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The Comboni Missionaries work in 

41 countries 

in Africa,

The Americas, Europe 

and Asia

The Comboni Missionaries: At the Service of the Gospel in 41 countries all over the world.

Comboni Missionaries



About 4,000 men and women - priests, brothers, religious sisters, secular and lay missionaries - today embody the charisma and the passion of St.  Daniel Comboni Bishop for the "poorest and most neglected" on the frontiers of mission. Together with a large number of supporters and collaborators who are filled with the same missionary spirituality, they form THE GREAT COMBONI FAMILY


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[email protected]                    Comboni Mission Center

Segundo Mendoza Street

Villa Mendoza Subd. San Isidro (Sucat) Parañaque City

Tel: 829-0740/7481


Comboni Missionaries in Asia


January 4th, 1988, the Comboni Missionaries extended their missionary service and activity to Asia. With an initial team of four priests and a brother, they established in Manila, Philippines, Comboni Mission Center and have developed since then a program of missionary awareness.
As a development of our activities, we have begun a formation program to prepare Filipino missionaries to be sent to other Asian countries. We are preparing Filipino Comboni Missionaries who, together with Comboni Missionaries from other continents, will devote themselves to the evangelization of the Asian continent. 

Following this orientation we have opened a commitment of first evangelization among the Chinese people in Macao and 1997 Fr. Paolo Consonni (Italy), Fr. Daniel Cerezo (Spain) arrived to Taipei for the study of Mandarin Chinese. With the arrival of Fr. Victor  Mejia (Mexico) , in 2002, the first Comboni Missionary Community was established in Jen Ai Catholic Church, Taipei City.


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To contact the Comboni Missionaries in Asia:


Comboni Mission Center

7885 Segundo Mendoza 

Street - Sucat


Daniel Comboni Seminary (Postulancy)

282 Roosevelt Ave., SFDM

1105 Quezon City 


Tel. 4143164

[email protected]



PO Box 35030

4027 Calamba City Laguna

Tel. 09176095326


Missionários Combonianos

Avenida De Venceslau de Morais, Edif. Lei Fung Kok, 13/L-M Macau-China

Tel. 0853531659

[email protected]


Comboni Missionaries Taiwan

Jen Ai Church

12 Lane 34, 

Jen-ai Road, Sec. 3

Taipei 106

Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel. 886227016694

[email protected]




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