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Every other Saturday Cloud Nine Soul Squad (odd-numbered weeks) is spinning Love Music in "'Vaaghuyzen", Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 17, Amsterdam-C, from 16.00 pm.

Sixties, bubblegum, psychedelics, protest songs, Norhern Soul, Persian pop, Manchester sound, Rhythm & Blues, Punjabi Touch, Surf Music, Disco, Lusitanian sounds, Rap franç�ais, Billy Bragg, Four Tops, Sé�rgio Mendes:

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Saturday 3rd of March, 2007, 4 PM in Vaaghuyzen

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August 25th 2006:

Our most loyal supporters Damian & Zoe are getting married. Time to play some Love Music...

Plaatjesalbum - picture gallery (sorry, the pun just does not work in English)

Talking about the day the music died...Feb. 8th, Feb. 9th. 2005

We regret the death of Lyn Collins and of Henry "Juggy" Murray, the founder of the indispensable Sue-label

29 january 2005 Amsterdam Northern Soul Alldayer: That cigarette you're smoking must scare you to death


20 January: Jazzy 2007

14 October: Two can play the game

16 September: Borrowed love

2 September: The revolution will be live...

Leeds June 29th 2006

13 May: some finds from Chicago Ill.

15 April; Gene Pitney overdose

1 April: The natives are restless...

18th March: Anniversary spin

11th March: Same title, different song

18th February: Keep on steppin'

Commemorating Buddy Holly & still fighting the law

22d January: Wilson Pickett remembered

Jan. 7th: Lou Rawls remembered

New year's Eve 2005: Don't go to sleep...

Dec. 17th: Something better beginning - sixties choice

Dec. 3d: Just loving you

Nov. 26th: Blacklisted!

Nov. 12th: Quit kickin' around

Oct. 29th: Rob G. on his own

Oct. 1st: Adventures in success with post election George W. Bush blues

Sept. 17th: New Orleans memorial and finds from Seattle & Portland

Aug. 20th: Kerwin & Jean Charles memorial

Aug. 6th: Eugene Record & Little Milton remembered

July 23: Shirley Goodman & Long John Baldry remembered

July 9th: Sideshow to the Yodel Festival in Amsterdam & commemoration of Obie Benson

St. Adelbert: Oscar Brown remembered

11th June: Common as muck

28th May, too darn hot to dance

Setlist 14th May: awesome threesome

Setlist 16th of April

Our anniversary allday spin

Second anniversary of the invasion in Iraq; and a touch of Lyn Collins

Hammond orgy in March snow

First matinee after the end of our programme on the late Radio 100, and the death of Jimmy Smith & Tyrone Davis

13 november 2004, Vaaghuyzen 18-19h

Non Blackamerican Side dishes...

Irreverent views on soul stompers, part 1: The Mojos (who are from Liverpool)

And the nagging question: can it be exported to the continent?

And suddenly the veteran deejay who refused to be a veteran was no longer with us

26th October.. another day the music died....

Combined with tribute to another (and maybe even more important) pioneer

Dave Godin, soulman en anarchist

Talkpoedersessies - waar heb ik dit eerder gezien?

Talcum powder sessions

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Have a great time at your German Ganzenachter...

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