Northern soul off the ground in Amsterdam

Northern soul got off the ground in Amsterdam

January 29th 2005 was good for a surprise in our usual club surroundings, Vaaghuyzen, between 17.00 and 3.00.

Originally planned for a bigger venue, but after the disappointing tryout of December we thought it safer to try the first alldayer in our own Heart of Soul - and it worked out just great. A promising start - of something better beginning!?

This is what I posted about it on a forum which is inaccessible for non-members, but this is not a secret (a pity that the smilies cannot be copied):

And then there was the soul alldayer at the small venue Vaaghuyzen, home of the Saturday matinees for nearly a year, with Steve C., Tim Brown, Molly, Mark Fisher, Hans D. (the Dirk-bag is mine) and me - certainly a vindication after what looks like a false start in December. A well-visited small scale event which even enthused some colleagues who were about to lose The Faith, so there will be following events. There were even new people - new to us anyway - willing to participate in the matinees in the future.

Steve 'Cannibal Lunch', bartender-deejay-host, was taken by surprise, as were the Saturdaynight regular visitors of Vaaghuyzen: what's going on? a scene arising before our eyes? who is responsible...

Kickoff tune was Mo' onions by Booker T & the MG's, displaying my particular preference for instrumentals on the dancefloor. Ironically, the last one was I'll take you where the music's playing by The Drifters, admittedly in the extra time after 3 am - when the boxes were turned off. So no real closing tune - should have stopped with Scruboard by The Trammps but was amazed and inspired to go on, because it did not empty the floor.

The jocks from England thanked me for the night, of course it should be the other way around - and thanks to everyone who participated.

Rob G.

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