations.

To ensure a balanced and integrated development of the city, a rational spatial distribution of various land uses shall be effected. The city will be divided into development clusters or sub-city groupings having specific functions relative to land use and economic development. Each sub-city will be a rational mixed land use settlement areas with residential and commercial, institutional and recreational uses adequately provided with basic social services and infrastructure and utilities. Mixed usus shall be allowed provided the general character of the development cluster or sub-city is not adversely affected.

Residential, commercial, institutional, recreational utilities are considered light intensity uses and can therefore be mixed. Medium and high intensity uses like the industrial shall be allowed only in designated areas. Residential shall be designated with corresponding densities. Low density residential area with R-1 districts shall have a minimum lot size of 100 square meters. Medium density residential areas or R-2 districts have a minimum of 50 square meters and high density areas shall have lot sizes 37 square meters and below. Upgrading and continuous improvement of residential areas of the native population of Dasmariñas shall be given impetus by the government. At the same time, the city shall be open to new residential development and provide the migrant population areas for residential purpose.

Commercial areas to be utilized for public markets, financial and commercial banks and lending institutions, convenience shops and stores shall also be provided. These are aimed at both promoting business and trade and at the same time, providing employment opportunities to the residents of the city.

Institutional areas shall also be provided for additional schools, hospitals and other government institutions while upgrading the facilities of existing ones shall also be a concern of the local government. This is to further enhance the unversity center role of the city relative to its neighboring municipalities, cities and provinces.

Recreational area and facilities shall be provided for the well-rounded physical fitness development of its population, specifically the growth sector.

Environmental sanitation and management is a major aspect of this envisioned development for the city. An efficient garbage collection and disposal system, drainage and sewerage system are must in a highly urbanized and developed settlement area. Thus, the city government will ensure that environmental sanitation systems are put in place and operating efficiently and effectively.

Industrial developments will be the backbone of the city's economic growth. The employment opportunities will operate and will provide livelihood to the migrant population as well as the native residents. The benefits that may be derived from these industries will help the government perform its responsibility towards the city in terms of services and utilities.

Consequently, the environmental management of industrial wastes is also a promary concern of the government. The local government will require industries located in the city to secure Environmental Compliance Certificate and ensure conformity with the document and strict adherence to the environmental safe guards provided therein. Installation of Anti-pollution devices shall be strictly required for these industries.

With the full urbanization of the city, brought about by increase in population and their corresponding increase in requirements in terms of land area and services, the influx of migrants in the core of relocation projects and rivate endeavors due to market forces as well as business and industrial investors brought about by an environment created by the development, oriented local officials and the strategic location of the city and other areas will be greatly affected.

With the envisioned development of the city, it is assumed, that the population will be benefited and their standard of living will be upgraded.





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