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The Comboni Missionaries work in 

41 countries 

in Africa,

The Americas, Europe 

and Asia


The Postulancy is always realized in a community of formation, in which one begins to experience the family spirit and fraternity open to the mission. The positive presence of the formator and of the other Comboni missionaries permits the postulants to know and love in a concrete way the Comboni community, verifying his own ability of choosing it as his new family. 

The postulants are aware that Postulants are called to educate themselves to a spirit of realism and pardon, collaboration in the smooth running of the life in the community and develop their own sense of belonging. They are also challenged to open up to internationality, to various aspects of the cultures represented in the community and to the values of the cultures of their own country. 

The Postulants of Daniel Comboni Seminary live together as one family. They are answering the call to be a luminous sign of Christ's presence and of God's love for the poor and the most abandoned. Considering that each brother is a gift to the community, they set aside their differences, this living in totality, in oneness, and building bonds of solidarity among themselves. Through their witnesses and example, they esteem the dignity of Christian families that leads to a heartfelt acceptance, encounter  and dialogue, generous service and deep solidarity.

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To contact the Comboni Missionaries in Asia:


Comboni Mission Center

7885 Segundo Mendoza Street - Sucat


Tel. 829-0740/829-7481

Fax 820-1422

[email protected]


Daniel Comboni Seminary (Postulancy)

282 Roosevelt Ave., SFDM

1105 Quezon City 


Tel. 4143164

[email protected]



PO Box 35030

4027 Calamba City Laguna

Tel. 09176095326


Missionários Combonianos

Avenida De Venceslau de Morais, Edif. Lei Fung Kok, 13/L-M Macau-China

Tel. 0853531659

[email protected]


Comboni Missionaries Taiwan

Jen Ai Church

12 Lane 34, 

Jen-ai Road, Sec. 3

Taipei 106

Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel. 886227016694

[email protected]




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