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Japanese Occupation

The town of Dasmariñas is a town in the province of Cavite that shed blood and has given up many lives for the sake of our country. There were many times when the Japanese conducted zonificztions in the town. The barrios of Paliparan and Salawag suffered the most number of deaths. Being remote places and thinking that guerillas were hiding there, these two barrios were zonified two times giving up several lives. The Japanese Imperial Army made the schools as their garrison.

On December 17, 1944, another zonification was conducted in the town proper. The church was used as garrison and all suspected male residents involved in the guerilla movement were brought at the back of the Dasmariñas Elementary School and were tortured. Some were hunged at the old mango tree near the school canteen, whipped and forced to say something about the movement. There were those who experienced the so called "tinutubig"(wherein the head is immersed in a drum of water).

Aside from these, raid after raid was made and male residents were shot to death. Some were killed becausethey were mistaken as guerillas. Some fought face to face, during encounters in Burol, Malinta, Paliparan and Langcaan. Otheres were killed in other towns. Most male residents of Dasmarineños were among those who fought with the Japanese in Bataan and Corregidor. Sad to state too, there werethose who joined the Death March, some of whom are already dead and some are still living.

Below is the list of those who shed blood and gave their lives either in action or not. The list may not be complete but it is hoped that it will gave an idea on how many people in Dasmariñas suffered and fought for their hometown.

It is also hoped that the updating of this record would also be made in the future with the help of those who personally witnessed and can attest to the incidents:







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