19 maart 2005

Een dag voor Now Rooz, de dag van het Nieuwe Licht, mazde´stisch nieuwjaar, gevierd door Koerden en in Iran en Afghanistan. Een dag ook voor de tweede verjaardag van de invasie van Irak.

Ooit zullen we misschien te horen krijgen of die dag moedwillig was uitgekozen door het Bushregime. In Nederland wordt de verjaardag van de invasie niet speciaal "gevierd" met een geplande grote demonstratie. Daarvoor wordt u naar Brussel verwezen.

Wij zullen zo veel mogelijk stilstaan bij deze dag door - jawel - vredesnummers ten gehore te brengen. Het origineel van War bijvoorbeeld. Maar Edwin Starr komt ook langs, op de plaat (we gedenken ook zijn tweede sterfverjaardag dezer dagen)...

Wees er of wees vierkant!

Vaaghuyzen, Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 17, Amsterdam

Zaterdag 19 maart 16.00-20.00 uur



We had spread the text above (with a portrait of Edwin Starr) at a small scale around town and handed it out as a menu on Saturday. It was appreciated very much, and we got praise to a degree which makes me pinch myself: are we doing something right? Near-full house too!

Lady Godiva, 16.00-17.30

1. Rockin' in the free world - Neil Young

2. We gotta have peace - Curtis Mayfield (the '80s version)

3. Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

4. Prince of peace - Galliano

5. Nuclear weapon - Tommy Cook & the Skatalites

6. One way - The Levellers

7. 19 - Paul Hardcastle

8. Rebel music - Rebel MC

9. March across the land - Linda Clifford

10. Girls - Moments & Whatnuts

11. Money don't matter tonight - Prince

12. Nana hey hey kiss him goodbye - Steam

13. Way out - The La's

Let's talk exit strategy...

14. Waiting for the great leap forward - Billy Bragg

15. Worlds apart - The Sinceros

16. Oooh I like it - The Creeps

17. Light my fire - The Doors

18. Jimmy Mack - Laura Nyro & Labelle

19. Shout and scream - Teddy Pendergrass

20. Just be good to me - SOS Band

21. Rescue me - Fontella Bass

22. Determination - The Ebonys

23. War - Edwin Starr

Rob G.'s spin, 17.30-19.30

24. The happy organ - Dave 'Baby' Cortez

To put an omission to the Hammond orgy right.

25. Theme from 'Naked city' - Billy May Orch.

In commemoration of Tommy Vance.

26. All for you -Earl Vandyke Six

27. Your old stand by -Mary Wells

28. Think (about it) - Lyn Collins

29. Mr. Big Stuff - Lyn Collins & Walter Nita

30. Welcome - Steve Miller Band

31. The lonely soldier - Don Bryant

32. Simple song of freedom - Tim Hardin

33. Fearless heart - Steve Earle

34. Walking down Madison - Kirsty McColl

35. I ain't marching anymore -Phil Ochs

36. Save the children - Marvin Gaye

37. I can't make it alone - Lou Rawls

38. I can't get enough of you, baby - ? and the Mysterians

39. As long as the grass shall grow - Peter La Farge

40. The unknown soldier - The Doors

41. Political science - Randy Newman

42. Home is where the hatred is - Gil Scott-Heron

43. War- The Temptations

The original, as promised.

44. My sly Sadie - Paul Williams Set

45. Kejje nagaan - Het

46. Rock me again & again & again & again & again & again - Lyn Collins

47. Women's Lib - Lyn Collins

The somewhat embarassing fact that is was written by James Brown put aside for the occasion - commemorating Lyn C., who died March 13th.

48. We got to have peace - Curtis Mayfield

The original 1973 single

49. Let me down easy - Betty Lavette

When I played it on the radio for the first time twenty years ago I broke out in tears - fortunately I was alone in the intimacy of a late night self-op studio. Still difficult to keep up a stiff upper lip with this one. And by a horrible coincidence, it is played in Theo van Gogh's 0605 at the end of the movie with pictures of the burial of Pim Fortuijn. It turned out to be his own epitaph as well. A remarkable choice, Theo, requiescas in pace.

50. Si tu as besoin d'un ami -Richard Anthony

To this one I would say "choooon" - a cover of Julie Grant's Come to me, which brought the near-resident Frenchman of da house to the question: wat is dit?

51. La maison o¨ j'ai grandi - Franšoise Hardy

Awesome version of Adriano Celentano's/Verdelle Smith's 1966 San Remo entry

52. Walls come tumbling down - The Style Council

53. This may be the last time - The Nobody's

54. If you gotta make a fool of somebody - Maxine Brown

She is in the country at the moment, preparing for a concert - not even coming to Amsterdam...

55. This old heart of mine (is weak for you) - The Isley Brothers

After having couched-potatoed to the Fame Academy joining Red Nose Day for a week I had to play this one.

56. 634-5789 - Eddie Floyd

57. Got to get you off my mind - Solomon Burke

58. Blowin' in the wind - Sam Cooke

59. Christian's automobile - The Persuasions

60. Over and over - Thurston Harris

61. Give and take - Jimmy Cliff

62. Give peace a chance - The Everly Brothers

63. Simple song of freedom - Bobby Darin

64. The price of oil - Billy Bragg

65. Where have all the flowers gone - The Searchers

This one I thought a bit risquÚ - and to my surprise it led to jumping, thumbs up and "choooooon" - so I think we had brought the message across...

66. Al zamen -Kadhim al-Sahir

Iraqi singer - we were told later more music from 'that' part of the world would have been much appreciated. Next time...?

67. The James Bond Theme - John Barry Seven

After which we put on the album Tell us the truth and had a drink. It lasted until Jill Sobule War correspondent, then another jock took over.

Right back where we started from

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