The Beat 'n' Soul-team is going to 'broadcast live again on! Every other Tuesday from 8 pm until 9.30 pm CET.

Beat & Soul

- under this motto the Transkul/Cloud Nine Team presents Saturday matinee clubsessions in Vaaghuyzen, Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 17, Amsterdam.

We specialise in soul music fit for dancing, mainly upbeat. A visitor who was a Wigan Casino regular - and allegedly has been a deejay himself - exclaimed at our first matinee: " Ah! Northern soul!", handclapping and shouting all along.

Well, does that make our format Northern soul? We do not know - we may even doubt it if these words really refer to a fetishism for unknown records which cannot normally be found in Britain, let alone in the Netherlands?

These are the Netherlands, it is the 21st century, so "unknown" means very different things to different people. We try to have a good time and we aim at giving you a good time. So do come along!

Who thinks he or she can contribute in some way to get the thing going, please email to:

Campaign for Real Soul

Vaaghuyzen, Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 17, Amsterdam, 4 to 9 pm on Saturdays...

March 5th:

A celebration of hammond & Jimmy Smith (4-6 pm CET) + danceable music (6-8 pm)


We cannot guarantee though everything being spun from scratchy 45s which cannot be found in the Netherlands anyway... But a lot will be... Promise...


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