The three before....

First anniversary spin, April 2d

We were joined by Paul, regular deejay at O'Reilly's, making his debut at Vaaghuyzen, and Mark Fisher, who participated a few times earlier on.

Most remarkable success however was reserved for Lady G., who seemed to cater best for the usual visitors - acting as a deejay's deejay. Somehow she manages to make the impression she is making her debut any time, and this after eh.. should we mention the number... some years... In fact, she was following the RVZ format, had it still existed to this day, with some emphasis on Manchester around 1990, and on the Fried album.

"Something was happening here, and you did not know what it was - do you Mr(s). Jones" - again... It is about playing what you like and others will enjoy too - not trying to fit in with a scene which would be imaginary in Amsterdam (or the Netherlands) anyway.

Not reconstructing a setlist for this late evening I only mention some numbers of my set in no particular order, accept for the kick-off number:

  • Love machine - The O'Kaysions

  • My friend Jack - The Smoke

    Will I ever hear the uncensored version again? Only heard it once, played by Paul Kramer on Caroline, around 6am, in its days.. - he moved on quickly to another station after that - perhaps not because of this...

  • Wang dang doodle - Koko Taylor

  • My baby she's got it - Slim Harpo

  • Baby please don't go - Bukka White

  • I was raised -Xit

  • Água de beber - Elsa Laranjeira

  • Brazilian love song - Nat 'King' Cole

    Could not resist this combination... Followed by Sérgio Mendes (Lady G. taking over again for a while)

  • Barbara's boy - The Four Tops

    Apparently this was only released as a 45 on the European continent - maybe because of the lyrics - well, no comment on that.

    The four sweepers before closing time were an hour earlier than expected, because most people had left to go to another party:

  • Dust my broom - Luther Allison

  • You're the one - The Vogues

  • Turn around, look at me - Julie Rogers

    A rather vulgar sound - but it is the first cover version made of this song, as I found out to my astonishment when I found this M- deejay copy on the day before - meant to be a floor sweeper, which was not necessary - the floor had been empty for some time already...

  • Maybe the morning - Sunny

    The closing hour mix picked up at random turned out to be made by Paul Jay, and fitted in wonderfully - as a deejay you depend on such fortunate mixes


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