February 19th, an afternoon with occasional snow looking remarkably like hail (or the other way around)

We did not feel like dancing, and it shows. Yet, we did - and no-one else!

In the 4-5pm slot Lady G. included

  • More more more - Carmel
  • So good to hear it again - one we played much in its own days, never realizing what a soulful gem it was - and of course, featuring a hammond organ! Like:

  • Which way should I jump - The Milltown Brothers
  • One way - The Levellers
  • to which the first remark made about Carmel was also applicable.

    Setlist Rob G. 17.00-19.15 CET

    1. The Cisco kid - War

    2. Don't stop the carnival - Sonny Rollins & Co.

    3. Ain't nobody's business - Taj Mahal

    1971 recorded CD-release only version featuring The Pointer Sisters (although I cannot actually hear them). Used to be Mike Hagler's intro tune on Radio Caroline '73-'74 - presumably he was in the possession of an acetate. The vinyl album version was released in 1976.

    4. Get to this, get to that (dub version) - Sly & Robbie

    My own theme tune for Radio G.O.D. in the last months of RVZ, 1986-1987 - what an exciting tune it still is!

    5. I'm your hoochie coochie man - Jimmy Smith

    One of the few numbers with The Man on vocals, recorded 1966

    6. Billy's bag - Billy Preston

    Talking about exciting theme tunes: this was Lady Godiva's at RVZ, around the same time as nr. 4 was mine

    Obvious tribute to hammond R&B, the founding father of which passed away on Feb. 15th

    7. Tes yeux bleux - Jo-El Sonnier

    This is certainly not the original of "The wild side of life" etc.

    8. In the land of plenty - Trini Lopez

    1966 anti war song, still, or again applicable, alas

    9. You got to move -The Blind Boys

    10. Carry me back - The Rascals

    11. (Don't worry) If there's a hell below we're all going to go - Curtis Mayfield

    12. Man with the golden arm - Jimmy Smith

    13. Home cookin' - Jimmy Smith

    Second part of this first tribute to The Late Great

    14. Oh how happy - Shades of Blue

    15. Gwen Tracy - The Humbys

    16. Paranoid - Inspiral Carpets

    Which led to questions - yes, it is the Black Sabbath number - and one of the reasons I played it is that as far as I can see a synthesizer acid group like the Carpets would not be doing what they do without the now late Master JS

    17. Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey

    Why would it be difficult to admit this is a soulfully sung song - anyway, played as a tribute to BAFTA-winner John Barry

    18. Paramaribo - Max Woiski Sr. en zijn Zuidamerikaans Orkest

    19. Sixty minute man - The Dominoes

    20. There's something on your mind - Baby Ray

    21. Niki Hoekey - P.J. Proby

    22. Going home - Ike Turner

    23. Waiting for a train - Jimmie Rodgers

    This was the first time I ventured playing the good old blue yodeler in a club setting. With special attention to the yodeling bits - and it was the obvious choice after Ike T.

    24. Accident waiting to happen - Billy Bragg

    Our most faithful Wally always wants to hear something by Billy Bragg after I jotted in "Upfield" once - and thinks a countrysong once in a while helps people stay on the alert - so a double helping!

    25. That's the way (I like it) - Madeline Bell

    The first number ever to get me on the disco dancefloor (honestly!), this version is back in the shops at the moment.

    26. I'm gonna make you love me -Candi Staton

    27. Suds - James Brown & The Famous Flames

    Better-late-than-never-discovered as far as I am concerned.

    28. Turn back the hands of time - Tyrone Davis

    Passed away on Feb. 16th - most appropriate number & title

    29. Joy's address - Float Up CP

    We played it a lot in its days - was it good to hear it again? I am not sure.

    30. It's happening all over - William Bell

    31. Washed ashore - The Platters

    32. Son of a preacher man - Erma Franklin

    The original - ironically, sung by a daughter of one of the most famous preacher men of the USA of the '50s and '60s.

    33. Stormy weather - Doris Troy

    34. I caught you in the act (Neighborhood scandal) - Roy "C"

    35. Aire of good feeling - The Ides of March

    36. Something different - Cannonball Adderley

    37. Compared to what - Jerry Jones

    38. 1-2-3 - Richard "Groove" Holmes

    Another master at the hammond organ

    39. Brown paper sack - The Gentrys

    40. Mountain of love - Johnny Rivers

    41. It'll never happen again - Jerry Sharell

    42. Nights over Egypt - The Jones Girls

    43. Eli's coming - Year One

    After having played Laura Nyro's (original) version a few times I tried this one - which drew attention of some colleagues. "That is a driving beat! Can I have it?" No you cannot - and it will be difficult to find it - on this side of the North Sea certainly.

    44. My toot toot - Rockin' Sidney

    45. Fever - Jimmy Smith

    Vintage laid back smooth paraphrasing Jimmy Smith at the organ, 1963 - only at times recognizable as the Little Willie John/Peggy Lee standard.

    With this I managed to chase away everyone left at Vaaghuyzen except for some colleagues waiting for their turn. Time to go and watch snooker!

    Rob G.

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